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Little things. Big world.

HI! It’s Kalin’s FAVORITE little brother.

She has apparently been a little too busy playing with dinosaurs to blog…

But that’s totally understandable.

I haven’t blogged on here in like 12 years (but at least im not just writing a post ALL ABOUT ORANGES), and in that time I’ve made some new little friends.

First, I fell in love, I met her on October 14th, and Siri and I fell in love immediately.

Next, I took up biking this summer when I picked up this little friend.

(it’s a 2011 trek 1.5)

I love my lil trek. I can pick it up with 1 finger! And I have the coolest cycling jersey to go with it.

(not obsessed with starbucks at all…)

and I ride my bike EVERY day. Ok, so maybe I haven’t ridden it in like a month cuz im lazy and it’s cold. I have good intentions, but seriously its below freezing out and theres snow. I dont care if I ran a 5k in the freezing cold and snow last year, Im an old man now.

Speaking of running, I havent been doing that. But im going to start again since me and Kalin and her husband are running the rock n roll half marathon in may! I did get new running shoes.

But they are WAY too little for my feet.

And my most exciting news is the addition to my family. I adopted him last, month. He was born in 2007 and weights just 2590 pounds and is 146 inches long.

This is Sheldon* [like Sheldon COOPER from big bang theory] my new car!

He’s just a little car in a big world.

And maybe Kalin will explain what happened to my awesome Jeep I used to have.

And in news unrelated to this post but super awesome, look at this amazing cake my coworked made for our starbucks holiday meeting!

She free handed that! crazzy.

*my car is also know as Anderson, as in anderson COOPER.


Honeymoon, part 2

So, the second morning we were in Hawaii I was woken up by this

Yes, that’s a text from Baby Brother telling me to go to Starbucks.  At 7:14 am.  (And yes, he’s really in my phone as “Baby Brother”.  Josh is in there as “Husband”, and previously was “Boyfriend”.  I like descriptive names)

Clearly, if something was so good you have to wake your sister up on her honeymoon to tell her about it, it must be tried

It was a mocha coconut frappachino. It tasted like girl scout cookies!  Pretty good.

(wake me up on my honeymoon good?  that I’m not sure on….)

We also had to try something the husband was curious about

Spam, eggs, and rice.  From McDonalds.

He was more skeptical of the eggs than the Spam.  Not kidding.

He liked it.

I tried the smallest bite possible.  I’m not the biggest meat eater in general.  Spam at 8 am just didn’t sound that good.

Then we went and got a rental car to explore more of Oahu (we’re both fans of not driving when it can be avoided, so we stayed somewhere that walking/buses were easy to do most of the time, and just got a car for one day.)

We drove through the Dole plantation

Where we learned something that blew our minds

You ready for this guys?


They don’t grow on trees!!!!

Madness.  Seriously.  Minds.  Blown.

We went here because the sign was pretty

It was a super cute little town

After I took a picture of the surfboard garden I saw a sign saying no pictures.  Whoops.

There was a L&L there, so we stopped for lunch.  Josh was excited because it was kinda super sketchy looking, and we were the only white people there.

See how high quality the signage was inside?

We got a plate lunch with terryaki beef, a hamburger steak, and something else that I forget right now



And possibly just as sketchy as our breakfast meat.

Have you ever eaten spam?

Did you know pineapples don’t grow on trees?

Good and Bad by Baby Brother

Hello again, I have gotten increasingly bad at ever blogging, but we are all good at some things and bad at others.

EatingMachine is good at breaking cameras. I swear she goes through a camera a year!

This is not true.  It’s more like every year AND A HALF.

Our parents are good at attempting to get on the tv show Hoarders.

Sunday cooking dinner my dad broke the webber grill, so being the hoarders they are, they had an extra grill in the shed.

Cause everyone keeps an extra laying around, right?  My mom always said anything you could need we have two… I am starting to realize this is true.

Oh, and this is in addition to the gas grill.  Which our parents also have.

I am good at liking animals

[my awesome pet rooster]

but i am bad about choosing which ones to make friends with…

i met this nice guy out on my run yesterday. i was thinking i should catch him so EatingMachine would have a nice pet… (I would like him!  The fiance on the other hand would have about three heart attacks if you brought that over.  Unless you hid it in my bed, like you did with the worms.  And the frogs.  That wasn’t nice Baby Brother.) but decided that was a bad idea. and speaking on running, i am actually STILL running! and i signed up to run a 5k in portland next weekend. i even conned someone into running it with me!  (not me!)

and oh, did i mention the 5k is sponsored by JESUS! …er… Vitamin Water.

