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Sterotypical Turkey Day Post

I was trying to figure out how I could recap my Thanksgiving in true I’m an Eating Machine style.

I cooked very little of it, because part of going home is not having to do that.  My niece and I make the rolls the day before.   That was the extent of my cooking.

I don’t have have any awesome “stay healthy for the holidays!” tips.  I don’t eat the stuffing?  Because I don’t like it.
(That’d be my dinner-turkey, a roll, lots o gravy, peas, carrots, rutabegas, and sweet potatoes.)

I guess there’s a tip:  have a lifelong dislike of stuffing.  Saves more room for pie.

So rather than a post of here’s what I ate, or here’s what a I cooked, or here’s how to be healthy, I present….

What I drank on thanksgiving.

Coffee at the turkey trot

Plus Gatorade.  Gatorade is delicious.  I’m perpetually dehydrated, so I carry a drink (normally water) when I run.

See how those gloves look too small?  Turns out when you find gloves with Eyore on them at your parent’s house they might be kids sized, not grownup sized.  Life lessons.

Then more coffee at Baby Brother’s Starbucks
I had a swig of peppermint shnapps because it’s important to drink before noon.

I am not kidding on that.

Husband and Baby Brother took tequila shots.  This is my life.

My blood was about 97% caffiene at this point, so I ate lunch and drank some water in there.  And by water I mean diet Vernors
This stuff is delicious.   Other ginger ales taste blandddd once you’ve had it.

Then switched to wine.  Shocking.
Getting married is awesome, btw, because it means there’s always someone to get you another drink.  My glass refilled itself over and over without me doing it.

Dinnertime meant double fisting
I might have taught my 2 year old niece to yell “double fisting!” when she’s got two sippy cups this weekend.  It happens.

And then….
This happened
Gravy shots?
Gravy shots.

There’s no good explanation.  We had gravy.  And shot glasses.  It just seemed to make sense.  Someone else took a shot of butter.

Post dinner we had coffee and tea.  I’m in loves with this Trader Joe’s ish
But really, once you have had gravy shots, just tea doesn’t cut it.  So this happened
Rum and tea work!  Life lesson right there!

And finally, we ended the night looking at the giant stack of ads, with one last glass of wine (and a beer for my husband)
Happy Thanksgiving friends.

So, what did you drink?

Upside Down

I’ve had a bit of a frowny weekend.

I woke up Friday morning with the unmistakable feeling (and by feeling I mean sharp terrible sore throat) that my sinuses had been draining down my throat all night.

What?  You don’t know that feeling?

Lucky you.

I’ve spent my weekend chugging tea (chug is not an exaggeration-I drank 8 cups of tea and 3 cups of decaf coffee yesterday), and trying to not spend too much time pouting.

And trust me, when I don’t feel good, I find a lot of pout about.

Fred Meyer only had throat coat tea from Traditional Medicines, and EVERYONE knows the Yogi throat comfort stuff is the best.  (Yes I have strong opinions on medicinal tea.  Not weird).  I suffered through half the box yesterday.  But it’s all better now.

What turned my frown upside down?

My co-op is full of hippie ish.  Clearly I should’ve went there first.
I love you delicious tea.
I also love YOU mug I got in like 6th grade.

It says “it’s good to be queen”.  I’m cool.

I may have drank out of that cup partly because I liked the words.  Let’s not judge.

We’ve been sadly low on frozen fruit to make smoothies.  When your choices are strawberry or ice flavored it’s not as fun.  But being at the co-op means there’s yummy things to buy.  And when you’ve been frowning all weekend your husband is totally down with you buying multiple $4 bags of fruit!
He wants to turn my frown upside down!

(or he wants me to stop whining.  Whatevs.)

I blended it up
Dinner to sooth my throat

If you put a smoothie in a bowl it makes it a real dinner.  Trust me, it’s science.

I wanted to add honey to my tea and my smoothie.  But honey is for some reason my arch rival.  I don’t know why.  Any honey I buy does this
Frown upside down moment?  When you microwave it so that it de-crystallizes it pours out extra fast.  Which means extra honey in my belly!

And today I got out of my house to do some Pea stalking!
Who can frown when you get to watch Mama Pea cook?
And see  Andrea eat for two?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some tea to drink


I have some rules about eating.  Not diet “no carbs after 5 pm” type of things.  More “balance is good” type of things.

They’re rules like:

anything can be a breakfast food if I eat it for breakfast

so long as you eat lots of veggies the amount of fat you eat doesn’t matter

pizza should always be hot enough to burn your mouth a little

tequila shots are always a bad choice

yogurt is never an ok substitute for sour cream.  They’re not the same at all.

Costco samples are an acceptable lunch sometimes

coffee can and should have more cream than coffee in it.  That just means it has more protein!

and my favorite:

if it’s whole wheat it’s good for you.

Case in point?

Yesterday’s breakfast:
That’d be a whole wheat croissant.  From Baker & Spice of course.  With sea salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds on top.
Flaky butter healthy food my friends

My husband went for a food rule of his own:  if it has meat, it’ll fill you up more.  He had a ham and cheese croissant
I also follow the rule that if it’s cold enough to see your breath Jesus wants you to drink something warm
How pretty is the tea strainer?

And while, not going to lie, I tend to put splenda in my drinks (because otherwise I’d eat enough sugar to kill a puppy before 9 am), Baker & Spice has the cute lumps of sugar
And I have a rule that when you see the cute lumps of sugar, you have to use them.

I also made cookies last night for two reasons:

1.  When your husband is having a busy week at work you should bake for him and

2.  You should never turn down the chance to make things that give you an excuse for ball jokes.

So I made the man some balls

Mama Pea’s balls.

