Foot Traffic Flat Half Recap

Guys, I have a MEDAL
This has made me realize something: more things in life should give you a medal. Get a job? Medal time! Grad school? Medal! Successfully wash your hair two days in a row? Medal!

When I have a baby if I don’t get a medal I’m going to smack someone. Not kidding.

Anyhow, we ran our half on Monday, and it was fantastic. We got up supah early and headed out to Sauvie Island.

Sauvie Island is, clearly, and island near Portland. It’s got a bridge and then it’s 2 miles to the start line. With one lane taking you there.

So, you can imagine, there’s traffic
But we were prepared for it, and it wasn’t terrible. I drove in rush hour to Vancouver last week. I hate that more.

Since we did Foot Traffic University we got our own special little prep area. With our own port-a-potties. Fancy!

The race was fantastic. Sunny, but since it started so flipping early (6:45!) it wasn’t hot. The island is gorgeous

(pic from Run Oregon)

And the whole race felt awesome. Awesome as in, when I looked it up on my garmin after the race we ran mile 8 at an even 10:00.

That’s the sort of pace I normally run a mile or two at. Not what I do when I’ve already busted out 7 miles.

Although, I foolishly use the VIP port-a-potty before the start. So I spent miles 8-10 worried I’d piss myself. I gave up and used a port-a-pottie at an aid station. Pretty sure if I had that minute back I would’ve won the race, right?

We finished in 2:22 and some change, 10:52 pace.

We ate strawberry shortcake

And marveled at how we felt awesome

(We didn’t match on purpose. I’m not sure if it’s more or less lame that we just dressed the same without meaning to.)

I’m a little worried now though-the husband felt so awesome post race that he started saying things about full marathons.

That’s not happening. I have two black toenails from doing a half. I’ll be a hobbit if we do a full.


14 responses to “Foot Traffic Flat Half Recap

  1. Oh my gosh, good job you guys!!!! So proud. (and btw, you both are looking so trim and fit!!!)

  2. Good job. Medals should definitely be a bigger part of society.

  3. 1-You look flipping fantastic! 2- A marathon means a ton more black toenails AND corns. Mmmm, not tasty.

  4. I think the matching is just a function of living with someone–my roommate and I used to do it accidentally all the time (but two girl roommates matching is odd, so one of use would always have to change…).

    And CONGRATS on finishing the half! Life DOES deserve more medals (but I’d never get that two-days-in-a-row hair washing one…damn).

  5. Collecting medals is addicting, be forewarned!

    And congratulations!

  6. Great job! I can’t believe I’ve never actually been to Sauvie’s Island….

  7. We must of been really close to each other.. but I don’t recognize either of you. I finished at 2:21 and some change. You were probably just behind me.. I never look back during a race.
    Congrats on finishing and having a good race! Shortcake never tasted so good.

  8. first of all when the hell did you get so tan? Also congrats! So amazing how your endurance how increased so quickly!

  9. Great recap and good job!!!

    … and good luck on that full marathon! 😉

  10. Great job!!!!! Ouch to the black toenails!!

  11. Oh my god. Hey, we were in the same race!

  12. You look hot! I would look nasty after running 13.1 miles. Way to go!

    Black toenails? OUCH!

  13. and what an awesome medal it is – that thing rocks! I remember my first bruised toenails… 😀 great job, you two!!


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