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Upside Down

I’ve had a bit of a frowny weekend.

I woke up Friday morning with the unmistakable feeling (and by feeling I mean sharp terrible sore throat) that my sinuses had been draining down my throat all night.

What?  You don’t know that feeling?

Lucky you.

I’ve spent my weekend chugging tea (chug is not an exaggeration-I drank 8 cups of tea and 3 cups of decaf coffee yesterday), and trying to not spend too much time pouting.

And trust me, when I don’t feel good, I find a lot of pout about.

Fred Meyer only had throat coat tea from Traditional Medicines, and EVERYONE knows the Yogi throat comfort stuff is the best.  (Yes I have strong opinions on medicinal tea.  Not weird).  I suffered through half the box yesterday.  But it’s all better now.

What turned my frown upside down?

My co-op is full of hippie ish.  Clearly I should’ve went there first.
I love you delicious tea.
I also love YOU mug I got in like 6th grade.

It says “it’s good to be queen”.  I’m cool.

I may have drank out of that cup partly because I liked the words.  Let’s not judge.

We’ve been sadly low on frozen fruit to make smoothies.  When your choices are strawberry or ice flavored it’s not as fun.  But being at the co-op means there’s yummy things to buy.  And when you’ve been frowning all weekend your husband is totally down with you buying multiple $4 bags of fruit!
He wants to turn my frown upside down!

(or he wants me to stop whining.  Whatevs.)

I blended it up
Dinner to sooth my throat

If you put a smoothie in a bowl it makes it a real dinner.  Trust me, it’s science.

I wanted to add honey to my tea and my smoothie.  But honey is for some reason my arch rival.  I don’t know why.  Any honey I buy does this
Frown upside down moment?  When you microwave it so that it de-crystallizes it pours out extra fast.  Which means extra honey in my belly!

And today I got out of my house to do some Pea stalking!
Who can frown when you get to watch Mama Pea cook?
And see  Andrea eat for two?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some tea to drink

I am Not a Pretty Girl

That is not what I do


(anyone else listen to way too much Ani when they were 19 and angsty?  no, just me?  ok then…)

Diana brought it up this morning, so I just thought I’d share

I don’t put pictures of myself on the blog a ton.


Because this is what I look like in the morning
(I’d actually been awake for an hour when I took that picture.  So that’d be an improvement over my start of the day face.  I woke up with eyes so puffy it look like I’d been punched.  Hard.  But they weren’t quite as rad by the time I took a picture.)

I also don’t always show you my food because, well, it aint pretty

And it’s more fun to take pictures of pretty things. It’s like how your parents frame more of your baby pictures than your sullen eleventeen year old pictures.  We like the pretty.

But I eat lots of un-pretty

Like the kiwi I hacked into at work last friday.
It broke my plastic spoon.  Which made me eat two more, just to show them who was boss.

(Poor schools ’round here get snacks provided-which is awesome.  But, for some stupiiiiid reason they’ll do things like give us a giant bag of whole kiwis.  With no napkins.  Or spoons.  Or anything else.  Just whole kiwis.  I’m an adult, and even I made a mess eating that.  Kiwi day is always a fun one.)

I don’t show you all my smoothies
Because as pretty as I think green sludge is, not everyone agrees.

And breakfasts that resemble cement?
Those don’t make it on all the time either.

Fun note-that’s chia pudding on a banana… and  I used this adorable little carton of coconut milk to make the pudding
How cute is it?

Also not pretty is my compost bowl in the background.  Rad.

So, you know, for every picture of me where I don’t look like I’m homeless, there’s about 5 days where the best compliment my fiance can come up with is “wow! Your hair is clean today!”
(he really does tell me that. And it’s in a surprised voice, every time)
And for every breakfast like this
there’s a bowl of cement.

Do you keep the not so cute pictures of yourself off the blog? Or the not so pretty food?

He’s a keeper

I’m done with my week of teaching!  I’ll be back to that school in a few weeks to do a full week for another teacher though… they’re going to be sick of me!  🙂

The school is kinda on the edge of downtown, and street parking has a 2 hour limit.  So teachers park “hobo style” (I was told that when I asked where to park when I started) under a bridge, down the street from the school.
Sometimes, there are people sleeping on the grass.  Makes life more exciting.

