Hi!  I’m Kalin.  This is my blog.  Writing about yourself is awkward.  But here we go…

I once had someone tell me when they first met me they thought “what is she on?  And where can I get some?”.  I’d guess that sums me up?

I started this blog because I was unemployed and bored.

These days, I’m fUNemployed.  Maybe?

I moved to Portland from Eastern Washington (aka surreal america) four years ago to get my masters degree (and also to avoid being one of those people who stays in their hometown forevahhh).  My Baby Brother still lives there and posts on here from time to time.

I’m a substitute teacher because Portland’s job market is AWESOME.  I love teaching.  I also love not having to go to work when I don’t feel like it, so this subbing thing works out well. I also work in a church.

I started running last year. I did my first half marathon on the 4th of July. I’m not fast, but I currently have 8 toenails so I look legit I think.

I got married last summer. So if you’re stalking through old posts you’ll see mentions of that. My husband was actually one of my roommates when I first moved here.  If you ask him how we met he says “Craigslist”.  Thanks honey.   My husband has a job.  Given my semi-employment, this makes me a housewife.  Dreams come true friends, dreams come true.

(I mean that in a totally serious way.  Getting to play with my cats, read, garden, drink excessive amounts of coffee, and bake all day?  It’s awesome)

This is my life!


23 responses to “About

  1. Great blog!
    … I’m addicted to diet root beer… I totally understand! 🙂

  2. Wait! You like in Portland? My hometown – you lucky woman you 🙂 I’m so glad you love it there!
    Too bad the economy hit it hard!

    • It’s a fantastic place, isn’t it? My fiance works in Salem, and commutes. Sometimes, people ask us why we don’t just live in Salem. Um… yeah, we’re keeping pdx, thanks.
      How hard is it to leave? Fiance wants a PhD that he can’t get here, and I’m just picturing myself going through massive withdrawals if/when we move…

      • I’m not gonna lie. If you live, you will indeed suffer. Especially when you go back to visit 😐
        But remember, PhDs only take a few years and you can always go bk. Portland will be waiting for you. That’s what I tell myself anyway!
        P.S. New pic. Adore!

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  4. Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog – I moved to PDX a little more than 2 years ago too and I’m also totally in love with the city. I would love to buy a house here too – I live in close-in SE now and always walk around looking longingly at the houses for sale.

    Anyway, keep your head up on the job front – it took me about 3 months after moving here with my Masters to find something, and it definitely is not my dream job.

    I love reading about other twenty-somethings in Portland – you have officially been bookmarked!

  5. Love your About Me! I’m doing the same thing, searching for a job. It kind of sucks!
    I do the same thing with cookbooks! Looking forward to reading more

  6. I like your about me and I am so with you on the Diet coke thing. That is one of my vices and I guess it will be hard for me to break.

    Looking forward to more!

  7. I love a little Diet Coke every once in awhile too. It seems that I can really relate to your eating style 🙂 I am glad that I found your blog!

  8. How could anyone NOT love the Pacific NW! 😉

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  10. well HELLO there! word on the blogger street is our wedding date is the same. so naturally i had to frolic over to your neck of the woods 🙂 your about me section made me smile as i could relate to a whole slew of things, can’t wait to go read some actual posts. but, it will have to wait, i need to go eat lunch. but i will be reading about you soon! xo

  11. I finally just weened myself of diet pop!! It is hard and occasionally I relapse but if I want to get pregnant I don’t want to drink the stuff and I might as well get over it now lol.

  12. ahhh, you crack me up! I can’t wait to read more on your blog! Love it.

  13. I just came across your blog, and really like it! I’ve never been to Portland, but somehow have a ton of friends from there who rave about it. What’s your Masters degree in? My dad recently transitioned from subbing to full-time teaching employment (at 61!), so there’s definitely hope!

    And by the way, I’m so thrilled to see Cake Wrecks on somebody’s blogroll 😉

  14. thehungryscholar

    Hey! Hey! I saw you commented on my blog. It showed up in my email account, but not in my dashboard. LAME.

    Yeah. I’m going to Purdue. Yeah, I don’t even know where the Ecology department is. I just had to ask Lars what it was actually 😉

    Good times.

  15. Hi! Love your blog. Come visit us at Lucky Spoon Frozen Yogurt. We are downtown near PSU and the Portland Art Museum. 780 SW Jefferson Portland OR 97201 (at the Park blocks)

  16. Wow! Glad I came across your blog. Love your sense of humor. Recently, resigned from my teaching job, went back to school to finish my master’s, blogging obsessively and annoying my husband with food tasting. This subbing thing I could get used too, less paperwork each night, and your in and out no need to worry about the next day !

  17. I just stumbled over here from who knows where and I have to say that it’s so nice to “meet” another person with my strange sense of humor. Not that yours is strange! But you know what I mean. Hopefully?? 🙂

  18. I just found your blog today when I googled Trader Joe’s peanut butter cream cheese. (Which I LOVE) Anyways, thanks a lot. I was going to go to bed early, but then I read the post and then read some more and now I’m hooked. Your blog is great! Recipes, funny stuff, food talk – what more could a girl want??

    BTW, while I was at TJ’s on Saturday, I happened to buy lentils, so now I’m going to try your lentil recipe. Looks deee-licious!

    And now I really am going to bed.

  19. I loved to read this. The humor! 😀 Semi-employment isn’t bad at all! I’d do it if I could, but alas, I’m single and me working myself to dead soon. 😉

  20. It took me 2 months of random surfing (w/o trying, of course), but hooray- another Portlander at last! The job market is such crap here! (And the taxes, the roads, the politics, the rocketing price of living. All such good aspects of this place!)

    Glad to have found you.


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