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Hipster Thanksgiving

Man, you know what’s gotten way too mainstream?

Thanksgiving in November

So overplayed.

Dude, you know what people don’t celebrate as often in Portland?

Canadian Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, it exists. It’s ok if you haven’t heard of it. Not many people have. But it’s huge in Canada.

And so much less commercialized. I hate overplayed Thanksgiving has gotten. It used to be cool you know?

I can’t believe people still wait till November for it. You realize celebrating in October also helps subvert Columbus day too? Don’t even get me started on Columbus. Friggin’ colonialism.

Know what else is overdone? Roses.

Dahlias are way better. Plus I got mine from a small farm. You’ve probably never heard of it.

I debated between PBR and a barrel aged sour to go with dinner, but the co-op was closed so we were stuck with wine.

Symphony is kind of a rare varietal. It’s ok if you haven’t hear of it.

(if you look closely there’s a chip in the wine glass. Cause it’s vintage)

For desert we had pie that I baked while my husband watched football. But I baked it in a totally subversive way, I swear.

(pumpkin pie is so overdone. Apple pie is where it’s at)

And then we watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton on HBO.

Ironically of course.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Today was my last day of work for the summer. I had a killer summer gig, and I’ve only vaguely mentioned my summer job on here, so I thought I’d tell y’all what I’ve been up to. 

Kalin L.

August 19th, 2011



I’m going to tell you about wat I did this summer. My summer was alot of fun. I did alot of fun things. One fun thing I did was to have a summer job. I did alot of fun things at my summer job. Three fun things I did were Teeching fort bilding, Teeching cake decorating, and a third thing I did was to be a Assistant to other teechers.

First I want to tell you about when I taut fort building. I taut fort bilding and it was fun. We did alot of fun things. One fun thing we did was we were bilding forts in the woods where if your not carful you can get lost and it is exciting and it is a litle scary two.


Won kid says he saw a Bear in the woods. “Theres a Bear!” but the rest of us didnt sea a bear because Im prety sure they dont live in Portland. We also were making forts in other places and won day we made a Big fort together and then we thru water balons at it and made it fall down it was really fun and we yelled alot “AHHHHH!” we said when we were throwing the water balons. It was fun.


We also builded with HUGE linkun logs. They are realy big and you can go inside when you make a house or something with them.


Next I will tell you about cake decorating. Cake decorating is fun. We used 42 pawnds of sugar! That is alot of sugar! Sugar got all over and we laffed. We make cakes and put stuf called fandont on it.


It was cool looking but not as much fun to eat. We made realy cool cakes and it was fun.

The last thing I am going to write about is helping the other teechers. This was fun because when I was the helper I didnt have to plan things or be in truble if a kid got hurt or somthing and I helped at alot of fun camps. Camps like golf and comic books and writting and things. We goed on feeld trips to. Feeld trips are when you go to another place and spend time their. We went to places like a Golf place and a Park and things. It was fun.


So now you know more about my summer vacation. It was fun. The part I liked the best was that I get paid when I am doing the fun things. I also liked the days when we eat popsikles.


The End.

By Kalin

One a Penny, Two a Penny

My Easter memories aren’t all beer and Jesus.

I’ve been a fan of the times when I’ve done things like get an extra Easter basket with Baby Brother

But mostly, Easter is Hot Cross Buns

My grandpa Frank was a baker
(He watches over me in my kitchen these days)

He was my maternal grandpa, but my mother never learned to bake with yeast. It makes her nervous. But she loved her dad’s baking, especially his hot cross buns.

We have his recipe, calling for things like 25 cups of flour, with notations on the side to bring it down to proportions where we’re not eating hot cross buns until Canada Day.

Every year, my daddy would spend hours in the kitchen, making hot cross bun after hot cross bun
Anyone who’s baked with yeast knows it’s a long process. And if you want them deliciously fresh, you can’t make them very far ahead of time.  So every year my daddy spends the bulk of Good Friday baking.

It’s a labor of love.

(and when things happen like towels being set on fire-which happen more often than you’d think-you hear a lot of God’s name being yelled. So I think it’s a spiritual experience too)

I’m not home for Easter this year. I’ll be spending it here in Portland, with my husband and in-laws. But I’m sharing my family’s labor of love with my own hot cross buns
Grandpa Frank’s recipe, with whole wheat flour. And part of the batch raisin-free for my husband.

I’m pretty sure Grandpa would approve.
Happy Easter! Enjoy your weekend

That Darn Leprechaun!

You won’t believe what happened in my classroom!

I’ve been teaching kindergarten this week (a BLAST. Kids are hilarious. Did you know God has a girlfriend? Learned that this week. Also, with a hundred dollars you could by a lot of cars. And strawberry yogurt mixed with chocolate milk “tastes like vanilla!”. These kids teach me a lot.) and it seems that every year on St Patrick’s day a leprechaun comes and visits the classroom!

That darn leprechaun!  He made a mess!
Chairs overturned, crayons spilled, books everywhere.

He even left paper towels all over the bathroom. “Mrs L he’s killing the trees!”

That darn leprechaun!

He left footprints all over too!
Even on the windows! “Mrs L! How did he DO THAT?!”

That darn leprechaun! He’s tricky I tell you.

My day was spent hearing “Mrs L! Mrs L! Guess what else the leprechaun did!!!”

I emerged from kindergarten with a slitting headache, a bag full of crayon pictures, a kiss on the cheek from a 5 year old boy and green paint all over my arms.

Then I made the mistake of mentioning soda bread to my husband. Because what you should do after leprechaun wrangling all day is bake.