I am good at drinking coffee…

I am bad at drinking coffee in moderation…

[stars = i went to starbucks that day. there is a chance they know me by name there.]

yeah, i know, I’m good at wasting money.

Another bad thing: i live in “nowhere, washington”

but the good part is i live in nowhere, washington according to Miranda Lambert, who liked nowhere, washington enough to come here for a concert!

Hey Baby Brother, remember when you lived in a REAL city?  Remember that?

Some people might think my snack choices are bad

but odwalla and a quart of ice cream sure seemed good to me!

Yesterday on the phone mommy told me how you drink “this gross green stuff from Costco”.  Then she said she feeds it to baby too.

now i think it is time to make this bad mess of a desk look good and clean.

what was good and bad in your day?

oh and ps, a little birdy told me EatingMachine was coming to surreal america this weekend. hmmm sounds like there could be an easter vlog in the near future…

America Runs on Dunkin’

America runs on dunkin’ [which owns baskin robbins!] BUT, and here is a big shocker for anyone who doesnt follow me on twitter but I’m sure you all already follow me! OR ELSE!, baby brother runs on nike! Crazy, i know. Me, running? but honestly, its good to exercise i would buy anything with an apple logo on it.

This is true.  Pity the day apple makes a literal iPad.

Apple nike+ sensor and iPhone arm band: $60

Nike+ running shoes: $85

Motivational coffee [sorry dunkin, build a store here and maybe i will buy your coffee] $4.98

Not being lazy, start running, and go from not being able to even run a mile to running a mile in 8 min in 1 week: Priceless.

Working a just over min wage job and dropping 150 bucks on something before you know if you like it:  more than you should be spending.

[and running by the river is nice!]

The river really is nice.  And flat, which helps.

The more i invest into running, the longer i have to actually keep it up, right? that’s my theory, but we wont talk about the other money i spent on stuff for running.

Jesus, what else did you buy?

You can even lurk my running here!

Along with running I even ate a salad the other day!

and hiked up a mountain!

[you dont need to tell me how ugly beautiful my town is. i already know.]

Baby brother does actually hike on a regular basis.  Which is weird to me, but he does.

and i introduced my pet chicken to Dave’s Killer Bread. unfortunately the neighbors dogs also thought the bread looked good and ate it before he could finish. at least they chose eating the bread over eating him.

I know i always say this, but maybe i will actually get around to regularly posting blogs. and dont worry, this makes me sound healthy, but i just chose not to mention all the visits to mcdonalds, and all those amazing burger king funnel cake sticks i got [seriously, try them. they are amazing!]

now if only i could find an idea for my next post. any ideas?

There’s a  5K next month in surreal america-tell Baby Brother he needs to enter!

I put my hands up, they playin’ my song

it’s a party in the USA

Hello from surreal America, or should I say surreal ‘MERRICA [please note that when saying ‘MERRICA it is very important to yell it, loudly]. Dont worry we will get back to this ‘MERRICA thing in a second.

Things I have been really good at so far this year? Going to starbucks.

[star= went to starbucks, multiple star= went to starbucks more then once that day. oops.  oh and dont worry i went monday and today… it just hasnt updated it online yet]

Big Sister:  um, how are there days withOUT stars?  That’s what I’m wondering…

Things I havent been good at this year? Writing blogs that arent me sneaking into pictures with Mama Pea. So here we go, a blog by me that is actually about food!

DUDE BABY BROTHER!  When you come to PDX next month we can go visit Mama Pea!

[this is where we get back to ‘MERRICA] I dont know if any of you are privileged enough to have a Famous Dave’s BBQ near you, but I sure do. This is a BBQ place that serves a giant meal on a garbage can lid. Also, on the wall has a sign that says this “At famous dave’s 3 little pigs isnt a nursery rhyme, it’s the appetizer” Needless to say, my family got the $70 of food piled on a garbage can lid.

i know its a bad phone pic, but it was lots of good healthy food. i promise, like ribs, corn, corn bread, and lots lots more. also you can see monster baby eying it in the corner.

Big Sister says:  what are those round things?

Also, why do we not go there when I’m in town?  Then we could have enough people to get TWO garbage can lids

it was very good! gotta love surreal america.

looking through my pictures i remembered why i am so bad at blogging, i always forget to take pictures of my food, i do however take pictures when i build armies of clowns…

so not creepy, i think eating machine should have a clown themed wedding. instead of an mc or dj, hire a clown. instead of a limo, get a clown car. and instead of a cake, GET BR CLOWN CONES. She doesnt like my idea though. 😦

No, no I don’t.

