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Feed the Baby

Last weekend my niece was here to visit.

(So were her parents.  And Baby Brother.)

She’s got some food allergies they’re trying to figure out right now… So when I asked my sister in law if there was anything I should/should not feed baby I was told no gluten no wheat no dairy no almonds no avocados.

Considering baby’s two favorite foods are Annie’s bunny crackers and meat, that’s cutting out half her diet.

So, to feed the baby, I ended up making this:
What is that?
Still, what is it?

It’s dairy free, buckwheat pancakes.  Despite looking like cement they taste pretty much like pancakes.

The fiance approved.  And he was super skeptical.

We also had some fruit
And meat.  Because baby loves meat.  But I forgot to get a picture.

In hindsight, I could’ve just cooker her a bunch of bacon.

My dad is her favorite person (he’s “Pa!”).  I’m fairly sure this comes largely from the fact that he feeds her steak as a snack.

I fail and didn’t take pictures of the baby, so here instead is a picture of her and bad uncle

Yeah they’re in a bouncy castle and baby brother is on his iPhone.  He’s an awesome uncle.

We also went to the zoo with her, where we found this

Yeah.  Dinosaurs.  At the zoo.  Um…  ok?

Oh, and unrelated, but know how I told you guys I found the kitten stuck in the window last week?
Yeah, it’s her favorite spot these days.

To close, I want to share with you a horrible horrible song I got the title of this post from

It’s called “I put a baby in you”

Do you like the zoo?

I like it.  Except when you can’t see animals and baby brother starts yelling “i think the animals died”.

Awkward baby brother, awkward.


I put my hands up, they playin’ my song

it’s a party in the USA

Hello from surreal America, or should I say surreal ‘MERRICA [please note that when saying ‘MERRICA it is very important to yell it, loudly]. Dont worry we will get back to this ‘MERRICA thing in a second.

Things I have been really good at so far this year? Going to starbucks.

[star= went to starbucks, multiple star= went to starbucks more then once that day. oops.  oh and dont worry i went monday and today… it just hasnt updated it online yet]

Big Sister:  um, how are there days withOUT stars?  That’s what I’m wondering…

Things I havent been good at this year? Writing blogs that arent me sneaking into pictures with Mama Pea. So here we go, a blog by me that is actually about food!

DUDE BABY BROTHER!  When you come to PDX next month we can go visit Mama Pea!

[this is where we get back to ‘MERRICA] I dont know if any of you are privileged enough to have a Famous Dave’s BBQ near you, but I sure do. This is a BBQ place that serves a giant meal on a garbage can lid. Also, on the wall has a sign that says this “At famous dave’s 3 little pigs isnt a nursery rhyme, it’s the appetizer” Needless to say, my family got the $70 of food piled on a garbage can lid.

i know its a bad phone pic, but it was lots of good healthy food. i promise, like ribs, corn, corn bread, and lots lots more. also you can see monster baby eying it in the corner.

Big Sister says:  what are those round things?

Also, why do we not go there when I’m in town?  Then we could have enough people to get TWO garbage can lids

it was very good! gotta love surreal america.

looking through my pictures i remembered why i am so bad at blogging, i always forget to take pictures of my food, i do however take pictures when i build armies of clowns…

so not creepy, i think eating machine should have a clown themed wedding. instead of an mc or dj, hire a clown. instead of a limo, get a clown car. and instead of a cake, GET BR CLOWN CONES. She doesnt like my idea though. 😦

No, no I don’t.

[as i mentioned in my last post, I like to make friends! SO you should sooo follow me on the twittter! you wont regret it. i promise. my tweets are pretty damn entertaining. ok maybe they are boring, but you can still follow me @baby_brother]

Surreal America

When we got to my parents we were informed that we had to hurry to eat lunch so we could go wine tasting.

I like my family.

We live in my type of small town.

We’re in the middle of the Columbia Valley.  If you drink wine from Washington, it’s probably grown not too far from where my parents live.

We started with Terra Blanca

It’s a pretty facility.  If I wanted to spend an extra 10 or 20 grand on my wedding I’d totally have it there.  But I’m cheap.

We got a total Christmas card picture

And headed over to Kiona.  It’s one of the oldest wineries in the area.

It’s a pretty place

And they had snacks.  Love wineries with snacks.  Cheese, chocolate, crackers, CHEESECAKE.  Love.

