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Happy day

More on my california adventures to come…. Have lots to get caught up on around the house!

Today is a happy day.  If you didn’t know, Mama Pea is BACK.  Which is pretty happy (also happy is how she doesn’t judge when I text her, drunk, on a Sunday afternoon.  Which might have happened this weekend)

Other happy things:

My fruit bowl looked like this earlier today


Yeah, those are cookies.  They’re like fruit, except with carbs and sugar.  And no vitamins.  And some peppers. Which are also not fruit.

So I hit up the grocery store


Happy day!   Apples and PINEAPPLES are on sale!  Much better

I had a quesedilla for breakfast.


Happy day- this time the cheese wasn’t moldy.  Also happy-melted cheese for breakfast.

Went to the sub orientation.  Found out there were over 800 applicants (just to sub!) and I was one of just over 100 who got on.  Happy happy for employment

Made lunch


Butternut ravioli, with tomatoes, spinach, and creamy sauce (Jessica, this is how to love veggies.  Put them inside carbs, then cover with sauce)



It’s a happy happy day!  Fts.*

*fts = for total serious.


A new home?

We had our home inspection today! So food is lacking, but I can show you this:


My future kitchen!

DSCN3351The main floor has a living room/dining room/kitchen that are all open and together and lead out onto the deck

DSCN3354All the windows have these shutter thingys.  They’re fantastic.

Also-this house HAS AC.  If you live in Portland you understand how awesome that is.

I’m really amused by the sink in the upstairs bathroom

DSCN3356It’s like a giant bowl.   Weird.

Bedrooms with no furniture aren’t too exciting, but basically there’s three that look like this

DSCN3357Neutral walls, hardwoods, white trim, pretty light fixtures.

The yard needs some work, but see how it’s got lots of trees (and flowers!)already?

DSCN3365I think baring any craziness this is going to be our home soon!  I love it, I hope it all works.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with some food goodness-we had a fantastic happy hour meal tonight in what will hopefully be our new ‘hood!


Saturdays are, to my fiance, a sacred day of beer and college football.  Me going to VegFest made him happy as it gave him an excuse to go out in the middle of the day and drink with his friends.

When I picked him up at the bar he kept talking about how he wondered if legally he was drunk.  “Am I at .9?  .4?  I just don’t know.  We should get a breathalyzer.”

The point where you won’t shut up about how you might be drunk?  Yeah, you’re drunk.

I joined him with this which I may or may not have bought because of the label.

DSCN3331Chickens amuse me.  We had pet chickens (my brother wouldn’t let us eat the eggs because they were PETS not food).  The fiance has promised me when we get a house we can get chickens.  He may live to regret that promise.

(Oh, and I forgot to say-one super cute moment yesterday was when Gracie saw the “I am not a nugget” shirts

and decided she loved that phrase.  She spent a while jumping along and going “I am not a nugget!”.  Cute)

And all that leads really well into the fact that we had chicken pot pie for dinner last night.

DSCN3328It’s chicken broth with chicken, celery, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, and corn.  The crust is some bisquick I discovered I had with flax and parsley added.  It’s seriously so good.


DSCN3332I used up my Bob’s Red Mill sample from VegFest for breakfast today

DSCN3346This little package made a ton of cereal!

Me and the fiance each had a bowl

DSCN3347We added agave and then topped them with chopped cinnamon pecans and about 1/2 T of brown sugar

DSCN3349Amazingly good.  The fiance lovedddddd them.  He had another bowl.  I haven’t seen him this excited about a new breakfast food since I made him peanut butter oatmeal the first time.

And in a few hours we get to go to our home inspection!  Ok, not that exciting, but that means I’ll actually have pictures of inside to show people finally, and that is exciting.

If you’re happy and you know it…

Ok, first of all, I guess we’re putting in an offer on a house!  Yikes.  We loved this house, it’s walking distance to the farmers market and a few restaurants, a library, and a bakery.

Also, it comes with a trampoline.

(All the pictures online are kinda crapy… but what more do you need to see than this?)

I got some Dave’s Killer Bread at Winco, and ate a piece as a mid morning snack.  My brother (daddy to monster baby), who lives in Eastern Washington was telling me when he was here about how he had this amazing bread that was “like Dave’s rockin’ bread or something” and how good it was.  There is a guitar on the logo, so his thought process makes sense….


