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So, life has been busy lately. Teaching, working at the church, high five-ing the pope? It’s a busy life. Plus I was in my gorgeous friend’s wedding, had a blogger meetup, went to California for Thanksgiving, and when you put that all on top of the fact that being awesome like me is a full time job? I’m a slacker blogger.

But here’s just some of the awesome in my life as of late:

While in Indianapolis, I didn’t just high five the pope. Someone foolishly put me in charge of meals. Which resulted in going to a place called Mug ‘n’ Bun. Mug. ‘N’. Bun. How could you not?
It was delicious. And even the bread on my grilled cheeseburger was salty
I like salt.

And I found Matt from the Real World!
True story: Real World New Orleans was on when I was in HS, and one of my best friends was Mormon. So we loved seeing our respective faiths up on TV. And now Matt from the Real World works for a ministry program that my church uses. Rad! And he was super nice.

Also awesome? My college bestie Sam sent me this
If you don’t get it you clearly need to read more Feminist Ryan Gosling.

But the most awesomeness in my life? Totes my husband.

Evidence: some days I teach and work at the church. This can make for some long days. 2nd grade with a chaser of teenagers? Jesus help me. On one of those days I got home from work and found these

(Two tarts cookies! The best. And tiny, so you can eat like 10)

And this

And, most importantly, this

(whoever came up with the idea of pink cans of sparkling wine WITH straws is my best friend)

Marriage is awesome.


Little things. Big world.

HI! It’s Kalin’s FAVORITE little brother.

She has apparently been a little too busy playing with dinosaurs to blog…

But that’s totally understandable.

I haven’t blogged on here in like 12 years (but at least im not just writing a post ALL ABOUT ORANGES), and in that time I’ve made some new little friends.

First, I fell in love, I met her on October 14th, and Siri and I fell in love immediately.

Next, I took up biking this summer when I picked up this little friend.

(it’s a 2011 trek 1.5)

I love my lil trek. I can pick it up with 1 finger! And I have the coolest cycling jersey to go with it.

(not obsessed with starbucks at all…)

and I ride my bike EVERY day. Ok, so maybe I haven’t ridden it in like a month cuz im lazy and it’s cold. I have good intentions, but seriously its below freezing out and theres snow. I dont care if I ran a 5k in the freezing cold and snow last year, Im an old man now.

Speaking of running, I havent been doing that. But im going to start again since me and Kalin and her husband are running the rock n roll half marathon in may! I did get new running shoes.

But they are WAY too little for my feet.

And my most exciting news is the addition to my family. I adopted him last, month. He was born in 2007 and weights just 2590 pounds and is 146 inches long.

This is Sheldon* [like Sheldon COOPER from big bang theory] my new car!

He’s just a little car in a big world.

And maybe Kalin will explain what happened to my awesome Jeep I used to have.

And in news unrelated to this post but super awesome, look at this amazing cake my coworked made for our starbucks holiday meeting!

She free handed that! crazzy.

*my car is also know as Anderson, as in anderson COOPER.

By the Numbers

I have been busy this week.  Which leads to a lack of blogging.

Let’s break my life lately, by the numbers

5-different grades taught this week

2-days of proctoring state writing exams

1-day where two different teachers thought I was their sub. That was fun.

51-Dollars spent on groceries
17-Dollars saved with coupons.  I’m cool.

510-Approximate number of minutes I’ve spent driving since Monday. I hate driving.

3-Days in a row my lunch centered around hummus

3-The number of days your diet can be hummus-centric before you get sick of it and have to get creative
1-Days it took before I was back to loving hummus again

11-Pictures on my new phone

9-Pictures on my phone that are of the cats
2-Pictures that are of cake
0-Dollars paid for delicious cake (Main Street kick-off in Hillsdale night = free cake at Baker and Spice = Heaven.  I would have babies with that frosting.)

0-Pictures of my husband on my phone. Whoops.

25-minutes spent making dinner
4-Loko.  We bought some.  (we = my husband, clearly)

1-magazine not about babies in my ObGyn’s office. Which means I read a month old Entertainment Weekly today!

8-Alleged servings in the Trader Joe’s PB cream cheese
3-Actual number of servings in said cream cheese

5-number of hours elapsed between finishing the PB cream cheese and making up a recipe so I could have more.

8:20-the time on a Friday night when cool kids write blog posts.

What are your weekend plans? We’ve got Foot Traffic U in the morning and then a ton of house and yard work.

