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One Month!

(see how i’m blogging regularly!  amazzzzing right?)

I’m sorry if this wedding takes over the blog… it’s taking over my brain!

One month from today is my wedding!  Crazy.  I’ve been engaged for over a year, and that felt like I had forever till the wedding.  Now?  It’s going FAST!

(from when we got engaged.  showin’ off my rock)

This weekend my oldest brother is coming to town

Next weekend, my other two brothers, plus my sis in law and niece are here, and my friend/maid of honor Callie is coming for my bachelorette.  Callie was responsible for this stellar engagement gift last year

Face cake.  Heck yes.

My bachelorette?  It’ll be us drinking and doing paint our own pottery.

We keep it mature.

Then, it’s 4th of July weekend… Which means drinking and fireworks with my family

A weekend off… And wedding weekend!   This is going to go fast!

Best planning I’ve done?


I might have two pairs now?

But look at these shoes I found yesterday

(from Zappos)

So, married blogger friends-how crazy am I going to get in the next month?

Unmarried blogger friends-I’m sorry if you hate wedding stuff!  You can be helpers by telling me your favorite cake! (cake + frosting combo).  I’m doing a small cutting cake (2 tier) plus cupcakes so I get to have LOTS of flavors!


…rounds up to dead

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I’m now 25.  25 rounds up to 50.  And 50?


it rounds up to dead.

I’m buying wrinkle cream tonight.

I got woken up on my birthday with these pretty flowers
Plus cupcakes
And diamonds.  In the form of earrings.

The fiance?  He’s a keeper.

The fiance offered to make me breakfast, but since we leave earrrrrly to take him to work (and his offer was for scrambled eggs… which are def not my favorite) I waited and made myself a birthday breakfast
Chocolate chip pancakes + strawberries + whipped cream + syrup = dessert.  But it’s ok because it was my birthday.  And I round up to dead anyways…

In the afternoon I made an amazing discovery
That is wine.

At a nail salon.

I love anywhere and everywhere that gives out free drinks.

I used to go to a waxing place that gave out free wine, but that makes sense since a glass of wine always makes me more willing to take my pants off in front of strangers…


The fiance and I went out for dinner at a place called Tabla.  They have a 3 course fixed price menu.  I adore fixed price menus as it means you HAVE to order multiple things.

I started with seared ricotta and nettle gnudi, with wild mushrooms
True story:  I won’t eat cheese on its own much.  But if you fry it so it’s crispy I wanna have its babies.

Then I had pasta with pork sugo
They make their own pasta I think.  It was amazzzing.  Not huge portions, sadly, as I could shove a lot of carbohydrates in my face given the chance.

Then I had farrotto primavera, which is farro (a grain) cooked risotto style.
It had asparagus and chevre.  Mmm. Carbs and cheese were clearly the theme of the night.

You could do a wine pairing with each course.

I clearly did.

The I came home and decided this was a good choice.
Also a good choice?

Taking advil before bed.  I’m getting too old to drink like this….

Happy Birthday!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  I made the brilliant choice to repaint a few rooms, and refinish some furniture, before the fiance’s mama came to visit.

(turns out that was a poor choice)

Plus, as an early birthday present to the fiance, this munchkin came into our home

(sad note-we don’t have Shelby anymore… We got her from my cousin because they didn’t think they could keep here anymore, but they missed her too much, so we let them have her back!)

Painting + kitten + trying to clean the house has made us pretty busy

But Takeout is a fun little monster

Cats are not smart.  But they’re cute

And as I said, it was an early birthday gift because today the fiance turns 27.

He’s old.

So Happy Birthday to my stylish



Future husband.

Happy Birthday baby!

Baby brother has promised a post where he COOKS soon!


There are things I am good at

Like making slightly weird, totally non-breakfast meals that are delicious


(that’d be mozzarella and asparagus in a whole wheat sub roll.  whatevs, it worked)

I’m good at finding a balance in life
Half a plate of biscuits and gravy with ham, half a plate of fruit with yogurt.  You need both.

I’m talented at making dinners I don’t have to share


Tofo = no hi to the fiance

But honestly, there are things I’m not so awesome at.

The other night, when we watched Duke win (Duke, btw, now my favorite team ever.  Mostly because the fiance won 300 bucks from his brackets) I made delicious dinner.  But, looking at the picture, presentation is not always a talent of mine

Fried okra (made it for the first time OH MY GOODNESS it was heaven), spinach, ribs, and beans.  The okra looks disgusting, I know.