Then I went out to lunch with some friends from school.  Turns out as much as I don’t love not having a job, I’m a lot less depressed than most of my classmates.  We drowned our sorrows in tater tots and diet coke


And I had a salad with chicken, crasins, nuts, tomatoes, and cucumbers.


It was McMenamin’s food.  Their stuff is never bad, it’s just never really good either.  They’re everywhere in Portland.

When I got home I found these in the garden!


And got dinner started:


tomatoes, basil, and roasted peppers.  All either grown by me or my parents!

I’m happy that I have yummy food.  I’m happy that my fiance has a job that can support us.  I’m happy the lion exhibit opens this weekend at the zoo.  I’m happy there are three timbers games coming up.  And most of all, I’m happy that I’m happy….

What’s something you’re happy about?  I need some more-I just spent two hours hearing how things suck!

Don’t Judge my Bulk Food….

We went looking at houses again last night.  We went to like six.  Good lord.  Loved the last one though.   It’d be nice to buy a house, because I’m getting tired of looking.

I got snacks. Snacks are key when looking at 6 houses.


The apples were adorable because they were tiny.  But I think the tininess might have had something to do with not totally being ripe.

We got home at 8 and I made dinner in 20 minutes.  Eat your heart out Rachel Ray-10 minutes less than you AND I don’t make up acronyms for everything I do

Mashed potatoes, salad, pan fried chicken.  Tasty, simple, and it makes leftovers for the fiance’s lunch, which saves me having to pack one.


Plus beer.  Sometimes, you just need a beer, let’s not lie to ourselves.


I made overnight oats for the first time today-mostly to make sure I’d eat before I went grocery shopping….


Nut-tastic: oats and oat bran (half of each), plus almond butter, peanut butter, and some cinnamon pecans.  And a ton of cinnamon.  Because it makes me happy.

Then I went to Winco.  Winco is really overstimulating at 7 am.  I don’t recommend it.  They’re stocking the shelves and cleaning the floors and DRILLING THE FRIGGING CEILING


See that?  Man drilling the ceiling.  I can’t make this up.

I put up with it because Winco sells an insane amount of bulk food.  So cheap.  Don’t tell me how unsanitary or old stuff in the bins is.  I’m going to keep buying it, and I’d rather not think about it.  The amount of bulk stuff is crazy.  It’s this


times 8.  And that’s not even a full row.  My favorite is that they have bulk, store brand cheetos.

When I was checking out the woman in front of me was stating at my stuff.  Like, full on, walking backwards to check out what I was buying.  I’m not judging the fact that you not only smoke, you smoke Parliaments.  Menthol Parliaments.  So don’t judge my bulk foods, ok?

For the record, I did get a decent amount of bulk stuff…. white flour, whole wheat pastry flour, cinnamon, peanuts, oats, red beans, pinto beans, and black beans.


But still, don’t judge lady.  You smoke Parliaments.  Except you couldn’t remember your PIN, so you didn’t even get them.  Sad day for you.

Do you ever have people at the grocery store say something about your purchases?  I get the weirdest looks when I get food for Canadian thanksgiving-it’s in them middle of October, but it’s all the same food (my mommy is canadian, i like the excuse for a turkey dinner), so it looks like I’m just really prepared.

What a Morning..

Ok, first things first, don’t forget to enter the Zevia giveaway if you haven’t-I’ll be picking winners tomorrow!

I’m glad y’all appreciate my sweet dino shirt.  Want to know something I’m a little ashamed of?  It’s totally from Hot Topic.  And it’s not like I bought it when I was 15 or something.  There was a random teenage girl who came into my work when I was 21 or 22, wearing the shirt, and I demanded to know where it was from.  Ahh Hot Topic.

Also:  Costco thinks it’s Christmas time.


No, Costco, no. (Note:  the wiseman on the right had clearly been hitting the myrrh too hard)

I did however get a pound of baby spinach which will hopefully be moth free.  I’m seriously still scared of normal lettuce.

DSCN2920Goal:  eat this before it goes bad.  I have faith.

(Side note:  they’re mowing outside. But the grass is all dead.  So really, just making noise.  No hi)

We had burgers and corn last night.  I did homemade veggie burgers again, the fiance had beef.


