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Dig a duck a day

If you learn only one thing from my blog ever, here’s what it should be:

Is a geoduck. Pronounced “gooey-duck”

My husband had never seen one before this weekend.

I sang him a song about them. He stared at me. Like everyone doesn’t know songs about giant clams.

We found it at Uwajimaya, which is a giant Asian grocery store.

There you can also find things like dried squid

enough ramen to feed an entire dorm

and purple yam buns
Which were not as tasty as you’d hope.

We were actually there for far less exciting things-nori and rice for sushi.

Here’s a secret-while I tease my husband about all the foods he hates, there are a few food quirks that I have. One of them is that I need my meat to be super cooked-the smallest hint of pink and I can’t eat it. Another one is that I hate hate hate nori. Add that in with the fact that while I like seafood, most of the time I only like it on its own-no pasta with tuna for this girl? Sushi is, clearly, not my favorite.

But my husband loves sushi.

And I love him.

So we made sushi together.

He had salmon rolls
(we cooked the salmon.)

I made nori-less veggie rolls

Which looked sushi-like
And didn’t make me wanna puke!

Wins for all.

The only way we could’ve won more is if we’d made geoduck sushi.

Maybe next time….


Yabba Dabba

Know what I haven’t done lately?

Posted many pictures of my meals!

I’ve been on a big rice bowl kick lately.

Tofu curry

Tofu + broccoli + spinach using Trader Joe’s Thai red curry sauce (that shiz is goooood btw)

And I used some of the leftovers from our street tacos to make mexican rice bowls


First one with added carrots and avocado on top.

And then one with the biggest food obsession in our house:


Roasted corn!

Throwing a shucked ear of corn on the grill?  Heaven.

It’s seriously magically delicious-the husband will stop to tell me how much he loves it.

And when you’ve got a man like mine raving about veggies?  You know you’re on to something.

In other things that keep my husband happy news, we went to the beer store this weekend.
To keep me happy about that field trip I also got treats-Beer with fruit for me! Photobucket

The husband got his undergrad degree in Boulder, so he’s quite the fan of Boulder Beer.

(If you look at his college transcripts you can tell he was the fan of lots of beers as an undergrad.)

Another new purchase this weekend that made me happy?
Vitamins make my tummy terribly unhappy.  (So do uncoated meds-give me tylenol that isn’t coated and there’s a good chance it will be revisited soon after).  Generally people tell me to get the gummy ones.  But they have no iron (seriously I have looked and looked.  No hi.) and that’s one of the things I want in my vitamins.

But I emailed my darling Diana (who is back after a blogging hiatus, go tell her hi!)  and she suggested…Photobucket

Oh yeah, that’s what it looks like

Some Flinstones have iron!  I had no idea!

They’re just as delicious as I remembered.

The only problem with this purchase?  It involved taking the husband to Walgreens.  And that resulted in another purchase.

Yeah, that’s a light up American flag.  That can suction cup onto things.

Clearly, we needed it.

What vitamins do you take?

Are you bad about impulse buys?  We have a hard time passing up tacky all American things.

Me Time

The wonderful thing about having a whole month where I don’t work before the wedding is that I get a lot of me time.

Some me time looks like this


Spaaaaaa.  (facial = birthday gift from the fiance.  Who then make lots of really funny jokes about facials.  Really funny baby, really funny.)

Aveda tea is my favorite thing.

Seriously.  It’s a motivating factor in where I get my hair cut.

Me time is about more than just a day at the spa though.  Littler things can be me time too.

Making meals for myself?

Total me time.


That would be brown rice, corn, zucchini (farmers market!  what what!), olives, all sorts of spices, and sour cream on top.

Rice + veggies is honestly one of my very meals.

In fact, lately, it has been my lunch pretty much every day.


here it’s carrots, peas, zucchini, with the rice, plus cumin and smoked paprika to season.

Not that I’m totally eating on my bed in this picture.  Me time friends, me time.

Other me time in my life?


Candy I don’t have to share.