Labor of love my friends
It was insanely good. Worth it.

Classic St Patrick’s day dinner
Corned beef, colcannon, carrots, and soda bread.

And for dessert?

Our leprechaun friend lost his gold while he was in the room, and the leftovers came home with Mrs L.
That darn leprechaun knew I’d need it.


My husband remarked a few weeks ago about how I’m “the housewife* he never thought he’d have”

(My goal in life has been to disprove Ludacris’s statement that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife, so I’m not surprised by my current state in life, but I digress)

It seems he didn’t expect to marry someone who bleaches his undershirts, wears aprons, and bakes bread.

But for all that things I do mystify him sometimes (“…but, why are the towels in the laundry?  They weren’t smelly yet” “you made yogurt?“) he does love some of my habits.

Like my need to make baked goods
These are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  My mommy’s recipe.  I’ve never found a better chocolate chip cookie than this one.
It’s so good that I’m worried if I scale it down it won’t be right.  So instead, we have 4 dozen cookies in our house.  But I make them with whole wheat, so they’re healthy, right?

He also likes that I’ve repainted half our downstairs
Cause I’m a housewife.  Not just a kitchen wife.

EVERY WALL in our house was a different shade brown when we moved in.  There are seriously like a dozen browns going on.  I’m fixing it.

And repainting the baseboard
(Don’t repaint your baseboard.  So much taping.  But it really does look better when you’re done)

But I think really, his favorite thing is that he’ll come home from work to find me excitedly saying “I made tortillas!  And cheese!”

Because I do things like that.

I make cheese
(basic, fresco-y stuff)

And then I make tortillas
With WHITE FLOUR even (rare in our house)
and serve it all up with carnitas
And really, when I do things like this, I’d like to think that I’m not the sort of wife husband thought he’d marry it’s because I’m THAT MUCH BETTER.

Right honey?

(PS happy three years!)

*(If you’re a newer reader, I’m not a full time housewife.  I’m a substitute teacher.  But that means there are days where I don’t work.  And instead, set feminism back 50 years.  Barefoot in the kitchen and all that.)

Red and Green

My friend Callie always tells me that Chanukah wins over Christmas because red and green are ugly together, but blue with silver or gold is pretty.

And she might be right.  But Chanukah is over, so it’s red and green time.

The beauty of Christmas colors is that you can add them to anything and then it’s a CHRISTMAS thing.

It’s so simple.

Using that logic, this weekend I transformed normal snickerdoodles into Christmas snickerdoodles.

All you have to do is take the normal cinnamon and sugar you roll them in
And add some sugar sprinkles
Not a ton.  I learned the hard way one year, if you just use colored sugar and no white you get ugggly cookies

But just a little?
(Callie was here this weekend.  Since I was out of blue sprinkles Chanukah was over I made her pink ones.  Equally pretty)

I like lazy Christmas cookies
We had some normal sugar cookies too

(I may have made one of the gingerbread men wearing a yarmulke for Callie.  She loved it.)

There are few things more amusing than watching my husband decorate cookies.
He’s really really good.  Do you see the gingerbread man made with THRRE different sprinkles?  It’s art.

What Christmas baking have you been doing?

Do you agree with Callie’s assessment of red and green being ugly?


When people ask me questions, I always mean to answer them.  But I also always mean to pay my student loans on time, floss, and shower.

And…. Well, my husband is impressed when I shower 2 days in a row and asks “Didn’t you just do that yesterday?”  So you can see how well I do with my good intentions.  So today I’m answering some recent questions!

Can I move in with you guys?

Yes.  You can rent out our guest room for $1500 a month.  Or our shed for $800 a month.  It has a lawnmower to cuddle.

And astroturf carpet!  Cozy!

Did you just make the macarons out of boredom?

Yes.  Well, boredom and want for cookies.  I once baked a cake from scratch while blind drunk.  In a disposable turkey pan.  Fairly sober macarons are probably less weird than that.

Why did you guys start running?

See above how I make macarons because I can?  I wanted to see if I could.  And we needed things to do together that weren’t judging or drinking.

Plus, it’s good for our marriage.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.

What is Hobby Lobby?  Is it like Micheal’s?

Imagine the biggest Micheal’s you can.  Now add a fabric department and a whole lot of crosses.
I’m not kidding about the crosses.

How big is your freezer?

I have a side by side fridge/freezer.  It is organized and stuffed.
Top shelf is fruit and ice cream, then below the ice maker are leftovers frozen to be lunches for the husband, then veggies, stock plus meat and veggie overflow, and the bottom drawer is meat.  The door is fruit at the top, then mostly bread, and veggie scraps being saved for stock at the bottom

How is your pantry if your freezer looks like that?

Secret:  we don’t have a ton of storage space in our kitchen.  This is good as it makes me restrain myself from buying 18 bags of sour cream and cheddar ruffles when they go on sale.  So my “pantry” is this cupboard
plus part of what should be the linen closet
And then random things scattered other places (coffee is in a canister next to the coffee maker, popcorn lives above the spices, flour and sugar are in canisters on the counter, you get the idea)

How did you manage to burn yourself in an ice cream store?

We made waffle cones.  So there was ONE thing you could burn yourself with.  I did it!  I also fell over cutting a tub of ice cream once.  Grace.

You did Miss Spokane?

Oh heck yes friends.

How big is Takeout now?

Huge.  Not a baby cat.  I weighed her today.  People laugh, but here’s what I do:
Food scale + cookie sheet + treats.

It works.  And most of the time I remember to wash the cookie sheet after I do it.


If you have more questions ask (or email me!)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower.

It’s been a few days.