Good think we’ve got some four loko to help us power through!

Apple Cake

(um, so i wrote this at work.  and work ate the real post and i had no idea.  cool.  i’ll fix it later.)

more apples


giant ones














out of the oven


quality control


missing something


much better


much much better


2 c whole wheat pastry flour

1 c white flour

2 T pumpkin pie spice

1 1/2 t baking soda

1 t salt

1 lb apples

3/4 c applesauce

1/2 c greek yogurt

1/4 c oil

3 eggs

1 T vanilla

3/4 c nuts

Coming to Terms

It’s for reals fall now guys.

Like I can’t pretend.

Well I can.  But then I’m caught in a rainstorm in flip flops and no jacket.  Which happened this weekend.

I’m trying to come to terms with it.

I know I’ve said I love fall, and I do.  I can dig on halloween, leaves changing, things like that.  But the rainy season starting?  Nuh-uh.

After the rainstorm this weekend, I tried to make peace with the seasons.

I found my umbrella, but that print realllllly didn’t help
(yeah, beach themed umbrella.  way to depress myself all winter.  smarrrrrt)

Thinking about buying squash at the farmer’s market, curling up by the fire, how in about a month I could start attempting to justify my Christmas tree going up.

All that ended up doing was making me crave hot chocolate.

But then I realized even better than liquid chocolate is chocolate CAKE.  And that’s where this started
Butter and chocolate.  Health foods friends.

A few more ingredients, then into ramekins
What is it?

No, not just mini cake.

Although all mini foods are delicious, let’s not lie.

Those went into the fridge while we had some chili for dinner
(and watched so much football my head almost exploded)

Then those ramekins went into the oven

And out came these adorable cakes
That inside were…
Lava cake.

Oh my goodness friends.

Lava cake.

It warmed the coldness out of my soul.

And at least fall also means apples
(first new ones of the season!)

My husband had one this morning and declared “Put these on your blog.  Just write ‘awesome’ under them”.

They are awesome.

I’m having one for breakfast
While shopping for new boots online.

Do you like rain?  I used to.  But in Portland, by mid winter I feel like the rain will never end.  I fear the rain now.

One Month!

(see how i’m blogging regularly!  amazzzzing right?)

I’m sorry if this wedding takes over the blog… it’s taking over my brain!

One month from today is my wedding!  Crazy.  I’ve been engaged for over a year, and that felt like I had forever till the wedding.  Now?  It’s going FAST!

(from when we got engaged.  showin’ off my rock)

This weekend my oldest brother is coming to town

Next weekend, my other two brothers, plus my sis in law and niece are here, and my friend/maid of honor Callie is coming for my bachelorette.  Callie was responsible for this stellar engagement gift last year

Face cake.  Heck yes.

My bachelorette?  It’ll be us drinking and doing paint our own pottery.

We keep it mature.

Then, it’s 4th of July weekend… Which means drinking and fireworks with my family

A weekend off… And wedding weekend!   This is going to go fast!

Best planning I’ve done?


I might have two pairs now?

But look at these shoes I found yesterday

(from Zappos)

So, married blogger friends-how crazy am I going to get in the next month?

Unmarried blogger friends-I’m sorry if you hate wedding stuff!  You can be helpers by telling me your favorite cake! (cake + frosting combo).  I’m doing a small cutting cake (2 tier) plus cupcakes so I get to have LOTS of flavors!

Happy Sister Day!

hey everyone! its baby brother with a special post!

Today is a certain someones birthday!
That’s right! it is Tahj Mowry’s Birthday, the star of 90s tv sitcom Smart Guy.

ok ok, it is also Kalin’s 25th birthday!!

As you might know, Kalin and I are twins. Born 4 years and 4 months apart, but twins none the less.

Might I add, very klassy twins. (look at that bomb moto razr she’s rockin!)

there we go, like i said, classy.

growing up, kalin NEVER had an attitude.

pretty sure she is saying “blah blah blah look at me, im a little angel”

Kalin and i have been cooking together for years

also, she goes till they kick her out. or the police shut her down. popo shut her dowwwnnn

(she wasnt really getting arrested 😦 she just wanted to play in the cop car.) i think it was at some americore thing…

this was at an americore thing too.

she also has AWESOME hair sometimes.

and two months from today she will be getting married!

and here is their official engagement photo:

So here is to the best big sister, Happy Birthday! and Happy Kalin Day!

maybe this will make up for me not getting her or her fiance birthday presents yet… oops.