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Life Skills

Thanks for all the get wells!

Did you know I have life skills?

My Saturday was spent declaring “I’m better!” every time my temperature went below 100.  Being healthy is a life skill.

I was wrong a couple times.

We’ll call it a skill in progress.

I also attempted to eat

Quality nutrition is an important life skill, especially when you’re sick.
(Plus, blizzards were buy one, get one for 25 cents!)

And I also attempted to hydrate
I did better on the hydrating.  (I sent the poor fiance to the co-op to buy the coconut water.  He had NO clue what I was talking about)

Thankfully, by Sunday night I was far more alive, and made myself what I’d been lacking

Giant plate of veggies!

Me likkie veggies.  A lot.  This  a life skill the fiance lacks.  He had steak.

Today I packed a lunch in 2 minutes
(packing lunches quickly is a very useful life skill when you’re a sub!)

And I went and taught….

you guessed it

Life Skills!

It was my first time doing true SpEd, and it was actually a lot of fun.

The best part?

We made cupcakes!

THAT is a life skill I have!

(I thought taking pictures of the kids would make me a creeper)

And I get to go back tomorrow…. who knows what we’ll get to do!


I’m hot cause I’m fly

…or because I have the flu.  Whatevs.

This is how I’m doing
That would be a “moderate fever” according to my friends over at WebMD.

(Also, I apparently now only post unattractive pictures of myself on the internet.  It’s to make up for when I had a myspace.)

Those same friends also told me I may have some of the following
Yeah, if it’s not the flu, I don’t need to worry.  It’s just cancer.  Or Lyme disease.

I actually felt like crap on Wednesday, spent the day in bed, and was thinking I was alive on Thursday.  I just had an upset tummy, which I figured had more to do with something I ate.  So I’d been playing my meals safe.  I ate things like
Rice a Roni!  I love this stuff, I won’t lie.  And I didn’t trust myself to make something mild enough that my tummy wouldn’t revolt

And I’ve eaten my fair share of these too
Veggie burger + sandwich thin + hummus, spinach and other tastiness.

So I was feeling awesome by thursday night.  Friday, felt great.


My eats look like this
(Do you not request a pound of strawberries with sugar on top when you’re sick?  You should.)

But as I was loading pictures this morning I realized I took this at Target the other day
And I’m thinking the fiance needs to go to the store again.  Target knows what’s good for me.

And it’s not fruit and water.


So, I’ve clearly been less than awesome blogger lately.  I’ve been busy teaching and battling allergies from hell.

(Oh, on the subject of teaching:  yesterday I taught special ed, then was the counselor.  Want to know two jobs I am not qualified for?  Special Ed and school counselor!)

Before we get to food, let me show y’all why my allergies have been kicking my butt
I did that.

(They were dead-I’m not digging up perfectly good trees or anything!)

I also planted a new friend!
It’s a peach tree!

I tried for a plum tree but the fiance told me he hates plums (I hadn’t updated that in a while!  Plums are now on there).  Seriously.

We made pizza for dinner the other night
This was with dough I’d frozen last time we had some-I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but it was good!

And yesterday I woke up at 5:30 because my sinuses were congested to the point I couldn’t breathe.

What do you do when you’re up way too early?
Raspberry pancakes even

Oh, and I lost my voice, so I’ve also been drinking tea like crazy
When I uploaded pictures  I had a million pictures of different mugs of tea.  Pretty sure one is enough.

(and that’s an orange slice in there… We have no lemons, but oranges were 3 pounds for a dollar, so I figured citrus is citrus and used it)

I also made some soup yesterday after work, to try and help out my poor voice (I should maybe have not worked yesterday… I am not good at making good choices)
(It was cream of mushroom with brown rice-yum!)

And because I was up early again today, more pancakes!

You are what you eat.  I’m delicious carbs.


Sometimes I feel like I mock the fiance on here a lot.

Which I think I kinda do.  I might mock him a lot in real life too.  He still wants to marry me, so I’m guessing it’s ok.  But he really is pretty fantastic.  I just woke up from a nap to find this sitting next to me

DSCN4515(That’s Gatorade in the glass)

I need the gatorade-I’ve got a headache that I’m guessing is mostly because I’m dehydrated.

