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Farmers Markets in February?

One of the things I adore about our ‘hood (besides Baker & Spice and margaritas the size of my head) is our farmers market.

It’s a great farmers market, just on its own-good variety, lots of vendors, but not too crowded.  But what’s extra awesome is that it is YEAR ROUND.  Which means that dinner last night came fresh from the farmers market.  In February.  Sweet.

(Also, aparently this is the time of year to buy eggs?  There were a TON
How pretty are they?)

There’s a decent variety going on at the market, even though it’s winter.  On Sunday morning we bought some polenta, catfish (caught the day before!), and a squash.

We cooked up the catfish with some spices plus cracker crumbs, and then did the polenta with just a little cheese added

And squashies!  The fiance actually tried a few bites.
Isn’t the polenta pretty?
I’m marrying a 5 year old, and he chose this based entirely on the fact that it had pretty colors

Not kidding.  Don’t worry friends, he works for the government

Today I made use of some Super Bowl leftovers.  Cause a good follow up to local farmers market food?
Artichoke dip.  It was made to be a breakfast food, right?

Don’t worry, those chips?
ORGANIC.  That means healthy, right?

If you follow me on twitter you saw that we’re having a plumbing adventure right now.  I’m pretending it’s not happening at the moment, so I’ll tell the whole story later.  Basically, the bubble in the ceiling didn’t go away on it’s own.

But on a happy note, we have leftover polenta! And really, how much can you worry when that’s in your fridge?


Eating on the run

One thing I’ve learned in my 13 (that is over half my life!  wow.) years of babysitting and nannying is that when you’re watching a child you better eat when you can.

You wait, and then the baby manages to have a diaper explosion, or won’t nap, or who knows what else.

So today I’ve had lots of little things to eat.

Baby sized wrap with cheese, hummus, lettuce, and avocadoDSCN4334(that’s a salad plate…the tortilla was litttttle)

Followed up with a hummus plate


Why do I not eat this more?  Seriously.  So good.

Baby of course ate too.

She had her yogurt + blueberry applesauce + oats


And tofu and mushrooms.  Yes, she’s not a year old, and eats things my 26 year old fiance won’t touch.


At one point she was gleefully shoving all the tofu she could get her hands on into her mouth.  Good lord.

I had my second lunch/afternoon snack


Squash with rice, ‘banzos, peas, carrots, corn, and maters.  I mixed it up with some Trader Joe’s yellow curry sauce.  Tasty! A nice bit of spice.

After baby napped, we went on a walk and I found this at the store.

DSCN4337Cougar mountain pumpkin cookie

Tasted mostly like a gingersnap, but super tasty.

I love these cookies mostly for the name.  In my head “cougar mountain” is a mountain full of perimenopausal women wearing mini skirts and hitting up college bars

(Cougar Town, the TV show, on the other hand, in my head is a town that’s been overtaken by REAL cougars.  Which would have been a WAY better show)

And…. in a few hours we should be getting our keys!  Not 100% sure, so cross your fingers.   Yay for being homeowners (Boo for having to start moving)

Happy day

More on my california adventures to come…. Have lots to get caught up on around the house!

Today is a happy day.  If you didn’t know, Mama Pea is BACK.  Which is pretty happy (also happy is how she doesn’t judge when I text her, drunk, on a Sunday afternoon.  Which might have happened this weekend)

Other happy things:

My fruit bowl looked like this earlier today


Yeah, those are cookies.  They’re like fruit, except with carbs and sugar.  And no vitamins.  And some peppers. Which are also not fruit.

So I hit up the grocery store


Happy day!   Apples and PINEAPPLES are on sale!  Much better

I had a quesedilla for breakfast.


Happy day- this time the cheese wasn’t moldy.  Also happy-melted cheese for breakfast.

Went to the sub orientation.  Found out there were over 800 applicants (just to sub!) and I was one of just over 100 who got on.  Happy happy for employment

Made lunch


Butternut ravioli, with tomatoes, spinach, and creamy sauce (Jessica, this is how to love veggies.  Put them inside carbs, then cover with sauce)



It’s a happy happy day!  Fts.*

*fts = for total serious.

Squash squash sqaush

The police still haven’t found who hit my brother’s car.  😦

The good thing is that they’ve got three cars, so this was the extra… So monster baby and her mommy aren’t stuck at home.

Onto some happier notes:

My day has a lot of squash!

EDIT:  If you want to make pumpkin butter, the recipe is here

First, I made pumpkin butter

(that’s right, MADE.  I am my own Trader Joes!)

I started with this


(In my family we don’t do homemade halfway.  My fam grew this pumpkin.  And then after halloween my mommy cuts them up and cooks them, then freezes.  Full on homemade.  And yeah, it’s been in my freezer for a year.  Whoops)

And I ended up with this


Put on some bread


Tasty!  I’m looking forward to this in some oats!

And then, because I hadn’t done enough with squash, I made some more kobacha soup!  This time I used this


instead of milk. Gave it a crazy good texture!  (And hey! my lunch was vegan!)

Defiant upgrade.  Genesis was asking about how it’s made-her you go girl!  (And, anyone else who wants it 🙂 )

We have a crazy amount of corn on the cob, so I chopped some of that into it.


Happy happy lunch!

So… what’s your favorite way to eat squash?


Well, last night was interesting.

My dinner was in two parts last night, because I babysat…. so I started out with this monster naner


It was too big (that is what she said, it’s true), so I used half in some Nature’s Path cereal

DSCN3862I love this cereal!  It’s the Crunchy Maple Sunrise.  So tasty!