God did not want me to have a smoothie today (we were out of milk, barely had any yogurt, almost out of spinach, out of protein powder… )

But I won.
POM (which makes delicious smoothies!), frozen raspberries (grown by my parents!), the last of the yogurt, spinach, flax, chia seeds, ice.

And, um.

Coffee creamer.

Whatever, it tasted good.  (And my creamer has a whole 4 ingredients so it’s not the crazy chemical stuff)

Last night for dinner, the fiance cooked!

When we first started dating he made me dinner.  He cooked up some ground turkey and added a packet of taco seasoning.  And put it on a pita.  When I stared he added salsa.  No veggies, no sides.  Just a pita full of taco meat.

(He still maintains that was an excellent dinner)

He feels bad that I do all the cooking though (he does the dishes, so I’m more than ok with cooking-I hate dishes!) , and wanted to make dinner at some point.  I introduced him to a friend of lazy cooking
I adore the crockpot.  And it’s hard to screw things up, or burn them.

He browsed through the crockpot blog and decided on Pesto Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

And because I have to make something I made us salad
(If you add some fresh squeezed lemon to a caeser dressing it’s way tastier, and less oily and fatty. win win)
It was yummy!
And he STILL did the dishes
He’s a keeper!

And I thanked him by making milkshakes for bed dinner!
(That one’s mine-it’s vanilla ice cream with POM instead of milk… So good!  Also, if you look carefully, it’s all stuck up top cause I made it thick-it’s not nearly enough to fill the mug.

Do you use a crockpot?

Catching Up

Hi Everyone!  It’s been way too long, I know.  I have about a million excuses… Tons of stuff around the house, losing my camera cord, teaching….And the fact that I’m supahhh lazy sometimes

We’ve been working hard on this:


Our almost finished fence!  We just need gates.  Cause right now?  Wouldn’t work so well to keep the doggie in.

We also have been doing a ton inside… We got this baby


A new bed! The fiance is 6’3″.  Our old bed was a full.  With a foot board.   That I guess doesn’t work so well?  We also upgraded from an IKEA mattress to a real one!  We’re adults now!  I mean, it has a box spring instead of slats and everything!

Of course, we’re not done with IKEA completely.  We also got this


Which is from IKEA.  I spent a long time fighting it yesterday.   I’m fairly sure hell is IKEA flat packs.

(Also, when the boxes-3 of em!-weigh over 200 pounds, and it says you should have two people assemble it?  That’s not a challenge to see if you can do it alone.  Someone needs to remind me of that next time)

But we’ve been eating lots too!

Pot roast


Burritos and taco salad


CAKE!  I was worried about overfilling my cupcake cake pan, so I made a baby cake with some of the batter.


With cream cheese frosting and ganache in the middle and on top.  Mmmm.

Peanut noodles


Which just may be the fiance’s favorite food.

About 8 million smoothies


(Seriously, I’m out of spinach, and I bought a pound on Saturday)

A breakfast cookie a la fitnessista


How awesome is that plate?  And by awesome,  I mean cheesy.  I couldn’t help but up the cheese factor.

Stroganoff with the leftover pot roast


If hell is IKEA flat packs, stroganoff is my heaven.  Sour cream + pasta.  Mmmm.

And see how my salad has no spinach?  I wasn’t kidding about being out.

For those of you who asked, my cupcake cake was made in this pan

Which you can find on amazon.   It was a Christmas present from the fiance.  I think it was also a hint to make him cake more often.

Not Easy Bein’ Green

So, yesterday, apparently I had a major spinach theme to my day.

Like, major to the point where I am possibly Popeye in disguise.


Giant pot of tea, green monstahhh (Spinach, yogurt, ‘nana, strawberries, flax, milk)

And then lunch

Some of the bread from the other day with roasted garlic and cheese, another pot of tea, and pretty much the best easy salad ever

Spinach, walnuts, olives, balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper.  Sooo good.

And then for dinner?

More spinach.

Hugh Jass with any and everything in the kitchen… Spinach, romaine, carrots, avocado, black beans, apple, pickled asparagus, sour cream, salsa, and probably other things i’m forgetting.  The entire time I was eating it I kept thinking how the combo was kinda gross.  But clearly, that didn’t stop me

Dessert was the outlier of the day.

Which really was probably a good thing.

I really wanted ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate on top.  But we only had ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream sandwich sundae.  It did the trick.

You ever have days where you’re all about one food?