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Sign from God

Today, I want to teach you guys about signs from God.

Did you know God gives us lots of signs in our life? If you watch, there are constant signs from God.

In high school I would when I’d find Pringles (reduced fat sour cream and onion because they mysteriously had more of that awesome sour cream powder than the full fat ones) on sale? Sign from God to buy some.

Turns our Pringles go on sale a lot. Because God wanted me to be happy.

And this Sunday when I was stumped on what to make for dinner, corn tortillas for a dollar at the co-op were clearly a sign from God to have tacos for dinner
Delicious idea God!

God doesn’t just speak at the grocery store though. When you run 8 miles and there’s a pancake breakfast in your hood?
Sign from God to have pancakes for breakfast!

God loves both carbs and not doing dishes.

Today though, I got what may be the best sign from God yet. It came in two parts.

First, a text from my husband
(yes, he really is “husband” in my phone. Baby Brother is labeled as Baby Brother in there too. I like descriptive names)

And then when I got the mail
My debit card for our joint account showed up.

(also, Bliss totally understands what’s going on, clearly)

The same account that has our ballin’ tax refund in it.

If that’s not a sign from God to go shopping I don’t know what is.

What has God told you to do lately?


All the cool kids have been doing that ABC thang

But I’m too hip to go around following memes. Anyways, I’ve been semi-MIA lately because my Macbook

Crashed this weekend! I thought it was

Dead, and started to mourn it. It has, after all, seen better days. I even looked up the
Education discount

For a Macbook air. But thanks to the

Genius bar it’s alive!


I was a single lady last week because

Josh was one a business trip

Kicking it single meant I had

Lots of takeout-food, not my poor cat!

Mexican from Cha Cha Cha and the

Next night, Hawaiian Time

Oh my goodness I do love takeout. HEALTH FOOD.

Portland also got snow last week, and a light dusting makes the city
Quit functioning it’s

Rather crazy

Since I don’t trust PDXers to not crash into me, I stayed in and

Took pictures with the cats
Unfortunately I think all the talk of takeout for dinner gave Takeout a complex and she wouldn’t pose. Thankfully my husband wasn’t gone

Very long and

Was back before I needed

Xanax from being by myself in the house.

(You have no ideas how many times I check the locks when I’m home alone). I’m so glad I have such a

Zeal for blogging and don’t use something like the ABCs to put together a post!


My husband remarked a few weeks ago about how I’m “the housewife* he never thought he’d have”

(My goal in life has been to disprove Ludacris’s statement that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife, so I’m not surprised by my current state in life, but I digress)

It seems he didn’t expect to marry someone who bleaches his undershirts, wears aprons, and bakes bread.

But for all that things I do mystify him sometimes (“…but, why are the towels in the laundry?  They weren’t smelly yet” “you made yogurt?“) he does love some of my habits.

Like my need to make baked goods
These are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  My mommy’s recipe.  I’ve never found a better chocolate chip cookie than this one.
It’s so good that I’m worried if I scale it down it won’t be right.  So instead, we have 4 dozen cookies in our house.  But I make them with whole wheat, so they’re healthy, right?

He also likes that I’ve repainted half our downstairs
Cause I’m a housewife.  Not just a kitchen wife.

EVERY WALL in our house was a different shade brown when we moved in.  There are seriously like a dozen browns going on.  I’m fixing it.

And repainting the baseboard
(Don’t repaint your baseboard.  So much taping.  But it really does look better when you’re done)

But I think really, his favorite thing is that he’ll come home from work to find me excitedly saying “I made tortillas!  And cheese!”

Because I do things like that.

I make cheese
(basic, fresco-y stuff)

And then I make tortillas
With WHITE FLOUR even (rare in our house)
and serve it all up with carnitas
And really, when I do things like this, I’d like to think that I’m not the sort of wife husband thought he’d marry it’s because I’m THAT MUCH BETTER.

Right honey?

(PS happy three years!)

*(If you’re a newer reader, I’m not a full time housewife.  I’m a substitute teacher.  But that means there are days where I don’t work.  And instead, set feminism back 50 years.  Barefoot in the kitchen and all that.)

We topped it…

So, after our klassie New Years night, and our New Years Day run, we clearly needed to eat.

We realized that when you’re as close as we were to Mexico, you need to eat Mexican food.  So after a quick Yelp search to make sure none of the places around us were terrible, we set off to find the sketchiest one possible.

Cause let’s be honest.  The best Mexican food comes from a slightly dirty spot where you ask three times for your chips and have to rack your brain when they tell you that you food costs trece dollars.

The spot we found didn’t disappoint.  Slightly terrible service, amazing food.

I had a carnitas taco and a carne asada taco
The carne was good and all, but I wanted to have babies with the carnitas.

And do you see that giant mound of guac on each taco?  Love.

We walked off the food baby wandering around.  I was a fan of the Christmas tree
Those ornaments?
Beach balls.  Love it.

And I insisted on stopping at this spot
Yogurt FARM.  I was amused.  They also had sushi.  Not sketch at all.
Whatevs yogurt is good for you.

The more walking.  Since, you know, it was the only sun we’ll see until July.  (You will never hate Oregon winter more than when you’re realizing what winter is like other places.  Sunshine exists!)

It was insanely gorgeous out
(That btw is apparently the longest pier in the US or something?)

And watched the sunset
Redic my friends.  Redic.

And how do you end a day like that?

You find this
That isn’t a 7-11 friends.  It is a BAR.

A slurpee bar.  Remember how I said we managed to top the Jello shots in klassieness?  Slurpee bar.  (“Daiquiri bar” technically but whatevs)

You know we had to
(wow do my bangs need a cut too.  6 months between haircuts will do that)

You stay classy San Diego.


What’s the weather like for you?  I’ve been pouting since we got home.  So cold here!

Cheap and Easy

For everyone who asked about jeggings, mine are from Forever 21.  $15.80.  I’m a champ at cheap shopping. When I did Miss Spokane I had a friend tell me if I could bargain shop as my talent I’d win.

(I’m also that girl who when you say “I like your dress” will respond with “$5 clearance at Target!”   No shame in being cheap. )

I like cheap.   I also like easy.  No shame in that either.  So when I meal plan, I try to make things I can use more than once.   Roasted chicken becomes enchiladas, and then soup.  That sort of thing.  I multi-task on the starchy parts of meals too.

Last week, I cooked up some quinoa
(Costco baby.  Cheaper than even the bulk bins at WinCo)
I divided it in half, and with one half I sauteed onions in chicken stock
Diced a few little tomatoes

And then added the quinoa with some cumin, chili powder, and garlic.


(the weird garlic?  That for some reason says “California” on it?  I got it for free.  So I’ll use it.  Free is my favorite sort of cheap)

Plus black beans and corn

I served it up with beef quesadillas (made from a leftover roast.  Like I said, multi tasking)
Then, a few days later, I took the other half and added in black pepper and a Trader Joe’s spice mix

(see the bag of peas in the background?  They’re the cheap store brand.  Fred Meyer for some reason has an extra cheap store brand, and a normal one.  Guess which one I buy)

Plus peas and parm
You know that giant shaker of parm is from Costco.  It’s cheap and easy.  No shame in being too lazy to grate cheese all the time.

I also added a splash of this
because once the wine is out, you really have to have a glass.  Means to an end friends, means to an end.

And served it with salmon, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
Easy Peasy.

Do you do multi-tasking meals?  Or is this one of those weird things that only I do?