Then Fidelitas, which was charging a tasting fee and crowded, so we just got this picture out front

I love this picture.  I’m pouting till the fiance lets me use it as our Save the Date picture.

At this point I was enjoying the wine to the point where I was saying “instead of a reception, after our wedding we’re going wine tasting” over and over.

I still stand by that idea.

We had a big ol’ family dinner

I had a steak with sauteed mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes with garlic (SO GOOD!), salad, and a twice backed potato.

For comparisons sake, here is Baby Brother’s plate

Meat and Potatoes.  All American.

I guess that salad weighed me down, cause this happened

Whoops.  Sorry about the chair mommy.

Then monster baby helped me check email

She adored the mac book.  She also loves olives (It is one of 4 words she can say:  mama, dada, ball, and olive.  All the words you need).  And makeup brushes.  She was jonesin pretty hard for my beer too.  She’s going to be just like her auntie!

End of the weekend tomorrow

Question:  eating with family-love it or not?  I adore it because my daddy makes amazing things.  Like the spinach and tomatoes and those twice baked potatoes (they had like 4 types of cheese!).

We’re related

I’ll tell you guys more about my recent eats tomorrow.

But monster baby (aka my niece) was just here, and she’s cuter than me. Or my food.

She started our her morning with blueberries, yogurt, some Killer Bread, and a lollipop (that was for drumming, not eating of course unlike her auntie who had candy for breakfast)

She was unsure what to make of the camera

But, we are related, so she realized quickly that she should make faces

That’s the face that she makes when she’s surprised.  I’ve been told she does it after throwing things down the stairs. It’s also the same face I make in about 90% of pictures.  We’re related.

Baby brother has worked hard at teaching her to throw food when she’s done.  There’s yogurt on the floor I need to mop up now.

We took monster baby and her parents out to Fat City Cafe for some breakfast

She was skeptical.

But once allowed to smother herself in food be independent and feed herself, she got into it

There’s a chance I’m also happier when I don’t have to use utensils.  We won’t talk about it.

We then went to the Killer Breadquarters.  She was quite the fan.

Like me, my niece is a fan of the Good Seed

(She also shares my affinity for cardigans.  And stickers)

And she also reads her labels, just like me.

We went to Trader Joes to stock up on some basics

She and I have the same definition of “basics”.  Her parents cart was weirdly different.

I don’t know why no one thinks it’s adorable when I get distract in the store with a cart full of booze.

Sadly, after some trampoline jumping, playing with a “ba!  ba!” (That’d be a ball friends.  Took me a minute) she got back in the car with her mommy and daddy to go home.

Do you have any nieces or nephews?  (besides you baby brother.  I know you do.)


Blogger Baby Strikes Again

My blogger baby friend ate well today.  She adores food, which I think is why we get along so well.

She started out her day with banana and grapes, while I snacked on the last bit of my pumpkin cookie from the other day, with cream cheese on top


Later, while I ate my hummus and salsa plate


She chowed down on couscous with some sort of puree around it (Sweet potato or squash I think)

DSCN4398Plus fed herself some finger foods

DSCN4394Carrot, mozzarella, and sweet potato

Oh my goodness did she love the couscous.

If you think about it, couscous makes awesome baby food because it’s tiny pieces.   Never had crossed my mind before….

Her big hit of the day?


Now, being blogger baby, she wouldn’t have plain old boring pancakes of course.  Hers were dipped in blueberry applesauce


She was literally squealing for joy when she ate these.  Squealing. Which explains the not so great picture.  I have a hard time waiting for pictures before I eat, and I’m an adult, and not getting pancakes for lunch.

And now she’s napping (or in a food coma, who knows) and I’ve got this


A little bit of chicken, mushrooms, chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach, and peas, with a mustard sauce (dijon mustard, two teaspoons of sugar, some water, and Mrs Dash.  Nice combo of sweet and a little bit of bite.)

I basically threw a random assortment of leftovers into a tupperware last night, and hoped I’d be able to make something tasty.  It worked.

Although I’m still a little jealous of baby’s couscous….


First Night

I don’t know if I said it before, but thanks everyone for your congrats on our new house.  It’s crazy that we’re homeowners… I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet.