Then babysat, (the baby btw had squash and tofu for dinner-babies would make awesome food bloggers!), and came home to some kabocha soup and Dave’s Killer bread.  Plus wine!

DSCN3864Seriously, the only thing better than that soup, is that soup with Dave’s.  The only thing better than Dave’s is Dave’s with that soup.

The fiance ate leftovers while I babysat.  I told him to eat vegetables.  He ate cereal.  Good job honey, good job.

But here was the crazy part of the night… My little brother sent me a text with this picture of my older brother’s car

My brother was home (and not in the car!) when it happened and heard no brakes, no squealing tires, just SMASH.  And then the person drove off.  Who does that?  10:1 says they were drunk and/or 17.

We were totally going to buy that car off him too.  I’m guessing not so much now.

So far, no luck finding the person who did it… but their car is probably pretty messed up (my brother’s got pushed forward about 10 feet)


Today I used up the other half of the monster banana, with peanut butter and cinnamon in a flat out.


And now I’ve got a crapload of groceries to put away….

Question of the morning:  have you ever been in a car accident or gotten your car smashed?  I drove my car into the median once.  Well, side swiped.  Which meant I was fine, and my car was a messsss.

Oats, Jobs, and Not-tumors

We had some salmon for dinner, with rice, world’s best broccoli,


and salad. You know how I love my spinach.  With apples, cause I’m crazy like that


Seriously, if you haven’t done it, roast some broccoli.  I was going through a head a day by myself when I discovered this recipe.

We had full inentiosn of going to the gym after dinner.  And then I got an optical migraine.  AWESOME.

If you’re not lucky enough to get them, basically you get dark or blurry patches in your field of vision.  They come and go and sometimes there’s weird lines across your vision, and all sorts of fun stuff.

When I started getting them I was pretty sure I had a tumor.  Tumor is my general explanation for most things (cause seriously, what on earth else would make you have big blurry patches in ONE EYE.  Sounds like a tumor to me).  Sometime I’ll tell y’all about my face not-tumor.

Thankfully I have an eye doctor who I know can find tumors (seriously, he found our neighbor’s tumor before her oncologist did) and he assured me I am just getting migraines IN MY FRIGGIN EYE.  They don’t hurt but they’re disorienting, and I’m happier sitting still when I have them, and so we skipped the gym.

And made dessert. Cause, you know, gym skipping calls for that.


Don’t even pretend oat bran isn’t dessert.  Don’t even pretend.

With peanut butter and chocolate chips?  I’m pretty sure that’s dessert.

And I made kabocha oats today! With cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and a little bit of maple syrup.


I’m so amused by the color. Although it does remind me of baby food.  When I nannyed I’d always mix in a puree with the baby’s oats when I was getting him to try something new.   I should try this on the fiance.

And I’ve got a job interview in a few hours!  Eek.  I’m sick of these-I’ve got one tomorrow too.  So please, think warm fuzzies for me around 10:30 pacific today 🙂 This one isn’t for a teaching job, it’s with one of my two favorite non-profits.  (I will give you a gold star if you can guess either one-TWO if you can guess both)

And really, worst case scenario of these interviews is I keep staying home and making cookies.  Which, let’s be honest, isn’t that bad!

Kabocha Soup

In an effort to not turn the heat on, and also not get hypothermia, I got my freezin booty into the kitchen this morning!  Cooking when it’s cold is always a good way to warm up the house-Tamara left a comment on the last post about using the oven lots when it’s getting chilly-I’m all about doing that!  (Although, last year, my house was too cold for bread to rise.  That was sad.  And a pain)

First I made a quick, totally not breakfast foods breakfast

DSCN3785Quesadilla with some black beans and mushrooms.  Might not be breakfast food, but it was tasty.

Then I went to war with a kabocha (serious war-the knife got stuck, there was almost blood.  there was almost also me throwing away a squash with a knife stuck in it.)

But I won the war and this went into the oven

DSCN3789And I sauted some onions and celery in a little bit of butter and chicken stock.  Blended those, and put them aside.  When the squash came out I made this

DSCN3792Baby food!  Er… blended squash.  Mixed it in with the stock/celery/onion puree and then added milk and lots of yummy spices (cinnamon, red peppers, salt, more stock…etc) and made an amazing lunch

DSCN3800So good!  A little spicy, a little sweet, all together and happy.  I had some toasted Good Seed on the side

DSCN3801I dipped the bread in the soup.  Because I’m 2, and enjoy my foods better when I can dip.

I made cookies too.  But I had some issues there.

DSCN3793I think it was too cold to get a good handle on how wet the dough was, so the first half are the ones on the left.  Look closely, one of the ones on the bottom has a HOLE in it, because they’re so think they just fall apart.  But they taste good, so not all is lost.  Added more flour to the second half, and they’re fine!  (They’re oatmeal with whole wheat flour and agave.  For the fiance’s lunch cause I’m a housewife.  But a mean one who doesn’t feed him white flour.)

And look what I just noticed!

DSCN3794Purple water!  Those are some of the flowers from my Costco boquet.  The beauty of them is that the bouquet is so absurdly large (cause nothing from Costco is small) that they’re in that vase plus three other ones-my house is FULL of flowers.  Apparently, artificially colored flowers. Oh well…

Does anyone have a secret to cutting open squash?  Because I really did almost lose my knife today.