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The Terrorists Won.

Important recent things in my life:

1. Went to Walmart two days before Christmas.

The terrorists have won.

We don’t live near a Walmart, so we never go (I’m not above Walmart, let’s not lie. Sometimes a girl needs elastic waist pants. But I’m not going to drive a half hour for some)  and we’d forgotten the majesty that a SuperCenter can be

Yeah, that’s a woman with a bleached mullet in footie pajamas and fake uggs.

Seriously guys, the terrorists won.


2. Went to Bend because it’s awesome. Evidence:

beer + sandwich at GoodLife is $9 before 4 on weekdays. Good beer + a bacon panini. For cheap.  Love it.

(Andrea btw rocks at Bend beer recommendations.)


3. Justin Beiber wrapping paper.

It’s real.


4. Baby Brother got the best Christmas present EVER

you’re welcome Baby Brother.


5. It’s 2012. Bitches.

Healthy Holiday Living

In honor of it being almost Christmas, I thought I’d share some healthy living tips with you.  It seems to be the thing to do.

So here friends, is how I stay healthy at Christmas:

1.  I’m about 95% sure that elastic waist pants coming into style are proof God wants us to enjoy Christmas. Jeggings are like $15 at forever 21.  Give yourself a Merry Christmas
2.  Holiday drinking.  Do it.  If you do enough of it, you won’t care if your non-elastic waist pants fit!
3.  Winter is cold.  Embrace being part bear.  Know what bears do to be ready for the winter?  They eat.  Eating makes you less cold.  No one likes being cold.

4.  Worried about calories?  Make cookies with a small child.  Watching them pick their nose and then touch the cookies is a great appetite suppressant.
(Unless you’re me.  Then you still eat them.)

5.  Walking is exercise.  You have to walk when you’re shopping.  This means the more you shop, the healthier you’ll be!  If you finish shopping for others, get something for yourself.  Jeggings perhaps?

6.  Rather than getting a calorie filled peppermint mocha, get a plain latte, and sweeten it yourself.

(Source– although to be totally honest, there’s some in my house.  I’m just to lazy to go take a picture of it.)

With peppermint schnapps.

7.  Watching someone else put up Christmas lights can do a great job of raising your heart rate!

It’s like cardio, but without having to move!

8. Rock out.

Burns calories + everyone is full of schnapps so there’s no judging!

and finally….

9.  Don’t stress about it.  Stress gives you wrinkles.   I’d pick an extra 10 pounds over needing botox.
This concludes my one and only healthy living tips post.

You’re welcome.


I was going to call writing about Christmas good, till i realized I had this picture

The fiance and Baby Brother.  Separated at birth?

Let’s hope not, for my sake.

So I’m going to show you some last random pictures of my holiday.  What up random post!

I got a new toy for Christmas-an immersion blender!

(From my future sis in law.  Who also got me a huge baking with whole grains cookbook and some Bob’s Red Mill shiz.  The woman gives good gifts!)

I used it on some leftovers

That’d be broccoli, peas, and mashed sweet potatoes and rutabagas!  Mmmm giant plate of veggies.   I see a lot of blended things in my future.

Of course, my eating wasn’t all veggies.  There were also things like this

Cannoli from Costco!  What doesn’t Costco have, seriously?

Oh, and on awesome presents, check out what I got the fiance.

That’d be a beer fridge.  With the Oklahoma logo on it.  He’s already got it fully stocked.

He also made it his profile picture on facebook, so I’m engaged to a fridge.  Sweet.

We finally finished our longstanding craft project too

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink all of it.  My parents helped.  A lot.

Oh, and look how I made turkey stock

Little House on the Prairie yo.

That thing is, no joke, in my parents kitchen.  And it’s real.  How awesome is that?

Dose your fam have anything awesomely random in their house?

(Baby Brother, I can’t wait to see your answer on this…)

Christmas-y stuff

Ahh I haven’t blogged in forever!  Internet at the parents was slow, and I’m not patient.  So it just didn’t happen.

But wow, did you see the vlog by me and baby brother?

There’s a chance I don’t remember making some of that.

Besides drinking heavily, I did lots over Christmas.

