Yard Work(out)

I’ve been feeling kinda bad about  being too busy to get to the gym lately…

But then I worked on our yard and realized it’s probably a better workout than me slugging away on the elliptical is.  For one my giant pruning shears are HEAVY.

Some of what I did today:

DSCN4614That’s weeds.  GIANT weeds.  I had to use the big shovel-some of them were the size of a head of lettuce

(And let me take a moment to say that I love how the city of Portland gives you a container just for your yard waste.  It’s awesome)

Plus I did this

DSCN4615Strawberries planted!  They’ve been living in planters for years, I’m happy they’re in dirt now.

And a whole lot more trimming, shoveling, and general work.

Before I started I made myself lunch

DSCN4607Broccoli, brown rice, and pinto beans with onion and garlic.  The beans were insanely good.  Which was weird as they’re, you know, beans.

Mid work I realized I needed some sustenance.

When your arms are a little shaky cause you’ve been working, I think you earn some chocolate

DSCN4609Brownie with yogurt frosting (yogurt + powdered sugar)

It made me a happy lady.

If you’ve got a yard, how do you feel about yardwork?  I’ve never had one of my own and I’m wondering if I’m going to start hating doing stuff in it soon…Or bribing the fiance to do it for me.

I’m terrified of lawn mowers.  So that’s already his job.


8 responses to “Yard Work(out)

  1. Sometimes, beans just really hit the spot, but then they’re awful to work out with

  2. great job on the yard work! and that meal looks awesome. I love beans 🙂

  3. I haven’t really done much yard work before – but I think it would be alright … good exercise I suppose.

  4. I think yard work is more of a workout than going to the gym!

  5. I say bribe the fiance 🙂 great idea on the yogurt frosting.

  6. My husband and I have a deal : he takes care of the outside, I take care of the inside. This works in my favor since come fall and winter, there isn’t much to do outside, and I make him work inside anyway.

  7. That is def a great workout! and yup you deserved that yummy brownie =)

  8. I don’t have a yard now since we’re living in an apartment but I already know that I’d HATE yardwork. LOL.

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