Smarties = not so easy to find in the states.  Last time I had some the fiance was unaware of that fact, and ate them all.

Did I cry over chocolate?


Ok, yes.

But still.

We finally found some and the fiance’s guilt at eating them before = ALL mine baby!

On possibly the same sorta lame level as the veggies and brown rice being me time, know what feels totally indulgent to me?

Melons.  The fiance has no love for ’em.  And honestly, I can’t always eat through a whole one (looking at you 15 pound watermelon in the fridge!)

But I love them.  And knowing I’m getting one just for me?  Kinda makes me happy.

But my favorite me time?


Bear-faced kitten sleeping on me.

What little things have you done for yourself lately?

Yard Work(out)

I’ve been feeling kinda bad about  being too busy to get to the gym lately…

But then I worked on our yard and realized it’s probably a better workout than me slugging away on the elliptical is.  For one my giant pruning shears are HEAVY.

Some of what I did today:

DSCN4614That’s weeds.  GIANT weeds.  I had to use the big shovel-some of them were the size of a head of lettuce

(And let me take a moment to say that I love how the city of Portland gives you a container just for your yard waste.  It’s awesome)

Plus I did this

DSCN4615Strawberries planted!  They’ve been living in planters for years, I’m happy they’re in dirt now.

And a whole lot more trimming, shoveling, and general work.

Before I started I made myself lunch

DSCN4607Broccoli, brown rice, and pinto beans with onion and garlic.  The beans were insanely good.  Which was weird as they’re, you know, beans.

Mid work I realized I needed some sustenance.

When your arms are a little shaky cause you’ve been working, I think you earn some chocolate

DSCN4609Brownie with yogurt frosting (yogurt + powdered sugar)

It made me a happy lady.

If you’ve got a yard, how do you feel about yardwork?  I’ve never had one of my own and I’m wondering if I’m going to start hating doing stuff in it soon…Or bribing the fiance to do it for me.

I’m terrified of lawn mowers.  So that’s already his job.

This doesn’t taste like eggs…

I’m glad everyone loves baked goods as much as I do.  I’m making the bread tomorrow, and I’ll show you guys how it works.

The key with real sourdough is that it takes a lonnnng time.  Even when you’ve got starter (which takes about a week to get going the first time), you’re looking at 12-24 hours of rising time!  (Normal bread is more like 1-2 hours).   And I’m babysitting my blogger baby friend again today, so no bread making.

Dinner was tasty, but nothing exciting.


Chicken w/some Italian herbs, and roasted garlic, brown rice with the same seasonings plus cheese, and peas


And a salad.  Love that salad.

We decided it was perfect hot chocolate weather


Was there booze in there?  Possibly.  Let’s not judge.

And for “bed dinner”* we ate this ridiculous pack of sugary weirdness


I found it for 98 cents at Winco.  Couldn’t say no.  Candy that looks like mexican food.


DSCN4323That, clearly, is chili con carne.

The eggs on the “heuvos rancheros” tasted like pineapple.  Not eggs.  Which was good, but really weird.  Food that looks like other food is just strange…

Now I’m chowing down on this


Plain yogurt with pineapple and Nature’s Path Maple Sunshine goodness

And waiting for my baby friend to wake up and eat her yogurt with me

*when Baby Brother was little he called dessert “bed dinner”, as it was the meal you ate before bed.  I told that to the fiance, and he liked it, and it stuck.

Dose your family have any weird little kid sayings that stuck?  In the fiance’s family his sister called bananas “blalalalahs” and they still say it sometimes when they ask her what she wants to eat.

Not my favorite

Things in my day that aren’t my favorite:




(why yes, almost everything is packed in reusable shopping bags.  Yes, that means I own way too many.  But seriously, if you’re not moving too far, these are great)

Comparison shopping for refrigerators.

Picture 1

Do you realize how many shoes I could buy with this sort of money?  Or cookies?  I could buy tons of shoes while eating tons of cookies.  And the fiance keeps saying things about “energy star” and “rebate” instead of focusing on color, and what can most effectively hold veggies and ice cream.  Someone doesn’t have the right priorities.



