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A Great Day to be Alive

Reasons yesterday was awesome

1.  Finding hash browns hiding in the freezer + this new sausage from Costco
equaled breakfast inspiration

2.  Not screwing up when making omelets
Seriously, isn’t your life a little happier when they look just right?

3.  Date nights!  We took a walk by the river, then went out for dinner + a movie

4.  Giant flatbread things at dinner
This sucker was easily like two feet across.  Delicious.

5.  Hummmmmusssss.  And falafel.  And other things.  But mostly hummus and falafel.
6.  Delicious lamb and rice
There was cinnamon in there.  Cinnamon in savory things is easily one of my favorites.

7.  Baklava
In high school I had a friend whose mother would sometimes make baklava and send my friend to school with giant boxes of it to share.  I need a friend like that in Portland.

9.  The movie theater was next to a Whole Foods.  That had kombucha on tap
Where that employee is standing, those taps are kombucha.  He kept taking samples, which made it hard to get a picture without being a creeper.  But you can get a growler of it.  Crazy.

10.  The movie theater had beer.  And cheap popcorn.  (ticket+ beer + popcorn = 9.75!)

11.  While we were waiting for the movie to start, the fiance got a call.  From New Seasons.  Saying…

We won BEER from their anniversary drawing we entered a few weeks ago.
I love New Seasons. I love them extra now.

What was good in your day?


Just like college…

Yesterday was remarkably like college…

I forgot to eat lunch until 2:30, and was too lazy to cook, and went to the grocery store to get food

1114091425-00Roasted root veggies (carrots, sweet taters, celery root…)

1114091426-00Nancy’s kefir-so good!  Had a nice tartness that you usually don’t get in fruity yogurt.

This was probably an upgrade from college, were my grocery store meals were the fried rice from Safeway.  Probably.

For dinner, I had pizza

DSCN4635Homemade, with a whole grain crust, but still, pizza

DSCN4636Then we went to a party.  It’d been a while since I’d been somewhere that involved keg cups.

Reliving the story of my life in college, there was someone there who knew me and was quite sure we were besties, who I didn’t realize I knew… Which means that I must’ve met her in a really clear and non booze induced state.  Awkward.

I tried to avoid some of my poorer choices from college

No keg stands.

No beautiful loving nicotine

(college.  Blond hair and nicotine were clearly two of my favorite things at that point)

No dating republican frat boys

No throwing up in Ihop

I’ve gotten a little better with age.

But, I am who I am and so, just like in college, I ended my night with cheap wine

DSCN4640Which loves me so so much

And woke up this morning to a less than healthy, carb filled breakfast

DSCN4638Plus a couple aspirins.

Just like college.

Busy Busy

Last night we played this fun game


What is that?  Threading a ribbon through the cabinets and behind the dishwasher, so we could then pull the water hose through using the ribbon.  The measuring cup is tied on because I was worried about the whole thing getting lost behind the dishwasher.  Not the greatest game.

We hit up some grocery store take out for dinner


My plate:  curry quinoa with apples, tons of veggies, and half a samosa


Plus cheesecake eyeballs (Halloween clearance!  50 cents each)


And a baby sized cookie (my size 5 ring for reference)


Breakfast today might have looked a lot like this


Let’s not judge

Then while my fridge was being delivered I got a call to sub.  The job started at 9:30.  It was 9:25.  There were delivery men in my kitchen.

Of course, being the genius that I am, I hit the wrong button and accepted the job.

Which led to a mad dash of getting teacher clothes on, signing for the fridge, printing a time sheet, mapquesting, and calling the school.

Oh and packing the saddest lunch ever.  I wish I’d taken a picture-it was peanut butter on a flat out, a banana, a crack orange, and some dry cherrios.  Awesome.

But the kids were good.  Only sent one home (not kidding).  But at least the one I sent home didn’t throw anything at me.  His reading teacher got a whiteboard and a chair from him.

I’m there again the next two days.  Should be interesting.

Keep your fingers crossed nothing comes near my head.

Dear New Seasons

Growing up, I loved a lot of stores.  Especially stores that fed me, free of charge.  I loved Fred Meyer for the free doughnuts on Black Friday.  I loved Lamonts for their Cracker Jack sale (box of cracker jacks with a coupon inside!).  I loved Albertsons because the one we went to always gave kids a free chocolate chip cookie.

And of course, I love Costco.  Loved the mystery of what we would get.  Would it be a good sample day?  Or will it be all Go-gurt and Joint Juice?  I became an expert on the best times.  I learned my family went to Mass too early-when we went right after Mass they were still setting up the samples, and we had to make a quick loop back through when we were done shopping if we wanted snacks.  I discovered that some Costcos give better samples than others… I’d call my mom to report that I’d had rolled steak and lamb at the North Spokane Costco, and hear that she only had chips and Salas at hers.

But, then you came into my life.

And you changed it all.

And I have to say, as of today, you’re #1 in my sample heart.

How did you replace Costco?

It was hard.  Just today Costco was reminding me of the love I have with Coho Salmon, hummus, and pumpkin pie.

But Costco also had Go-gurt, salad with blue cheese dressing, and those nasty sweet and sour pork things that are weirdly pink.  It’s hit or miss.

You, New Seasons, gave me this.

0926091149-00(Note:  every table has TWO ROWS of cookies.)

