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So, it turns out when your belly gets sliced into it takes a while to get better. I’m still recovering but overall I’m mostly just amused at the ridiculousness of recovery.


My energy level is super low. Like, low to the point where for the first week home I resorted to this
and was then super worried people would think I was just a jerk using one of those carts for fun.

I got taken on walks in the park by my husband. Where I’d bring juice and snacks and have to rest a lot. It reminded me of being a nanny. Except I was the child.
(this was taken to prove to my mom I was out of bed AND in people clothes. She was impressed)

Exciting news though, surgery kills your appetite! I didn’t want to eat much of anything for the first week or so. If you’re looking for a great way to drop 8 pounds have your appendix explode!

In my effort to eat something I bought dino nuggets, which are possibly the world’s greatest food. Meat shaped  like extinct things. Mmmm.

I was only allowed to lift 5 pounds for the first two weeks post surgery. Which meant no holding my fat baby cats.

They were deeply troubled and kept trying to snuggle. And I’d have to put my arm protectively over my incisions (since I was a lap converted to a full I have FOUR incisions! Three smaller plus a big one!)  and it’d just make them mad.

The doctor told me not very many people get an open appendectomy anymore so my cool scar is special.

And my three favorite post-appendectomy happenings

1. I worked for the first time on Friday. As a reward for working look what Jesus gave me
(there seems to be some policy at this school that when it’s your birthday you bring treats for ALL the teachers in the school? I don’t profess to understand it but there were three delicious birthdays.)

2. Hospital bill came

(we have great health insurance, I don’t owe anywhere near $26,000)

3. Look what they didn’t mark on my discharge form at the hospital
I got to call the doctor’s office and have the most awkward conversation EVER with the nurse about it! She used the word “positions”.


I’m Extreme

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the Extreme Couponing show.

So I just wanted to share
that’s right, 94% off friends.


3 soy milks, 2 greek yogurts, and I spent 67 cents.

I have skills. Not practical skills perhaps (unless I go on a soy milk fast. Then I’m set), but skills none the less.

Dig a duck a day

If you learn only one thing from my blog ever, here’s what it should be:

Is a geoduck. Pronounced “gooey-duck”

My husband had never seen one before this weekend.

I sang him a song about them. He stared at me. Like everyone doesn’t know songs about giant clams.

We found it at Uwajimaya, which is a giant Asian grocery store.

There you can also find things like dried squid

enough ramen to feed an entire dorm

and purple yam buns
Which were not as tasty as you’d hope.

We were actually there for far less exciting things-nori and rice for sushi.

Here’s a secret-while I tease my husband about all the foods he hates, there are a few food quirks that I have. One of them is that I need my meat to be super cooked-the smallest hint of pink and I can’t eat it. Another one is that I hate hate hate nori. Add that in with the fact that while I like seafood, most of the time I only like it on its own-no pasta with tuna for this girl? Sushi is, clearly, not my favorite.

But my husband loves sushi.

And I love him.

So we made sushi together.

He had salmon rolls
(we cooked the salmon.)

I made nori-less veggie rolls

Which looked sushi-like
And didn’t make me wanna puke!

Wins for all.

The only way we could’ve won more is if we’d made geoduck sushi.

Maybe next time….

By the Numbers

I have been busy this week.  Which leads to a lack of blogging.

Let’s break my life lately, by the numbers

5-different grades taught this week

2-days of proctoring state writing exams

1-day where two different teachers thought I was their sub. That was fun.

51-Dollars spent on groceries
17-Dollars saved with coupons.  I’m cool.

510-Approximate number of minutes I’ve spent driving since Monday. I hate driving.

3-Days in a row my lunch centered around hummus

3-The number of days your diet can be hummus-centric before you get sick of it and have to get creative
1-Days it took before I was back to loving hummus again

11-Pictures on my new phone

9-Pictures on my phone that are of the cats
2-Pictures that are of cake
0-Dollars paid for delicious cake (Main Street kick-off in Hillsdale night = free cake at Baker and Spice = Heaven.  I would have babies with that frosting.)

