Babies are bloggers

It was rainy and icky in Portland yesterday… Soup weather!

We had split pea soup for dinner.  Love this.  Should’ve made more-the fiance stole all the leftovers for his lunch!


Plus Dave’s Killer Bread and salad


And we tried out the pie!


So good!  Quality crust… Mmm.

I’m babysitting today.  Between getting drooled on and Toddler tunes I chopped up an apple, with peanut butter and cereal on top.


Then I convinced baby not to hurt the cat


put her down for a nap, and had this


Couscous from the other night with tomatoes, carrots, peas, spinach… Happy tummy.

The baby’s mama came to get her for a flu shot!  Lucky lady.  So she’s off doing that right now… And I’m watching Real Housewives till she gets home.  It’s making me smarter.

Know what I’ve noticed when I watch babies?  They totally eat like food bloggers.

I mean seriously, for breakfast she had this all mixed together


Yogurt, applesauce, and oats.  Don’t even pretend you’ve never had something similar.

And her eats the rest of the day?


Peas and corn, bananas and grapes, and carrots, sweet potatoes and cheese.

Seriously, you know you’ve eaten like this.

We are all 10 months old.


9 responses to “Babies are bloggers

  1. i love her little blogger breakfast 🙂

  2. Ha that must be why I love to bog….I love baby food =)

    Btw don’t be tardy for the party hahahaha

  3. i will now try at baby breakfast :0 reconnect with my inner 10 month old.

  4. Hmmm..never tried it!

  5. i love eating ‘baby food’

    and LOVE split pea soup

    the other week I made a carrot/banana bread and the recipe called for carrot baby food! it was so funny to buy that in a supermarket! haha

  6. I’ve noticed that too, and I love it. Stonyfield makes a yogurt for for babies that’s sweetened with a sweet potato puree on the bottom. I might have almost picked it up for myself, not gonna lie

  7. That is one well fed baby! Tell her mama, well done!!!

  8. Oh my- you are totally right. I do eat like an infant.

  9. LOL – she should start a blog 🙂

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