And this


And this.


And in case those 40 or so varieties of cookies sitting out weren’t enough, you gave me coffee


You consistantly do this New Seasons.  You give so much.  And you bring your A-game.  Never do I find less than 100% from you.  You feed me, and you feed me well.

Know what put you over the top?  While we were there one of your fine employees informed us of BEER TASTING tomorrow.

Yeah Costco, we’ll talk when you start givin’ out booze.

Till then, New Seasons and I are besties for LIFE.


Eating Machine

No answers here, sorry

Someone got to my site by googling “how to kill my fiance” today.

Yeah, um, this isn’t the site for that?  I’m not sure if there is a site for that….  And wow, I’m on the first page when you google that?!

Used some of our insane stash of food for lunch


Whole wheat pasta with tomato, basil, pepper, spinach, and zucchini with parm on top.  So good!

Then we went on a drive to check out houses.  (The house we were putting an offer on went pending, and that person wanted to pay full asking price, which we didn’t so…. we’re still looking)

We stopped at New Seasons mid drive to refuel


0906091421-00There were lots of samples today!  Love samples-we used to go to Costco after church every Sunday when I was a kid and go crazy for the samples


And I had my first Lara Bar.  Not bad!  I shared with the fiance who was quite impressed.


My favorite part of the shopping was when we walked by this


and the fiance asked “are those tomatoes?”

(Also, that may be the pretties picture ever taken by my cell phone)

And then while I was playing Farmville, because I make good use of my time, I got the best facebook ad EVER

Picture 7

The school I already got my masters from and…. Oh yeah, divorce attorney.  Awesome.

My gmail will get some awesome target ads too.  But really, divorce?  I need to get married first!

Oven Toast

Last night when I got home from work I was tired from having to nurture (baby + sick fiance = whole lot of nurturing) and the fiance was tired from doing nothing being sick .  So we went to a grocery store for dinner.  We have quite the romantic date nights.

New Seasons has a noodle bar that lets you pick out all sorts of veggies and has a couple types of noodles and sauce.  It’s a lot like mongolian, but there’s no scary meat labeled as “95% boneless”  (There’s a place here that, no joke, has all the meat labeled as that.  Klassy.)

DSCN2674Know what always drives me crazy?  No matter how high the ratio of veggie:noodle is, my food always ends up looking like lots of noodles.  Anyways, that’s broccoli, carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, sprouts, and some other stuff I’m forgetting with soba noodles and sweet thai sauce.

DSCN2675Plus some tea and a Willamette Week.  Romance, I’m telling you, romance.

If we’d seen this sign before we sat down we could’ve gotten drunk in the grocery store.  I’m kinda sad.

DSCN2676Cause really, getting drunk at New Seasons wouldn’t be the least classy place I’ve ever had one too many, let’s be honest.  (I’m looking at you, Denny’s Lounge, you.  Tequila + grand slam is never a good choice)

I finished maybe half my food, and got this to take home.

DSCN2684Greek Gods pomegranate yogurt.  Normally as long as you don’t read the nutrition information these are delicious.

Why shouldn’t you read the nutrition information?

DSCN2687mmm… enough saturated fat to kill a puppy!  I generally am done with yogurt halfway though anyways, so I figure it’s not killing me too badly.  But this stuff was… off.  Lame.  It had like a skin on top or something.  Ick ick ick.

I got up this morning to find that my fiance had put our leftovers on the kitchen table.  You know, 8 feet from the fridge.  Awesome.  I’m debating if it’s worth still eating.  Cause really, would you waste noodles?

I really just wanted toast for breakfast.  Oven toast.  Oven toast is the most delicious toast in the world.  It’s like normal toast, but made in the oven.  Tricky, I know.  But I swear, it tastes better.  Mostly because you can butter it before you toast it and then the buttery goodness is all melted in.  (This might also have to do with my not owning a toaster….).

DSCN2688Oven toast with my mommy’s jam, and a peach.

I’m still kinda bitter about the yogurt… I’m debating taking it back.  I couldn’t find any expiration date on it, which is kinda scary.   Do you ever take stuff back to the store?

This is why I usually grocery shop alone..

See this?


Um, yeah, over 50 bucks.  The fiance wanted to make a nice dinner tonight, and so I went with him to New Seasons to pick out stuff.  New Seasons is a fun store-they’ve a local Whole Foods type of store.  They sell Stumptown coffee, which is oh so important.  That was $13 of our total.  Which still makes the rest of the groceries (which only filled one bag) cost about 40 bucks.  We got:  1 big NY Steak (there was another big chunk of the total), a marionberry gallette, carrots, fingerling potatoes, a funny little melon, a loaf of sourdough, a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Laurelwood Red, a pint of half and half, and a half pint of chocolate milk that the fiance drank on the way home.  

We’re having steak with some sort of balsamic glaze, roasted fingerlings, carrots, probably salad, and bruschetta, and then custard and fruit for dessert.  

I started making the custard when we got home.  I was using an old, not so awesome pot, and midway through cooking I noticed this


See the black specks on the lower left?  Um, yeah, that’s part of the pot.  Rad.  I’m going to pretend I used vanilla bean.  It tastes fine, so whatevs.  It can’t give us that much cancer.  

Now I’m going to go take a bath while the fiance starts on the prep for dinner.  I like furlough days.