If you’re happy and you know it…

Ok, first of all, I guess we’re putting in an offer on a house!  Yikes.  We loved this house, it’s walking distance to the farmers market and a few restaurants, a library, and a bakery.

Also, it comes with a trampoline.

(All the pictures online are kinda crapy… but what more do you need to see than this?)

I got some Dave’s Killer Bread at Winco, and ate a piece as a mid morning snack.  My brother (daddy to monster baby), who lives in Eastern Washington was telling me when he was here about how he had this amazing bread that was “like Dave’s rockin’ bread or something” and how good it was.  There is a guitar on the logo, so his thought process makes sense….


Then I went out to lunch with some friends from school.  Turns out as much as I don’t love not having a job, I’m a lot less depressed than most of my classmates.  We drowned our sorrows in tater tots and diet coke


And I had a salad with chicken, crasins, nuts, tomatoes, and cucumbers.


It was McMenamin’s food.  Their stuff is never bad, it’s just never really good either.  They’re everywhere in Portland.

When I got home I found these in the garden!


And got dinner started:


tomatoes, basil, and roasted peppers.  All either grown by me or my parents!

I’m happy that I have yummy food.  I’m happy that my fiance has a job that can support us.  I’m happy the lion exhibit opens this weekend at the zoo.  I’m happy there are three timbers games coming up.  And most of all, I’m happy that I’m happy….

What’s something you’re happy about?  I need some more-I just spent two hours hearing how things suck!


5 responses to “If you’re happy and you know it…

  1. im happy that my fiance finally snagged a full-time job
    im happy that my little brother is healthy
    im happy that my fiance and i make enough money to support ourselves and my little brother
    im happy that this year next time we could potentially be homeowners
    im happy that i am almost done with my homework

    hope this helps. oh and the picture of the house isnt working. bummer.

    • i think i fixed it? it’s just the yard, they don’t have very good pictures of the real house online.
      and yay for becoming a homeowner in a year! looking at houses is seriously a lot of fun

  2. I’m happy for coffee and peanut butter right now but beyond that my brain is fried.
    How’s the bread? I’ve heard rave things about it but it’s no where near available here

  3. Wow. The house sounds great. Being in walking distance ti all those great places will be awesome.

    I’m happy about a ton of things. I am one of those “glass half full people” that is forever optomistic. It drives my husband nuts. 🙂

  4. that’s exciting about the house! and I’m so jealous of the dave’s “rockin” bread 🙂 i need to move out west so I can have it!

    I’m happy I have a job even if it’s not exactly what I want to be doing.

    I’m happy to have my family and friends.

    I’m happy for football season.

    I’m happy to be in jeans right now .

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