Foods that Will Kill you DEAD

My fiance has a lot of foods that he won’t eat.  We’re not talking dislike, we’re talking pick off every offending piece from his plate. I thought I’d make a list, so that you can see just what I’m up against!

I eat almost everything, with the exception of undercooked meat (I like my meat burnt according to my daddy).

Here’s a start at what he will not eat or will only eat under certain conditions:

  • Raisins.  Oh god don’t put raisins in cookies.  He will never forgive you
  • Plums.  Not going to happen.  I kinda don’t think he’s ever eaten one honestly
  • Kiwis.  They’re fuzzy.  So that’s a no.  (He tried to tell me he’d eat them, but managed to avoid them every time they were out.  So yeah, not happening)
  • Bell peppers.  Peppers should only be eaten if spicy.  If they’re shaped like a spicy pepper (cone shaped), you can probably feed it to him.  If bell peppers are used in food they should be in large enough pieces that they can be easily picked out.
  • Avocado.  Unless it’s in sushi or guacamole.  Then it’s fine.
  • Tuna.  Being around the smell of tuna starts to bug him actually
  • Onions.  If you chop them up super small it’s sometimes ok, and big pieces he can eat around are fine too.  (Salsa is also ok).  But none on burgers, salad, or visibly present in the soup, chili, rice, etc..
  • Greek yogurt.  Normal yogurt, totally fine.  Greek yogurt, not so much.
  • Pie.  Not even kidding.  Pie.  Berry pie (so long as it isn’t blueberries of course) is sometimes ok.  But he once told me, with a straight face, he just doesn’t like pie.  No apple pie, no peach pie, and definitely not pumpkin pie.
  • blueberries (this is the weirdest one I think.  Blueberries!  How can you hate blueberries!?)
  • plain raspberries (cooked, in yogurt, on ice cream, etc are ok.  But alone is a no-go)
  • watermelon
  • cantaloupe
  • any other melon you can think of
  • kiwi
  • cucumbers (cucumbers do not taste like anything. they’re just cold.  Don’t get it)
  • Olives (green, black, any type…)
  • Zucchini
  • Squash
  • Pumpkin (yes, this includes pumpkin pie)
  • tomatoes in any form besides in sauce/on pasta, or a few on a salad/pasta salad.  (None on burgers, sandwiches, rice, etc).  He claims “I eat tomato now”.  We shall see.
  • Coconut.  However, if you mix it into something and he doesn’t know it’s there he loves it.  I’ve watched him eat popcorn, ice cream, and cookies with coconut and tell me they’re delicious.  But as soon as you say it’s there, suddenly it doesn’t taste as good.

46 responses to “Foods that Will Kill you DEAD

  1. I almost hate to admit this, but I don’t like blueberries either. My husband thinks I’m crazy!

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  4. No super sweet beautiful melon? No flavorful blueberries or raspberries? NO PIE?! NO OLIVES? More for you 😉

    How old is your man? He sounds like me, but with mostly different preferences, until I expanded my horizons over the last several years. One interesting thing I’ve realized is that food tastes different to each person, so perhaps his tongue isn’t fond of sweet, watery, or acid things?

    • He’s 26… I think he honestly likes more than he knows-I’ve caught him eating things he “hates” when he doesn’t know it. Squash, for example, is a huge no, but he had a pita at the farmers market with squash in it and asked me “what’s this orange stuff? it’s amazing!” So there’s hope that he’ll expand his horizons like you did…
      I’m fine keeping the olives alllll to myself though 🙂

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  6. Wow. My husband is also a VERY picky eater. Maybe that is the norm with Oklahoma born men. 🙂
    I get very easily frustrated with my husband for being so picky. Especially when I cook. Grrrr.
    You said:
    “I’ve watched him eat popcorn, ice cream, and cookies with coconut and tell me they’re delicious. But as soon as you say it’s there, suddenly it doesn’t taste as good.”
    My husband does the same thing!!! It makes me want to slap him!! 🙂

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  8. Holy cripes…I’m certain that Grace and Livy are less picky than your man!

  9. Dang, and I thought I was the pickiest eater I’d ever heard of! Although, there’s hope for you: my still-long list of cannot-eats (cooked carrots, fish, raw tomato or big chunks of cooked, mayo, mushrooms, lettuce of any sort — it goes on) used to include pretty much every friggin’ vegetable. Then when I turned 21 and finally had my own kitchen, I realized that I did in fact love most veggies — just not put in a pot and boiled into bile the way my mom always used to prep them.

