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So, I’ve clearly been less than awesome blogger lately.  I’ve been busy teaching and battling allergies from hell.

(Oh, on the subject of teaching:  yesterday I taught special ed, then was the counselor.  Want to know two jobs I am not qualified for?  Special Ed and school counselor!)

Before we get to food, let me show y’all why my allergies have been kicking my butt
I did that.

(They were dead-I’m not digging up perfectly good trees or anything!)

I also planted a new friend!
It’s a peach tree!

I tried for a plum tree but the fiance told me he hates plums (I hadn’t updated that in a while!  Plums are now on there).  Seriously.

We made pizza for dinner the other night
This was with dough I’d frozen last time we had some-I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but it was good!

And yesterday I woke up at 5:30 because my sinuses were congested to the point I couldn’t breathe.

What do you do when you’re up way too early?
Raspberry pancakes even

Oh, and I lost my voice, so I’ve also been drinking tea like crazy
When I uploaded pictures  I had a million pictures of different mugs of tea.  Pretty sure one is enough.

(and that’s an orange slice in there… We have no lemons, but oranges were 3 pounds for a dollar, so I figured citrus is citrus and used it)

I also made some soup yesterday after work, to try and help out my poor voice (I should maybe have not worked yesterday… I am not good at making good choices)
(It was cream of mushroom with brown rice-yum!)

And because I was up early again today, more pancakes!

You are what you eat.  I’m delicious carbs.


Me: 2 Mother Nature: 0

I’ve been doing yard work like crazy lately*.   I love it-getting a killer workout + making our poor yard nicer?  Oh yeah.

The only problem with all this yard work?

I’m totally allergic to outside.

Like, all of outside.

So I’ve had some mornings where this is all I wanna do
But, I finally stopped being stupid and realized I have allergy meds for a reason.  (yes, I have a masters degree.  and yes it still took me several days to realize “allergy meds help my allergies”)

Now I’m kicking my yard’s butt.  It’s too dark to take pictures right now, but seriously, I showed Mother Nature who is boss.  You’ll see.

I’ve been doing some eating too

We had a taco-y soup for dinner on Monday
(leftover pot roast + black beans + peppers + onions + corn + brown rice = yum!)

I topped mine with my favorite source of probiotics
Sour cream is my lovahhh.

We had an amazing dessert too
Yeah, that’s toast with jam.  It was dessert.  And it was sooo good!  (Homemade whole grain bread!)
I’ve also been all about the cheesy rice.  So freakin’ good.Photobucket
And last night we did roast chicken, green beans, and quinoa
Plus a salad, but it was just spinach, do I figured you don’t need a picture.

Last night, we did something new!


I wanted to go to the gym.  The fiance?  Not so much.  But he said he’d do yoga with me on the tv (exercise tv on demand!).  He’d never done yoga-ever-and was amazed at how much of a workout it was.  He liked it I think-he said we can do it again.  I’m proud of him for giving it a try.

Do you work out with someone else?

*allergy meds give me a nice little disconnect from reality.  So um, sorry if this seems like I’m a lil manic.  I am.

Yard Work(out)

I’ve been feeling kinda bad about  being too busy to get to the gym lately…

But then I worked on our yard and realized it’s probably a better workout than me slugging away on the elliptical is.  For one my giant pruning shears are HEAVY.

Some of what I did today:

DSCN4614That’s weeds.  GIANT weeds.  I had to use the big shovel-some of them were the size of a head of lettuce

(And let me take a moment to say that I love how the city of Portland gives you a container just for your yard waste.  It’s awesome)

Plus I did this

DSCN4615Strawberries planted!  They’ve been living in planters for years, I’m happy they’re in dirt now.

And a whole lot more trimming, shoveling, and general work.

Before I started I made myself lunch

DSCN4607Broccoli, brown rice, and pinto beans with onion and garlic.  The beans were insanely good.  Which was weird as they’re, you know, beans.

Mid work I realized I needed some sustenance.

When your arms are a little shaky cause you’ve been working, I think you earn some chocolate

DSCN4609Brownie with yogurt frosting (yogurt + powdered sugar)

It made me a happy lady.

If you’ve got a yard, how do you feel about yardwork?  I’ve never had one of my own and I’m wondering if I’m going to start hating doing stuff in it soon…Or bribing the fiance to do it for me.

I’m terrified of lawn mowers.  So that’s already his job.