That kids, is how you fall in love…

I’m still on vacation!  Hope you’re not missing me too much!  🙂

I think I’ve briefly mentioned it, but the fiance and I met as roommates.

Well, if I’m asked that’s what I say.  If he’s asked he says “Craigslist.”

Thanks honey, thanks.

We lived with three other roommates in a giant 100 year old house, right of NW 23rd.

(street view is clearly a good way to show the house, right.  and we don’t live there anymore.  Sorry, to ruin any stalking plans)

Shortly after moving in, we had a few too many drinks, and realized we kinda liked each other

And we tried to not date.  But, every time we had a few drinks, we remembered we really liked each other.   A

fter a few months of that, he realized he couldn’t withstand my charm, and told me he didn’t want to just be my roommate…

We started dating about 4 months after we first met, and clearly, he can’t live without me now 🙂

We’ve done a lot together in these past two years.   We go to Timbers games together

We go to the coast together

We both got our masters degrees (him in Economics, me in Teaching)

And basically just love each other a lot.

There are a lot of great things about him.

He does the dishes

He gets into mischief with my brothers

(we were making a little fire.  We learned not to ask them to find the firewood).

He’s good at sharing

And, he got me a Canadian diamond when he proposed! (Canadian = not a blood diamond.  Score!)

So basically, the Eating Machine falling in love method:

  1. Get a male roommate
  2. Drink too much
  3. Kiss previously mentioned roommate
  4. Try to not date for months
  5. Be too darn irresistible
  6. Live happily ever after.

That kids, is how you fall in love.


15 responses to “That kids, is how you fall in love…

  1. LOL I love that he says Craigslist! That just opens a whole can ‘o worms!

  2. i love this!

    im thinking of stealing your idea and doing one for myself 🙂

    hey so has anyone gotten your thanksgiving destination right?

  3. Awww I loved this post! 🙂 You guys are such an adorable couple and I love you falling in love method!!! HAHA

  4. Aww, I wish I had a cute months-of-built-up-sexual-tension story. Your history could be a Korean idol drama series.

  5. So sweet. You are such a cute couple!

  6. You two are so cute! I love the Snuggie pic =)

  7. You guys are freakin’ adorable. I’m going to stalk your old house.

  8. Haha, it took me a second to realize why “Craigslist” as a proposed meeting place wasn’t so good but I think I got it now

  9. Cutest story ecah!

  10. I love that the fiance tells people you met on Craigslist. Amazing.

    I also love happy couples. I’ve got a big old grin on my face. Thanks for that! 🙂

  11. Adorable 🙂 You too make a very cute couple!!!

  12. i love this post 🙂 so cute, and it makes me smile!

    hope you’re having a good time!

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