Plus a salad.  No Lettuce = no moth!


Then I went to town on some cantaloup for dessert


That was full when I started.

This morning I was all set to be productive.  I decided I’d have a smoothie and prepped it last night:


(a peach, blueberries, flax, protein powder, which got blended with spinach and milk)

But then the fiance was not on top of things this morning, and I got mad, and when you have a van to get your fiance to you shouldn’t start fighting when you’re already running late.  Life lessons.  So… we missed the van.  Which meant I got to drive to Wilsonville to drop him off for the bus instead.  And also I didn’t get a picture of the smoothie.  I was busy pouting.

But, after dropping him of the radio said there was a crash right where I was going… Which was God telling me to go to Target!  (Right?)

I got pretty new plates and placemats


Fun!  I was staring at these the other day, and today they were on clearance.  Sign from God.

So I didnt make it to the gym or any of that stuff.  But oh well.  And I guess we’re putting an offer in on the house!  Yikes.  Kinda crazy.

How long do you take to get ready in the mornings?  We learned today we need more than 20 minutes 🙂

Is it Fall?

Woke up this morning FREEZING!  We’re back to Portland weather-it’s raining and overcast.  It seriously feels like it’s fall already.

House hunting was fun!  To keep up our energy I packed snacks.

Grapes, banana, muffins, VitaRain.


We looked at three places.  First one had an awesome serial killer basement, where the third bedroom which “might not be legal” was.  True story, when the window is only 12 inches tall, pretty sure it’s not a legal bedroom (To be a bedroom a room needs a closet and a window that a firefighter can get through).  The next house was cute, but upstairs the fiance could barely stand up-it had slanted ceilings, which we love, but they slanted a little too much.  The third house was the big winner.

(Zillow stolen image!).  It’s HUGE-way more space than we could need, big lot, two fireplaces.  The things that sold me?  The yard has blackberries, pears, and plums growing.  And…. It has two kitchens.  Which is totally unnecessary, but awesome.  One is a summer kitchen, in the basement.  I’ve got a feeling as long as there aren’t offers in and it passes a home inspection this might be our house.  It needs some work-the people who used to live there really liked color.  Like, really liked.  Liked it so much that the kitchen is dark purple and lime green, and that leads into a bright red dining room, or you can go to the orange bedroom, or the green and red bathroom, or the baby blue bathroom where they painted the pipes green.

See, it looks really cool here, but this was like 5 years ago.  It’s faded, and bank owned now, so not as great.  But you get the idea of just how much color there is.

We got home and I got dinner finished.  It turned out pretty!


(Getting sappy for a minute.  When I was in high school I worked at the mall.  We closed at 7 on Sunday, so by the time we cleaned and I got home it was close to 8.  My family would have eaten dinner, but every week my daddy would make me some sort of little meal, in one of the white dishes I used tonight.  It’d be a little stew, or a pot pie, or coq au vin, or some other little meal.  My daddy has always loved that I’m the least picky eater in the family, and so I got a little spoiled.  My daddy is, obviously, pretty fantastic.  And I like using the little white dishes because it reminds me of that)

Close ups, cause I liked dinner that much

DSCN2587(Yellow is the sauce, not delicious fat if you were wondering 🙂 )


And a glass of wine.


You know I wasn’t going to skip dessert, right?


(brownie with ice cream, almond butter, and chocolate syrup)

Woke up today freezing, obviously, and downed coffee far too fast for there to be a picture.

Breakfast was tea (mmm warmth), and a flat out with almond butter, bananas, and jam.

DSCN2622I wanted raspberry jam, and all that was in the fridge was blackberry, so I rummaged through the cupboards to find more.

DSCN2619Um, a lot more.  My mommy makes fantastic jam (fruit from our yard + sugar + pectin.   Minimal ingredients, maximum fruit flavor).  I mentioned one time how much my fiance loves her jam one time.  She loves my fiance, so she started giving me jam EVERY time she saw me.  And not just one jar either.  I am set on jam for years.  I still don’t have this year’s stuff yet-there’s more to be added (apricot this year!).

DSCN2620I love this stuff.  I put it on ice cream sometimes.

My parents are fantastic when it comes to food.  Whenever I see them I get fresh produce or jam or my daddy makes me stew, or something else delicious.  Do your parents load you up on food?