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A Keeper

Yesterday while I taught 1st grade at a Catholic school

(best points in my day:  going to church and saying “boys!  Don’t zombie walk to mass!” and when telling kids to draw a cross on their religion paper having one ask me “can I draw Jesus on the cross? ”  Sure, you can draw a dying Jesus if you really want buddy.)

My husband was doing some presentations in town, rather than working in So-lame like normal.   Between them he was home, which meant when I got home from work I had a smiling husband on the couch and these in the fridge

St Cupcake?  Yes please!

There were big tops (chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting), peanut butter with fudge on top and pumpkin spice.

And a scarecrow.  Which amused me to no end.

You don’t wanna know how much extra the scarecrow cost.  Focus on the cute.

And because a half dozen cupcakes aren’t enough there was also this

A pumpkin whoopie pie!  From Baker & Spice.

That’s right, TWO bakeries. The man is a keeper friends.

Especially since he’s not so into pumpkin.  So I didn’t have to share two of the cupcakes or the whoopie pie!

In also good news, I booked today’s sub job yesterday afternoon, so I already had a lunch packed this morning

Carrots and hummus, peanut butter yogurt (greek yogurt + TJ’s peanut flour) with cereal to go on top, and a banana.

And even better, presentations mean he had a state car, so this morning rather than having to go drive him out to his vanpool I get to sit here with this

(a pumpkin pancake + trader joe’s pumpkin cream cheese + maple syrup)

rather than spending a full hour in the car this morning!

It’s a good day.

I’ve got a good husband.

What’s good in your day?

(I’m gearing up for today’s kinders.  ALL POSITIVE ALL THE TIME YO!!!)

Wedding Weekend, Take 1

Thanks for all the love everyone!  You’re all amazing 🙂

Before we could actually get married, we had to, you know, practice

Some of us were skeptical about the whole affair

Some of us were a little unclear on what our job was

(see how happy he looks with the baskets?  he was quite bummed they weren’t really for him)

Some of us took our jobs VERY seriously

Some of us made this face after having one flower girl reach up her dress while saying “Kalin, let’s go sit down!” And the other one trying to stake their territory by smacking my leg and saying “Me Auntie!  ME Auntie” to anyone who got to close

(That’s a face that says “this is funny.  But I’m glad it’s rehearsa-oh god, she’s taking her shoes off now”)

But we got through all of it

And then it was back to my family’s house for dinner

Some of us hit the bar

There was a time when my parent’s house had a living room.  Now, we have a bar.  That’s a home improvement I can get behind.

We had dinner (salmon + steak.  Heck yes)

And them some of us did work

(Cupcakes made by my oldest brother, and decorated by Baby Brother, with some help from my cousins and Callie)

Some of us sat pretty

And some of us got really really sober

Some of us made good choices

(in Baby Brother’s hand is the boot, a relic from my husband and his friend’s college days.  It’s a cowboy boot shot glass with the University of Oklahoma logo on it.  Full of monarch tequila.  Good choice Baby Brother, good choice. )

And somewhere in there, some of us did this

That friends, is a party pig.  It holds 8.5 liters of beer. Which is about 18 pints.  It is empty now.  Whoops.

So, there was my rehearsal dinner.

(Except for the part where I was woken up at 2 am by my husband and his groomsmen in what Baby Brother swears was a “legitimate sandwich making accident.”

Let’s not talk about that)

So in the spirit of the less than stellar choices involved by some *cough, baby brother, cough* what’s a poor choice you’ve made lately?

I’ll start:  I let the kitten sleep in our bed the other night (she normally doesn’t.)  Cue me getting woken up ALL darn night by my sweet little Takeout wanting to knead me, groom me, and play with me.  Goodness.

…rounds up to dead

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I’m now 25.  25 rounds up to 50.  And 50?


it rounds up to dead.

I’m buying wrinkle cream tonight.

I got woken up on my birthday with these pretty flowers
Plus cupcakes
And diamonds.  In the form of earrings.

The fiance?  He’s a keeper.