0-Pictures of my husband on my phone. Whoops.

25-minutes spent making dinner
4-Loko.  We bought some.  (we = my husband, clearly)

1-magazine not about babies in my ObGyn’s office. Which means I read a month old Entertainment Weekly today!

8-Alleged servings in the Trader Joe’s PB cream cheese
3-Actual number of servings in said cream cheese

5-number of hours elapsed between finishing the PB cream cheese and making up a recipe so I could have more.

8:20-the time on a Friday night when cool kids write blog posts.

What are your weekend plans? We’ve got Foot Traffic U in the morning and then a ton of house and yard work.

Good think we’ve got some four loko to help us power through!

Like Hippies

Today, we have an empty carport
(if you look carefully, there are plants.  sitting on a tricycle.  don’t ask)

My dear sweet car is currently at the doctor.

And by doctor, I mean transmission shop.

We only own one car, so the car breaking = we’re carfree.

Like hippies.  Only with freshly washed hair.

Thankfully right at the end of our block
Lives a Zipcar!
(Zipcar is a car sharing thing, that’s around in major cities.  When you’re a member you can reserve cars, then your membership card unlocks them when you hold it up to the windshield.  All the cars have names.  This one is named Icy)

Not having a car makes me 700% more antsy, and I feel the need to get out of the house.  Since grocery shopping is almost productive, I can justify it.

We’ll ignore the fact that it’s only productive if there are things you need.

Last time my car broke we lived in our old apartment, where the closet grocery store was the world’s sketchiest Safeway.  And I say that having lived by a Safeway in Spokane.  Spokane is hard to beat for sketch.

Now instead I live right by a Co-op
Cause like I said before, we’re like hippies.

It’s got a random mix of stuff.  I mean, if you’re in the market for hemp seed?
Totally covered.  And certified kosher.

Or if you’re trying to find local eggs from grass fed cage free chickens?
You’re set there too. There’s even a chart.

(the ones where they don’t trim the beaks cost the most btw.  I looked)

Or Oregon albacore tuna in a JAR?
Gross looking, but there!

Food Front is right by my beloved Baker & Spice.  Once I took Mama Pea there, and she found sedatives for children.

But if you’re making latkes and you need applesauce?  That stupid applesauce cost me like 5 dollars. 5 dollar APPLESAUCE.

I came home with these totally productive groceries
We were out of milk.  The rest?  Well… the avocados were really cheap.  Like, we’re talking less than conventional ones at Safeway, and they’re organic!  And if you get avocados clearly you need a pepper too so that you can make guac.  And chocolate milk, and a little bit of gouda for the husband cause he’s had a long day dealing with our car.   And if you have cheese, you need crackers.

And the ice cream?  It has chocolate dinosaurs in it.  Which is reason enough to me.

And when I got home from the store, I found a package had come from Amazon.  A text to the husband reveiled it was a one month anniversary gift.

Inside I found something I’d been wanting for a long time.  I’d actually asked for it for my birthday.

What was it?

A compost pail!
Cause, you know, we’re hippies.

What’s your nearest grocery store?

Do you compost?

Bad Albertsons.

Thanks for all the good lucks for the interview!  I think it went well-two of my friends had theirs two weeks ago(it’s for the sub list, so lots of interviews!), and so they’d filled me in on the questions (One was, not kidding “you’re walking the class to the library when a teacher comes up and yells that you ruined her field trip.   What do you do?”  How random is that?)

I made sure to properly caffinate myself on the way there

DSCN3840(waiting for the light and an on-ramp, so not actually driving… soy latte!)

I got home and made myself a snack.  It’s the  classic “chopping an apple is way too hard so I’m going to be cool and just coat a whole apple with peanut butter”


It’s great because on the one hand, you’re using PB straight out the jar, so you can use as much as you want and pretend you don’t know you’re doing it… But on the other hand you also have to keep dipping the knife in, and given that you’re already too lazy to cut the apple, you’re not going to go overboard.

