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Ash Wednesday

Hey friends!

It’s Ash Wednesday! Which means I’m rockin’ some sweet forehead smudges
They’re totally in this season.

I used to go to 6:30 am mass on Ash Wednesday growing up. While it was great in some ways it meant I inevitably had someone tell me “there’s something on your forehead!”

I’m not sure how I’d manage to get a big old black cross smudged across my forehead without noticing, but thanks everyone, thanks.

I go to evening mass now, which saves that fun.

Ash Wednesday also means no meat, and fasting.

Catholics have a very lose definition of fasting-it’s more or less “don’t eat quite as much as normal”. Here were my Ash Wednesday eats:

Breakfast was oat bran with a tablespoon of peanut butter thrown on so that I wouldn’t chew my arm off. Jesus wants you to keep both arms

Lunch was curry quinoa, spinach, and lentils
Because Jesus and I both love lentils

And dinner was the old Catholic staple (right behind fish sticks and Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza) of grilled cheese and tomato soup

Ash Wednesday also means that I, yet again, forgot to take last year’s palms to be burned
(They go back the Sunday before to be burned for the year’s ashes. I ALWAYS forget)

I’ve already been asked a few times… I don’t give up anything for Lent. I could give you a whole CCD lesson on why, but basically I work on adding things to my life, rather than subtracting . Going to Mass more, following the Church’s commands for abstaining from meat on Fridays, read a religious book or two (like my catechism I had out in the picture above!), things like that. Cause really, personally I’ve found that giving up candy doesn’t bring me closer to God. Which is, you know, kinda the whole point of lent….

You doing anything for lent?


Don’t Get Too Jealous…

Guys, I don’t wanna make you too jealous, but there’s been lots of cool things in my life lately.

This weekend, I went on an empty bus
(I’m pretty sure that’s how horror movies start. )

Public transit is cool kids, it’s cool.

And after drinking at the art museum (it was free beer night!  You can get a little jealous of that) I may have demanded McDonald’s, because they have monopoly right now.

I understand if you’re a little jealous because McDonald’s monopoly is super fun.  But don’t be.

1 in 4 wins my ass
That face sums up my feelings.  And my sobriety.

I’ve mentioned it before, but my house is full of apples.  Don’t get too jealous but in addition to snacking on apples the size of my face

I’ve been making things like caramel apple waffles

With oozy deliciousness on top

Apple pie, apple cake, apple waffles… It’s a tough life.

Don’t get too jealous, but I subbed at a Catholic school yesterday, and this is what greeted me at the teacher’s desk

Happy Monday to me! (yes, that’s from last week, but it hadn’t been flipped, so that’s what greeted me)

And then I taught about sin.

Not even kidding.

Don’t get too jealous guys, but in addition to teaching about sin, I get recess

And after school snacks

Grilled cheese with bacon.

(Dearest husband:  don’t get too jealous, but I cooked bacon and didn’t tell you.  Because I didn’t want to share.  Sorry!)

And, you ready to work really hard at not being jealous?

The husband and I went to a neighborhood meeting thang tonight and guess what I found

Oh yeah, Baker & Spice.

FREE Baker & Spice.

Community involvement is delicious.

I understand if you’re just a little jealous now.

What have you been up to that I should be a little jealous of?  (Besides Diana, who got a sparkly ring-I’m a little jealous of new diamonds!)

I live in Oregon

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know we drink our fare share of beer.

Possibly someone else’s fair share of beer as well.  Details.

But the thing is, I may be from Washington, but I live in Oregon now.  If you live in Oregon, it would be silly NOT to take advantage of the brewfests.  (Or the brewery open house where you get to drink FREE BEER FROM THE TANK).

And since we live in Oregon there are about 398403850948 fresh hop beers out right now.  So on Friday we went to a fresh hop “taste-ival”

We had a super balanced dinne-cheesesteak
And beer
(Side note-I love that we got real pint glasses at this.  Generally, beer fests give you plastic mugs, like the ones we got at Oktoberfest in Bend.  And you paid $5 for them, so you feel bad throwing them away.  So you save them, and then they only get used when you have small children over and need a plastic cup.  And then realize it looks pretty terrible to give a toddler a beer mug full of apple juice.)

We each had 8 tastes.  Which meant 16 different beers.  (well, 15 different ones, as my husband needed more than one taste from Double Mountain).

I’m horribly indecisive, and there were like 40 some beers there.  So I may have started picking out beers based on their names
I like puns.

(I really do like puns.  Terrible ones.  Sometimes when my husband is trying to go to sleep I start telling him jokes I make up.  Usually about cats.  “Where does the cat keep her wallet?”  “in a purr-se!” “What sort of boat does a cat have?”  “a CAT-amaran!”.  For some reason he doesn’t appreciate it.)

At the festival we met Patrick who blogs about beer and economics, and Jeff who writes Beervana.   Accidental blogger meetup.  Random.

Because we live in Oregon we also had some rain this weekend.

Which was the perfect excuse to bust out some comfort food
Creamy chicken stew, and biscuits.

So yummy, so yummy.

(too yummy in fact-I ate leftovers for lunch on Sunday, and couldn’t stop eating it.  Then felt less than awesome when we went on a run.  Way.  Too.  Full.  But worth it.)