[as i mentioned in my last post, I like to make friends! SO you should sooo follow me on the twittter! you wont regret it. i promise. my tweets are pretty damn entertaining. ok maybe they are boring, but you can still follow me @baby_brother]

baby brother’s favorite things [mdif 6]

Hi, my name is Braden, and I have a problem. It seems to be that when you smash your face into food as soon as you get it and don’t take pictures, it doesn’t give you very much to blog about. So, I am going to talk about my favorite things- all of which I can assure you are healthy, organic, and nutritious. 99% high fructose corn syrup, again, remember I have a problem a solution- eat it. (quick story time! one time Eating Machine was buying scratch tickets late at night at a trashy convenient store and exclaims “I dont have a gambling problem, I have a solution!” I learn from her)

Of course my favorite thing: starbucks. Triple Grande White Mocha. And right now Starbucks is christmasfied, which makes everything better.

(there is a chance my starbucks buddy is home from college right now, so I might be going to starbucks many times a day instead of just once. again, i call it a solution.) Another favorite: Vitamin Water. as i have said, jesus makes this stuff. therefore, it is good for you. I like drinks in general, last year in college I had to economize and get vitarain from costco- not as good. Two words: Ice Cream. I work at baskin robbins, how could i not love it. I just spend all day eating it. and making it into clowns! (i had a school assignment that asked what your 3 favorite things were, I asked my friend what they thought my favorite things were, and they said “Ice Cream, Politics, and Food” i think that sums up my loves pretty well) also at work after making the clown, i made a new best friend. one down side to working in a store that involves cold things in the winter: IT IS FREEZING! me and this heater are really hitting it off well.

I do love lots lots lots of other food, but again, having pictures of things is hard for me. Other things I LOVE: McDonalds, pie, pie, pie, salad?, olive garden, Dr. Pepper, Mnt Dew, Donuts, Jack in the Box Smoothies, Fried chicken, prime rib, and beer. and I’m sure tons of other stuff you will hear about later.

and although this is NOT food, I cant title a post as my favorite things and not include my baby.

This is Slick, but you can call him puppy. He is my amazing pet chicken. I got him 9 and a half years ago when he was 1 week old. He used to have chicken friends but they have all died in one way or another. He almost got killed by the neighbor’s dog a few years ago, he ended up at the pet emergency on oxygen and getting stitches and staying over night. (sometimes all the time, i like to pretend im a hick.) So two things, 1: i was going to ask what your fav food was, but instead, i think my fav is my starbucks, so what do you get at starbucks/for your coffee?

and 2: did you ever have a super cool or interesting pet?

[My day in food 2] by the baby brother


Well yesterday I was productive as usual.  Got up at 7 slept until almost 3, went for a morning jog laid in bed for half an hour, and had healthy balanced meals went and got Starbucks and fried chicken at 4.

Last year I lived in Portland for a while, and not wanting to cook, I lived (or almost died) primarily off McDonalds and Safeway fried chicken!  (Note from big sister:  he really did.  And it made him turn an even more pasty shade of white than he normally is) Seriously I don’t think much anything is better then Safeway fried chicken, and TWO giant chicken breasts for only $5 it’s a steal.  And of course I had to have my Starbucks mocha (*money saving hint!* if you get a Starbucks gold card you get 10% off everything! Then you have an excuse to go there more often because it’s like you are saving money every time you go!)


To wash all my chicken down I had some amazing vitamin water. I would say I am about 97% sure that Jesus himself makes this stuff, no other way it could be so amazing.


(Note from big sister:  Jesus makes WINE baby brother.  Which I drink far more than vitamin water.  Who’s closer to God now?)

Technically I also had breakfast from Sharis [at about midnight].  Hash browns, eggs, bacon, and pancakes.  I might get this a lot.  I also might go to Sharis almost every night.


on my weekend of good decisions last week I found a magic scale outside a healthfood-vitamin-nutrition-weightloss store [im sure it was one of those things, I don’t remember] but the point being, it told me my ideal weight, which is only 4 pounds more then my current weight.


(Note from Big Sister:  Baby brother since when are you anywhere over 140 pounds?  Did you put rocks in your pockets?!)

and coming next week on my day in food: cakes by the baby brother [yeah, I can decorate some mad cakes]