Later, I made lunch… I chopped up all this

DSCN3844Spinach, basil, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni, and whole wheat rottini

Well, ok, I didn’t chop the pasta.  Cause that’d be weird.   But I put it all together, covered it with tomato sauce and some crushed red pepper, added some mozzarella to the top, and cooked.


Browned cheese, you’re my bestie.

Would it be wrong to just make browned cheese?  I think about it sometimes.

But there was a sad part to my day I have to share about.

Now, I was getting pretty low on Smart Balance PB, and despite what the fiance says, we need more peanut butter.

And Albertsons has Smart Balance PB on sale for 1.75 when you buy 4.  Good price, right?

I’ve also got coupons for a buck off a thing of PB… so 4 of them means Albertsons will give me FOUR PBs for 3 bucks.  You can see how this is fantastic….

BUT THERE WAS NO SMART BALANCE AT ALBERTSONS!  Not even a shelf spot for it! They don’t carry it at ALL.

You Albertsons, are a dirty tease.

And we need more peanut butter!  You guys gotta back me up… This is all the nut butter in our house.  And the Smart Balance and the almond butter are low.

DSCN3855I got him the Skippy once cause he said he wanted chunky but he never eats it either…. so it’s like we only have TWO.

Clearly, this is nowhere near enough, right?  My fiance doesn’t believe me.  He said something about only needing one.  Who only has one jar?  Help me out!

Don’t Judge my Bulk Food….

We went looking at houses again last night.  We went to like six.  Good lord.  Loved the last one though.   It’d be nice to buy a house, because I’m getting tired of looking.

I got snacks. Snacks are key when looking at 6 houses.


The apples were adorable because they were tiny.  But I think the tininess might have had something to do with not totally being ripe.

We got home at 8 and I made dinner in 20 minutes.  Eat your heart out Rachel Ray-10 minutes less than you AND I don’t make up acronyms for everything I do

Mashed potatoes, salad, pan fried chicken.  Tasty, simple, and it makes leftovers for the fiance’s lunch, which saves me having to pack one.


Plus beer.  Sometimes, you just need a beer, let’s not lie to ourselves.


I made overnight oats for the first time today-mostly to make sure I’d eat before I went grocery shopping….


Nut-tastic: oats and oat bran (half of each), plus almond butter, peanut butter, and some cinnamon pecans.  And a ton of cinnamon.  Because it makes me happy.

Then I went to Winco.  Winco is really overstimulating at 7 am.  I don’t recommend it.  They’re stocking the shelves and cleaning the floors and DRILLING THE FRIGGING CEILING


See that?  Man drilling the ceiling.  I can’t make this up.

I put up with it because Winco sells an insane amount of bulk food.  So cheap.  Don’t tell me how unsanitary or old stuff in the bins is.  I’m going to keep buying it, and I’d rather not think about it.  The amount of bulk stuff is crazy.  It’s this


times 8.  And that’s not even a full row.  My favorite is that they have bulk, store brand cheetos.

When I was checking out the woman in front of me was stating at my stuff.  Like, full on, walking backwards to check out what I was buying.  I’m not judging the fact that you not only smoke, you smoke Parliaments.  Menthol Parliaments.  So don’t judge my bulk foods, ok?

For the record, I did get a decent amount of bulk stuff…. white flour, whole wheat pastry flour, cinnamon, peanuts, oats, red beans, pinto beans, and black beans.


But still, don’t judge lady.  You smoke Parliaments.  Except you couldn’t remember your PIN, so you didn’t even get them.  Sad day for you.

Do you ever have people at the grocery store say something about your purchases?  I get the weirdest looks when I get food for Canadian thanksgiving-it’s in them middle of October, but it’s all the same food (my mommy is canadian, i like the excuse for a turkey dinner), so it looks like I’m just really prepared.