I taught monster baby to give looks

See that “really?  really?  you’re at the door?” look?  It’s cause here’s a macbook and makeup brushes in auntie’s room, and she wants you to leave so she can play with them.

Baby brother

and I

made a gingerbread house

Everyone kept acting shocked that our house didn’t belong in suck town.  It made us sad.

Baby brother made the snowman

Baby brother decorates cakes.  That people pay for.

It shows.

If you look in the left corner on this picture?

That’s pasta.

We’re not perfect.

Does your family do gingerbread houses?

We used to do them all together, but this year everyone was scared to ruin the artistic vision of me and baby brother.

Or they were scared we’d throw powdered sugar on them.  Same thing.

a christmas vlog?

It isnt much of a vlog… but we had issues, and im too lazy to go through all the video to edit it together.  but here is a preview!

Merry Almost Christmas!

I’ll have a real post later… But right now I’m finishing up our Christmas cards (I am related to too many people.  Too many people who also live in Canada, and thus require extra postage.  Goodness)

So I thought I’d share with you our card and letter.

(To the silly picture Josh asked “can we put that on our card?”.   Then I told him if he wanted something else he’d have to find a serious picture of us.  And those tend to no exist.  Silly picture stayed)

The fiance decided we needed a letter.  And of course, left me to try and write it.  So, here you have my very first Christmas letter.  As a poem, because then it took up the whole page…

We trust that this letter finds you in good health and good cheer!
As you may know we’ve been busy this year.
In June to Kalin Josh did propose
And was thrilled to find his question not met with nos

We’re planning a wedding next year in July
We hope we’ll see you, and that’s no lie
(Yes, we need to mail out a save the date
Putting things off?  We both have that trait)

And while we’re excited to be husband and wife
That’s not the only big news in our life
In October we had a big move that made us both smile
As we knew we’d not repeat it for quite a long while

For we were moving in to the house we had bought
We’re getting settled in, and we like it a lot
Portland will now be our home for years and years
We love the trees, the people, not to mention the beers

Josh continues to work for the state
And believe it or not he thinks it’s quite great
To run regressions  and play with numbers he thinks is fun
And he really and truly loves making spreadsheets a ton

His weekends are now full of grown up stuff
Building a fence, cleaning gutters, but when he’s had enough
It’s football on TV, in his indoor shoes
(although his teams, well, they tend to lose)

The art of teaching, Kalin did master
And wishes Josh would fix the economy faster
But with no full time jobs in sight,
Subbing is certainly more than alright

She can see what schools are fun
(And from what schools she’d rather run)
When not working she’ll bake and she’ll cook
(and she’ll admit it, at bad reality tv she’ll look)

We sure hope you like our Christmas letter
(we also hope next year it’ll be a lot better)
So from Kalin and Josh Merry Christmas to you
And of course have a happy New Years too!

Merry (early) Christmas!  Consider this your card, cause I am out of stamps!

Do you send out cards?  Baby Brother and I used to do some together… I’ll have to see if I can find any of them.

Lunch with Dave

I’ve amazingly been able to keep my hands off the pumpkin bread today!

The same cannot be said for the lollipops….

I had a little bit of the qunioa from last night for a snack

And then went and bought far too many of these

Unpainted wooden ornaments.  I actually went to the store to get things to make an advent wreath.  But couldn’t find purple candles.

I have full intentions of painting them.  In a month when that’s not done and my Christmas tree is still bare, let’s not bring it up, ok?

Before I can paint them I have to do some real painting!  We are making some shelves downstairs, and I want to get a coat on them.  Work before play.  Lame. It’ll be nice to get that project done though.  There those metal things you put brackets in attached to the wall down there.  But we couldn’t find brackets to fit.  So the fiance tore them off, bought new ones, and lumber to make shelves.  And when he ripped them off he ripped off some paint, so we had to repaint that.  Lots of work we were not planning on.  Super useful when we’re done, but I’m not digging on having a project to do right now.

To prepare me for my painting my buddy Dave helped me make lunch

Grilled cheese is kinda amazing, and it’s even better with killer bread-you get some texture in there, which makes it way better than the normal stuff.

Do you do anything crafty for the holidays?  I like baking.  And then eating what I baked.  And I like the idea of doing other stuff… but I usually don’t get to it.