I’m feeling a lot better today.  I’ve actually managed to eat.  I made a baby sized bowl of applesauce

DSCN4511Lots of 7-up

DSCN4514Even some rice and beans


(The rice and beans are from my Baja Fresh that was supposed to be my lunch yesterday.  I ordered, then threw up in the parking lot.  Klassy.)

My tummy is still a little funky.  And my brain is too, because guess what the fiance got away with eating for dinner last night

DSCN4510A Blizzard!

We’re now debating between going to IKEA or seeing Where the Wild Things are tonight.  We live a crazy life I tell you….

So here’s my question to you guys.  Have you ever gotten food poisoning?  Should I be calling Burger King and being like “yo, your food made me puke?” It has to be Burger King because it’s the only thing I ate that wasn’t something I ate multiple times this week, and that the fiance didn’t eat (well, he had different, untainted Burger King.)


Who’s the sick face now?

So, here’s what my day has looked like

DSCN4509Crackers, Sprite, and bed.

We’ll get to that in a minute….

Yesterday was my last day with my “friend” and he made it through the whole day!

I packed a lame lunch

DSCN4504Bread (toasted at lunch) wih hummus, an orange, and a banana.  I need to buy more groceries.  Bad.

After learning the children I came home to a tired, still sick fiance.  He took a nap at 5 pm, and tried to take another one at 7.  He’s for real sick.  I was exhausted (time change hasn’t sunk in, I’m up at 5:30 every day) and we decided on the laziest dinner possible

DSCN4508Yeah.  Poor choice.

DSCN4506Not just cause that’s a really not nutritious dinner…

Today I’ve been able to keep almost nothing down… Ick!   And given that I’m not achy or feverish or anything, that seems like food poisoning .

Thanks Burger King, thanks.

I seriously don’t remember the last time I threw up for reasons that were not migraines or drinking.   Not my favorite.

On a good note I’m finally alive enough that leaving bed isn’t making me run to the bathroom, so things are looking up!

Let’s hope I’m better tomorrow!

Sick-face and me

The fiance is sick.

Or cleverly trying to get away with making me do the unpacking.  I’m not convinced either way.

I made him dinner last night while he read blogs

(he reads sports blogs and econ blogs.  Food ones mystify him.  “Do you know that person?”  “No, do you know Krugman?”  “No but I also couldn’t tell you what his kids look like.” )


Pasta with sausage and red sauce


Plus salad

(True story btw:  I’m not sure where our cutting boards are. But right now there are none in the kitchen.  Try making meals that don’t require cutting.  It’s fun)

And this morning I got him some tea and some oats.


Plus oats for me that were far better. Because mine had chocolate.


And I took the terrifying vitamin again (After the first time, swallowing isn’t so bad.  Yup, that is what she said)


I put out get well things for the man


And now I’m going to try and go kick his butt out of bed so I can go to work.

Question of the day:  chocolate in oatmeal-yes or no?  My fiance is mysteriously anti-chocolate in oats.  I think he’s crazy.

Still sick…

Continuing on our eating like a kid theme the sick fiance had grilled cheese and tomato soup.


We got this stuff at the grocery store on time, and then were pretty pumped to find 4 packs at Costco for a ridiculously good price… I made myself vegetable soup, because I figured the fiance would still be a sick face today so I wanted him to have choices on soup to eat while I was at work.


I always made way too much soup.  I was really trying to make like two servings and made a tonnn.  This is after I served up my huge bowl of it.


It’s got tomato-y broth, carrots, peas, corn, celery, onion, beans, and pasta.  Which I guess means I made minestrone soup?

I was extra nice and got white bread for the fiance.  He secretly loves white bread, and I almost never buy it.


I had whole wheat.  But didn’t take a picture because I was getting TIRED.

He also ate a bunch of peanut butter oreos.  Which he told me several times were terrible, and that I probably didn’t want any.

The fiance said he was going to maybe go to the doctor today, so he dropped me off at work.  If he goes to the Mac store instead I can smack him, right?

He said his throat hurt so I made him hot cocoa before we left

DSCN2666(Tea would make more sense, right?  Unfortunately as I’m marrying a 4 year old tea “tastes gross”)

At work I started with a super juicy peach

Photo 59While baby had this

0827090831-01Squash mixed with baby oatmeal!

I understand if you’re jealous of her breakfast…

I’m totally babying the fiance aren’t I?  I have some ultra mom instincts so I can’t help it!  Do you baby people (significant other, roommate, etc)  when they’re sick?