    With proper preparation, I’ll bet he could learn to love some of these things! Especially squash. omg squash.

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  12. This list just made me laugh out loud. Unreal! LOL!

  13. This cracked me up. I love the picture on your blog, love your sense of humor! i can’t wait to read and laugh some more!!

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  17. Hilarious! My Fiance is the same way!! If it was up to him, his diet would consist of pizza and popsicles lol! I literally have to sneak healthy foods into meals so he won’t notice. But then I get the satisfaction of telling him “You just ate ___ and enjoyed it, haha score one for me!”
    I love your blog, can’t wait to read more!

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  20. so i was stalking your blog (the usual) and i realized it’s cause your fiance is from MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AMERICA. my bf’s family is the same way. his brother told me he didn’t like fruit…ANY FRUIT. I said “but it’s nature’s candy”.

  21. Hi – Popped over from Mama Pea’s!

    This list made me laugh. My husband will eat anything (though he’ll skip green peppers if given the chance), but my dad HATES watermelon like it stole his wife, hit him with its car and left him for dead. He can’t even discuss it, he hates it so much. That and bumper stickers!

  22. My boyfriend hates tomatoes, avocados, and pickles, all things I LOVE! Fortunately for me if they come with his food in a restaurant, he’ll just ask for them on the side and give them to me! 🙂

  23. haha. Foods that will kill you dead! I love this page.

  24. This page is hilarious! My husband is the same way. He blames it on the diet he was raised on growing up in North Dakota. But I have a a hard time believing that everyone in North Dakota has an aversion to vegetables. Basically, if it has flavor, he won’t eat it, and if it’s a vegetable, I have to get creative to get him to eat it! What a struggle!

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  27. I hate to admit it but I can say I don’t like most of these things either! Well not most but maybe half of the list. One I definetly dont understand though is pie?! Who in their right doesn’t like pie?

  28. Pie?!?!
    Other then that though, my hubby’s also a picky eater. But he has a rule, if it’s something he hasn’t had in a year or two, he’ll try it again. In this way he’s discovered a love of tomatoes, that mustard is actually quite good, and he’ll do the coconut thing if he can’t taste it as an individual flavor (so in vegan cookies and in granola it’s a-okay).
    The avocado, guac, sushi thing has me thinking that he could easily be a texture guy. There are totally things I don’t like in one format (tomatoes), but like in other formats once the texture is changed – ie I can take fresh tomatoes and make a chunky sauce out of them just by sauteing them, and I love it. The squishy just needs to be gone.
    In any case – I sympathize – both from the cooking standpoint and from the slightly picky standpoint.
    I love the rule of “I’ll try something twice.” Best compliment I’ve received from my husband was when he thanked me for introducing him to “real” fruit – ie fruit in season, as it made him discover his love for fruit.

  29. Picky boy! Too funny to read. 😉

  30. Whoa that is an extensive list! I hope he knows he is missing out!!

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  32. Hahaha this is almost as long as my boyfriend’s list of foods he won’t eat. Fruit–except apples. No oatmeal. No chili. No indian food….blah blah! 😉

  33. I literally can not fathom how you work with this!

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  35. I was thinking the other day about making a list like this except my list would be titled 100 Ways to Annoy My Husband. #1 would be Washing the butter dish. He does not think it needs to be washed if your just going to put butter back in it.
    My husband would get along fairly well with your husband I think.

  36. This list made me laugh… Like really hard! You have a picky hubby 🙂

  37. Oh my gosh this cracked me up! Love it! Though I don’t like pie either (or cake but you didn’t mention cake!). I can handle cream pies but fruit pies I cannot. I don’t like the texture of cooked fruit very much.

  38. Okay, so my husband THINKS he’s a picky eater. Key word being “thinks,” obvi. He swears to God he doesn’t do tofu; ate not one, not two, but *three* servings of tofu stirfry before someone told him. Also things collard greens are the devil; he’s eaten more of those mixed in with other veggies than he’ll ever, ever know. He’s convinced he doesn’t really like chocolate candy, but if it’s sitting there for more than an hour, you’ll see him eating it. The list goes on. I’ve just decided not to take no for an answer. I have to feed the man SOMETHING nutritious!

    I just told him that if he reserves the right to pick dinners apart, then our future kids get to do it too, and if my whole family refuses to eat dinner, then I’m not cooking anymore. That pretty much settles it every time… hahaha

  39. ahha oh my gosh i love every single food on that list!!! how can he not like them!!!

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  42. Hahaha, now *this* is picky! 😀

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  44. I’m fairly sure that we’re food twins.

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