What’s a food rule you follow?

Me Time

The wonderful thing about having a whole month where I don’t work before the wedding is that I get a lot of me time.

Some me time looks like this


Spaaaaaa.  (facial = birthday gift from the fiance.  Who then make lots of really funny jokes about facials.  Really funny baby, really funny.)

Aveda tea is my favorite thing.

Seriously.  It’s a motivating factor in where I get my hair cut.

Me time is about more than just a day at the spa though.  Littler things can be me time too.

Making meals for myself?

Total me time.


That would be brown rice, corn, zucchini (farmers market!  what what!), olives, all sorts of spices, and sour cream on top.

Rice + veggies is honestly one of my very meals.

In fact, lately, it has been my lunch pretty much every day.


here it’s carrots, peas, zucchini, with the rice, plus cumin and smoked paprika to season.

Not that I’m totally eating on my bed in this picture.  Me time friends, me time.

Other me time in my life?


Candy I don’t have to share.

Smarties = not so easy to find in the states.  Last time I had some the fiance was unaware of that fact, and ate them all.

Did I cry over chocolate?


Ok, yes.

But still.

We finally found some and the fiance’s guilt at eating them before = ALL mine baby!

On possibly the same sorta lame level as the veggies and brown rice being me time, know what feels totally indulgent to me?

Melons.  The fiance has no love for ’em.  And honestly, I can’t always eat through a whole one (looking at you 15 pound watermelon in the fridge!)

But I love them.  And knowing I’m getting one just for me?  Kinda makes me happy.

But my favorite me time?


Bear-faced kitten sleeping on me.

What little things have you done for yourself lately?

Life Lessons

I am good at learning life lessons.

Sometimes, I learn lessons that it seems others don’t need to learn (like “keg stands on a sunday afternoon are a poor choice, especially if you have a date that night” or “if you do keg stands all afternoon at least don’t take a gay man on your date with you and introduce him as your ex fiance to your date”  ahhh college)

But I learn useful life lessons too.

Like, not everyone can smell that asparagus makes your pee smell funky
I eat asparagus like a madwoman (that’d be primavera pasta there, with asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and happiness) and don’t smell a thing.

I actually was totally confused for YEARS when I’d hear people talk about it.

Another life lesson-if you’re confused, google it.  That was how finally I learned.

Important life lesson:
Apple crisp (apple raspberry crisp in this case) is easy to make.  And delicious.

Life lesson I needed to learn:  while it may seem easier to not peel the apples, it’s actually a poor choice.  Weiiiiird texture.

Did you know you can make cutesy shaped pancakes without forking over 5.95 to Crate and Barrel?
I do!  All you need is a metal cookie cutter.

Also a life lesson:  when you have metal on a frying pan you should not touch it with your bare hands.  I learned that lesson over, and over, and over….

That breakfast was part of a meal eaten like this
Because I forget lessons like if you have allergies to EVERYTHING don’t spend half the day at the Humane Society playing with kitties and the other half out in the yard

I am not smart.

I also could not breathe.

Life lesson: tea + not leaving bed = much better

Another lesson?

This is still delicious.
What have you learned lately?


So, I’ve clearly been less than awesome blogger lately.  I’ve been busy teaching and battling allergies from hell.

(Oh, on the subject of teaching:  yesterday I taught special ed, then was the counselor.  Want to know two jobs I am not qualified for?  Special Ed and school counselor!)

Before we get to food, let me show y’all why my allergies have been kicking my butt
I did that.

(They were dead-I’m not digging up perfectly good trees or anything!)

I also planted a new friend!
It’s a peach tree!

I tried for a plum tree but the fiance told me he hates plums (I hadn’t updated that in a while!  Plums are now on there).  Seriously.

We made pizza for dinner the other night
This was with dough I’d frozen last time we had some-I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but it was good!

And yesterday I woke up at 5:30 because my sinuses were congested to the point I couldn’t breathe.

What do you do when you’re up way too early?
Raspberry pancakes even

Oh, and I lost my voice, so I’ve also been drinking tea like crazy
When I uploaded pictures  I had a million pictures of different mugs of tea.  Pretty sure one is enough.

(and that’s an orange slice in there… We have no lemons, but oranges were 3 pounds for a dollar, so I figured citrus is citrus and used it)

I also made some soup yesterday after work, to try and help out my poor voice (I should maybe have not worked yesterday… I am not good at making good choices)
(It was cream of mushroom with brown rice-yum!)

And because I was up early again today, more pancakes!

You are what you eat.  I’m delicious carbs.

Thank you Baby Brother

The peanut butter yogurt cured me last night, and I was able to make us some dinner.

You’ll never guess who got which side of this pizza will you?

Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and turkey pepperoni on my half.  Turkey pep and sausage on the fiance’s half.

I should point out that darlin’ Baby Brother got me a pizza pan and a pizza cutter for Christmas.  (I mostly should point it out so I don’t get seven comments from him of “GOSH WHO BOUGHT YOU THAT LOSERFACE!”)

So thanks Baby Brother!

Had my pizza

Plus salad

The fiance loveddd the crust.  I put in like 3/4 c of white flour when I made the dough. White flour makes the man happy.  Compromises are good in life.

Today the fiance is working from home, so I got to sleep in (and had another crazy dream, but at least I got an extra hour of sleep!).  And I busted out the immersion blender today and made this


(Btw the brownish tinge to soymilk is always a little gross when I see it on it’s own, isn’t it?)

Which means I could have a foamy chai latte.


What do you get on pizza?  The fiance has told me as a child he didn’t even like pepperoni pizza-which I thought every child loves