The fiance offered to make me breakfast, but since we leave earrrrrly to take him to work (and his offer was for scrambled eggs… which are def not my favorite) I waited and made myself a birthday breakfast
Chocolate chip pancakes + strawberries + whipped cream + syrup = dessert.  But it’s ok because it was my birthday.  And I round up to dead anyways…

In the afternoon I made an amazing discovery
That is wine.

At a nail salon.

I love anywhere and everywhere that gives out free drinks.

I used to go to a waxing place that gave out free wine, but that makes sense since a glass of wine always makes me more willing to take my pants off in front of strangers…


The fiance and I went out for dinner at a place called Tabla.  They have a 3 course fixed price menu.  I adore fixed price menus as it means you HAVE to order multiple things.

I started with seared ricotta and nettle gnudi, with wild mushrooms
True story:  I won’t eat cheese on its own much.  But if you fry it so it’s crispy I wanna have its babies.

Then I had pasta with pork sugo
They make their own pasta I think.  It was amazzzing.  Not huge portions, sadly, as I could shove a lot of carbohydrates in my face given the chance.

Then I had farrotto primavera, which is farro (a grain) cooked risotto style.
It had asparagus and chevre.  Mmm. Carbs and cheese were clearly the theme of the night.

You could do a wine pairing with each course.

I clearly did.

The I came home and decided this was a good choice.
Also a good choice?

Taking advil before bed.  I’m getting too old to drink like this….

Negative Six Months

Thanks for the anniversary love!

Six months from today we’re getting married!  Crazy!

I’ve been kinda MIA lately… but here’s some of what my tummy has been enjoying…

Friday’s dinner was split pea soup
I burned lovingly blackened some ham on top for a little crunch.

I also lovingly blacked the fiance’s grilled cheese.  Whoops.

I kept it simple with just some spelt toast on the side

Saturday we sat down to a real breakfast

As you can see, I’m all about the lovingly blackened ham.  (I really am, no joke.)

Plus basically scalloped potatoes.  But made with hash browns.  So it was breakfast food.

Last night we had some terkyaki turkey, plus veggies and rice

I ended up ignoring the turkey and just going to town on the veggies.

And then I made probably one of the greatest things EVAHHH

Right now you’re going “ok Kalin, you made a cupcake.  So what?”

It’s a cupcake THE SIZE OF MY HEAD

A cupcake the size of my head WITH cream cheese frosting and edible gold sugar on top.

My life is pretty much complete now.

2 years

Last night was me and the fiance’s 2 year anniversary.

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know he and I met as roommates when I first moved to Portland.

Two years ago we gave up trying to not date and went out for dinner.

Last year on our anniversary he was super sick.

This year he was only a little sick.

Commitment is making him less ill as time goes on I guess?

We went to Three Square Grill for dinner.  It’s really close to our house, so that dinner wasn’t too crazy for sick face.  We’d been there for brunch before, but not dinner.  We were amazed at how packed it was, but they were just in the paper… (The fiance, btw, had never heard of Matzo ball soup before last night… I think I should’ve explained before we ordered, because he seemed a little sad once he heard what it was and realized what he was missing out on).

We started with bread and buttahhh

And wine.  Shocking, right?

And then we got the most insane amazing appetizer EVAH

(Terrible picture, but we were excited to eat!)

Hush puppies, fried okra, and fried house made pickles with jalepeno jelly (that I think was also house made).  Good.  Freakin.  Lord.  Amazinnnng.

(Also, fun note; I student taught in the neighborhood we live in now.  While we were eating one of my students from last year came in with his family and sat next to us.  Which was was awesome just in and of itself.  Then he got a pickle and his dad said they were homemade.  The little boys eyes got HUGE and he asked “homemade?!” before taking a giant bite.  I think he was more excited about the pickle than anything else on his plate)

We shared two entrees; Grilled salmon with aoli, crispy leeks, and hoppin’ johns (delicious black eyed pea thangs)

And a cassoulet (which is a bean stew sorta thang) with duck sausage, beef, and pork

I ended up eating most of the salmon, and the fiance ate the cassoulet.  Both were fantastic.

And because he loves me (and didn’t realize Food Front sold flowers) the fiance had some dessert from Baker & Spice at home for us

Flourless chocolate cake, a vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream, and a whoopie pie.

What can I say?  There’s a reason I’ve kept him around the past two years…