If you’re me, for at least half the year breathing through your nose is totally overrated.

Student loans


See how there are Xs where there should be numbers?  That’d be my account number.  Apparently it’s a big secret.  You need those to consolidate your loans.  Know what else you need them for?  Calling the 800 number to figure out your account number.  See how that doesn’t work?

Thankfully I do have some good things too

Lunch was full of favorites


Brown rice, tomatoes, squash olives, mushrooms, roasted garlic, spinach.  What’s not to love?

And this made me super happy today!


What is that?

Sourdough starter!  I kinda neglected my old one when it got too hot to bake, so I started this baby up last week, and even my sad congested nose can tell it’s sour!  There’s bread in my future…

And really, the things that aren’t my favorite I can deal with if I get fresh bread…


I’m feeling a heck of a lot better right now.  Although I’m seriously craving another smoothie.

Only sad thing is that I found mold in the cheese


That we used on dinner last night.  Gross.  And I realized it after I’d put some into lunch #1.  So I made lunch #2 instead

DSCN4039Rice, olives, squash, peas, parm, ‘banzos.  Super random, but it worked.

I went to Les Schwab (they sell tires and things-getting the fiance’s car battery charged).   And Les Schwab means popcorn!

DSCN4041I love popcorn.

Know what else I love?  All of you!  And your love of WebMD.  I’m glad I’m not the only WebMD addict!  Seriously, I am all about the symptom checker.

But you guys wanna hear a sad story?  (the correct answer here is yes!)

One time, WebMD FAILED me.  Like, failed me, and I went to urgent care because I thought I was dying.  Wait and you’ll see-the solution to my ills was so easy.  And WebMD MISSED it! Here’s what happened:

Last Halloween, I was lazing around, waiting for the fiance to get home.  I was so proud of myself for resisting the candy at the class party while I was student teaching AND my bowl for the trick-or-treaters.

But then I realized I hadn’t eaten… like, most of the day.  Whoops.  So I grabbed the nearest snack-some salt and vinegar chips.  Took a bite and-weird!  My mouth was suddenly shooting with pain.  Huh.  I tried again.  Ouch!

Didn’t think much of it… maybe I had a little cut or something, and the acidity of the chips was bugging it.  Ran some errands, came back home, and by then I was HUNGRY.  Tried again.  HOLY CRAP.  It hurt.  Tried eating something else.  Pain.  Weird.

Started trying to pinpoint the pain.  Only one one side.  Then I started feeling around on that side of my face and found A HUGE LUMP.  It was a big ol’ face tumor.

I didn’t take a picture, but immagine my puffy weird face post wisdom teeth

Photo 25

But only on one side (god that’s an attractive picture too.  I should be a model).  My cheeks are not normally that gigantic.

So,  I got on my computer and tried to look it up.  WebMD told me I had lots of things.  Mostly, it told me if I was having sharp jaw pain (which I was) to seek immediate medical attention (seriously, go do the symptom checker)

I called the best second opinion there is, my mommy.  She said to go see a doctor, and thought maybe it was TMJ, which would mean I wasn’t dying, but needed pain meds. And you gotta understand, I’ve been to the doctor twice in the past 8 years.  So when my mommy told me to go, I figured I should go.

So, it’s about 6:30 on Halloween, and I go into an urgent care clinic.  The doctor looks at me for like ten seconds and goes “you’ve got a blocked salivary gland.”.


So, here’s why this man was the best doctor I’ve ever been to.  He continued:

“You know the old fashioned lemon drops?”  I nodded.  “Go buy a pack of those.  Sour flavors make you salivate, which will help to push the obstruction out”  Ok, perscribing candy.  My kind of man.

Then he added “And I’m going to prescribe you some Vicodin for the pain”.

Candy and prescription painkillers.  Doctor of the year.

WebMD, where were you when I needed candy?  That said, I still adore WebMD.