We also had this girl visiting for the weekend


(If you haven’t been reading for a while, Shelby is my cousin’s dog.  She briefly was our dog because my cousin didn’t think they had enough time and attention for her.  But my cousin missed her too much, so she wasn’t ours for long)

So, I’m from Washington, which is why I love apples.  And I live in Oregon, so I drink (possibly too much) beer.  What eating habit can you blame on where you live or where you’re from?

Roughin’ It

This weekend, the husband and I went on a trip to Mt Hood.
Who can prevent forest fires?
We can prevent forest fires!

The husband had friday off (furlough day) so we got out of town for the night.  We originally were going to stay in a yurt.  You know, rough it a little.  (We lack things like sleeping bags and a tent to actually go camping).

But the yurts booked up.


We reallllllly roughed it

The husband had stayed at The Resort at the Mountain for a conference a few months ago, and they had ballin’ government rates.

So really, it was cheaper than buying a tent.   God wanted us to have running water.

We did pack a lunch for our first meal up there
Which we ate at Timberline Lodge.  I took a picture of our gorgeous lunch view, but it’s blurry.  Fail.

We had dinner at the Zigzag Inn.

I was amused by the little phone booth type thing there:


Zigzag is totally the name of the town.  I want to move there, just so my address will be Zigzag Oregon.

It was great!  We had stellar service.  See this pizza?
See how it has terrifying (if you’re my husband at least) mushrooms?

We ordered a pizza that normally has ’em, and asked for none on half.  The kitchen messed up and our waitress realized it when she set the pizza down.  We were fine with it (mushrooms are pretty easy to pick off) but she insisted on making us an extra pizza to take home.

I enjoy free food.

We also shared some lasagna
Soooo much more food than we needed!  (We had salad too.)

And we found a bear!
I have a thing for fake animals outside restaurants.  It’s not weird at all.

Plus, know how you can tell it was reallllly good?  We found this in the parking lot
Oh yeah.  We eat where the diplomats eat.

Thoughts on camping?  I really like the idea of it.  But I haven’t went since I was like, 14 or something.  We’re going in a few weeks.  We shall see how that goes.


See this?
It went into this
Happy happy Kalin.

And look guys!  I’ve been a real blogger

with raspberry jam, almonds, and brown sugahhh.  Heaven.

I’ve been working every day.  Madness.  We’re out of a lot of crucial things in this house (celery, hummus, crackers, you get the idea…) so I did something crazy

Sandwich for lunch!
With an apple
Because I am, after all, a teacher.

Lame post, yes.  But I’m getting ready to head off to the ‘hood and learn some second graders.

What are you doing for Memorial Day?  We’re going to surreal America for my bridal shower.  This is going to be our first time leaving Takeout, and we’re totally paranoid.  Which means we’re spending 45 bucks to board her somewhere, even though I had a ton of cat owners tell me she’d be fine on her own.
Could you leave this little bear-face without love for a weekend?  We clearly can’t.


There are things I am good at

Like making slightly weird, totally non-breakfast meals that are delicious


(that’d be mozzarella and asparagus in a whole wheat sub roll.  whatevs, it worked)

I’m good at finding a balance in life
Half a plate of biscuits and gravy with ham, half a plate of fruit with yogurt.  You need both.

I’m talented at making dinners I don’t have to share


Tofo = no hi to the fiance

But honestly, there are things I’m not so awesome at.

The other night, when we watched Duke win (Duke, btw, now my favorite team ever.  Mostly because the fiance won 300 bucks from his brackets) I made delicious dinner.  But, looking at the picture, presentation is not always a talent of mine

Fried okra (made it for the first time OH MY GOODNESS it was heaven), spinach, ribs, and beans.  The okra looks disgusting, I know.

Trust me, it was delicious.

Another thing I lack talent in?

Steak.  See, I like mine cooked to where it’s really really dead.  Some would call it burnt.  I know that not everyone wants their steak like that.  So while I ate the tofu above, I fed the fiance steak.  I tried to not overcook it?
I succeeded a little too much.  Blooood.  Gross.

I’m sorry for showing you that.

I’m even more sorry the fiance ate it all.

Now I’m off to work on one of my greatest talents


Red wine consumption.

Don’t tell me it’s not a talent.  Some days, it’s all I’ve got.

Green Juice

Green juice is good for you.

In our house, we use a locally grown green superfood for our green juice


Hops aren’t a superfood?


They are local-most of the hops in the US are grown in Oregon and Washington.  Local food is healthy.  Right?

In college we called beer “hop juice”.

This might have been because juice is something you have for breakfast.  Which made hope juice breakfast food.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I finished college.

It’s my Spring Break right now, so we started out our weekend with some juice
And on Saturday for breakfast we made good use of St Patrick’s leftovers

Corned beef hash = love.  Unless you’re my arteries.  I think they would use words besides love.
Then we worked in the yard and went to home depot.

Yeah, I’m old.

We got Subway on the way home.  I got a kids meal.
It’s my way of combating my middle aged status.  Or something.

And with our meal?

Hop juice!

After some more basket ball, and more yardwork, we were lazzzzy.

Takeout.  And more juice.
Post dinner, we went downstairs, and, well, this is what got polished off
But really, there was sunshine + march madness.  Those equal an awesome excuse to drink like you’re still in college.

Also, my alma mater’s need to suck in the tournament EVERY YEAR calls for drinking.

Jesus, I just realized I graduated college FOUR years ago.  I am OLD friends.  OLD.

Do you watch any of the tournament?   I just watch Gonzaga and tell them they’re going to choke.  Again.  I’m right, every year.