So far my favorite thing about the new house?  The heat Seriously, I want to have babies with central heat.  We had baseboard heating at our apartment, and it’s a pain to try and, you know, not set the house on fire with that (was their a point in college were I did manage to burn a bunch of things on the baseboard?  There’s a chance.  But the pillow with scorch marks is gone, so we’ll never know…)

We did dinner at our old place before we left to spend the night at the new place (lack of fridge at the new house…)



And salad


Nothing fancy, but it was delicious.

When we got to our house I had some fanciness


I mean, first night in your first house, it calls for good wine, right?  We had this wine tasting once and it’s good.  There’s one Fred Meyer in Portland that sells it (and I think maybe one other place), but we happen to live right by the only one that does!

Plus flourless chocolate cake from Baker & Spice

DSCN4388So good-it’s a cute little mini one.  And only 3.50, so I’m pretty sure I can have one every day and not feel bad about it.

I think they’re going to be directly responsible for any weight I gain in the next six months.  I’m ok with that.

We curled up in the bed on the floor (because right now there aren’t any chairs or couches!) and watched half of the The Devil Wears Prada (The fiance foolishly let me pick the movie 🙂 )

And then I was up.  All.  Freaking.  Night.  with crazy allergies.  They were bad all day yesterday, and once I’m laying down I just can’t breathe.

Which means I have some sexy sexy dark circles under my eyes.

I almost took a picture.  Then I realized it’s probably better for my ego to not take pictures of myself when I look like death.  Just imagine what I’d look like if I’d been punched in booth eyes.  Yeah, that dark and puffy.

I’m watching little blogger baby again today-for those of you who asked, her family isn’t a vegetarian, but her mama is feeding her all sorts of wonderful things.  Her daddy actually won’t eat tofu.

Needless to say, a lack of sleep and a busy baby means I needed some caffeine.  Know what I really love that I’m pretty sure is all chemicals?  Gas station lattes.


One of those, plus hummus and toast.  Pretty sure that’s a good balance.  Hummus, whole grains, and chemicals.  Yum!

Oh, and I will get up some outside pics of the house soon-Diana asked me about it, and I realized I haven’t really put any up!

For now, I need help on something…. Our house has three living rooms.  One is upstairs, by the kitchen, so we’re calling it the living room.  One seems to be a TV/media room, so we’ve been calling it the media room…. But the last one, we have no clue what to call it!  It’s on the lower level (with the media room, the laundry, a bathroom, and Jesus’s room), has the door to the carport, and is where the stairs are…. Currently all it holds is bookshelves, I’m thinking my sewing machine may find a home there too. Any suggestions?  Right now its “…that room… you know, the one downstairs.  Not the media room” which long run isn’t going to work.

Any ideas?

Eating on the run

One thing I’ve learned in my 13 (that is over half my life!  wow.) years of babysitting and nannying is that when you’re watching a child you better eat when you can.

You wait, and then the baby manages to have a diaper explosion, or won’t nap, or who knows what else.

So today I’ve had lots of little things to eat.

Baby sized wrap with cheese, hummus, lettuce, and avocadoDSCN4334(that’s a salad plate…the tortilla was litttttle)

Followed up with a hummus plate


Why do I not eat this more?  Seriously.  So good.

Baby of course ate too.

She had her yogurt + blueberry applesauce + oats


And tofu and mushrooms.  Yes, she’s not a year old, and eats things my 26 year old fiance won’t touch.


At one point she was gleefully shoving all the tofu she could get her hands on into her mouth.  Good lord.

I had my second lunch/afternoon snack


Squash with rice, ‘banzos, peas, carrots, corn, and maters.  I mixed it up with some Trader Joe’s yellow curry sauce.  Tasty! A nice bit of spice.

After baby napped, we went on a walk and I found this at the store.

DSCN4337Cougar mountain pumpkin cookie

Tasted mostly like a gingersnap, but super tasty.

I love these cookies mostly for the name.  In my head “cougar mountain” is a mountain full of perimenopausal women wearing mini skirts and hitting up college bars

(Cougar Town, the TV show, on the other hand, in my head is a town that’s been overtaken by REAL cougars.  Which would have been a WAY better show)

And…. in a few hours we should be getting our keys!  Not 100% sure, so cross your fingers.   Yay for being homeowners (Boo for having to start moving)