Trust me, it was delicious.

Another thing I lack talent in?

Steak.  See, I like mine cooked to where it’s really really dead.  Some would call it burnt.  I know that not everyone wants their steak like that.  So while I ate the tofu above, I fed the fiance steak.  I tried to not overcook it?
I succeeded a little too much.  Blooood.  Gross.

I’m sorry for showing you that.

I’m even more sorry the fiance ate it all.

Now I’m off to work on one of my greatest talents


Red wine consumption.

Don’t tell me it’s not a talent.  Some days, it’s all I’ve got.


Last year was my first Easter not at home. And, I realized the other day that since last year on Easter my old camera (before the current broke-face one) was broken, I had Easter pictures on my phone to share!

I probably should learn to be nicer to my cameras, huh?


The fiance was, at the time, simply the boyfriend.  He lived in a studio apartment, I lived in a crazy duplex (the fridge door fell off the first week I lived there) with two other girls.  And I was finishing up student teaching in the projects, writing my work sample, and BSing my way through action research.

This was the first real holiday I’d had on my own.  It was  learning experience.

I hate hardboiled eggs.  I’m not a big egg person in general.  But I was quite insistent on dying eggs.
The fiance made ones with Weezer logos.  He does that to anything he can.  I’ve learned to accept it, because it’s basically never going to change.
I did learn something no one had taught me in my childhood
Drinking totally helps.

My mom sent us little beach buckets filled with stuff (because she knew I was already doing some real baskets)
We got toys from her
(I also learned that things like making me an Easter basket do not occur to the fiance at all.  This year, he bought me clothes.  And said I can put them in my basket if I want.  I like Ann Taylor and all, but it’s no Cadbury mini eggs)

When we went to Easter morning mass I learned that saying things like “I’m going to dress up for church today” (we’re generally jeans to church type of people) does not translate to my fiance as “YOU should dress up too”, and he stared at me when we got to church and asked “why didn’t you tell me not to wear jeans?”

Lesson learned.  Hinting never works.

I made Easter dinner.
It was lamb meatballs, couscous, and asparagus.  One thing I learned in childhood-when asparagus is in season, eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

(also, if you look closely, there’s totally a Christmas stocking up.  Awesome)

I tried to give the fiance some taziki on it.  But he saw me grating cucumber.  That was a a no… I’m still learning how to make him eat.

What’s the first holiday you did not at home?

He’s a keeper

I’m done with my week of teaching!  I’ll be back to that school in a few weeks to do a full week for another teacher though… they’re going to be sick of me!  🙂

The school is kinda on the edge of downtown, and street parking has a 2 hour limit.  So teachers park “hobo style” (I was told that when I asked where to park when I started) under a bridge, down the street from the school.
Sometimes, there are people sleeping on the grass.  Makes life more exciting.

God did not want me to have a smoothie today (we were out of milk, barely had any yogurt, almost out of spinach, out of protein powder… )

But I won.
POM (which makes delicious smoothies!), frozen raspberries (grown by my parents!), the last of the yogurt, spinach, flax, chia seeds, ice.

And, um.

Coffee creamer.

Whatever, it tasted good.  (And my creamer has a whole 4 ingredients so it’s not the crazy chemical stuff)

Last night for dinner, the fiance cooked!

When we first started dating he made me dinner.  He cooked up some ground turkey and added a packet of taco seasoning.  And put it on a pita.  When I stared he added salsa.  No veggies, no sides.  Just a pita full of taco meat.

(He still maintains that was an excellent dinner)

He feels bad that I do all the cooking though (he does the dishes, so I’m more than ok with cooking-I hate dishes!) , and wanted to make dinner at some point.  I introduced him to a friend of lazy cooking
I adore the crockpot.  And it’s hard to screw things up, or burn them.

He browsed through the crockpot blog and decided on Pesto Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

And because I have to make something I made us salad
(If you add some fresh squeezed lemon to a caeser dressing it’s way tastier, and less oily and fatty. win win)
It was yummy!
And he STILL did the dishes
He’s a keeper!

And I thanked him by making milkshakes for bed dinner!
(That one’s mine-it’s vanilla ice cream with POM instead of milk… So good!  Also, if you look carefully, it’s all stuck up top cause I made it thick-it’s not nearly enough to fill the mug.

Do you use a crockpot?


We just got back from Hood River a couple hours ago.  What a great weekend!

One of the fiance’s favorite beers is Full Sail’s Session.  Based mostly on the fact that they’re located in Hood River we made a trip there last year, and realized the whole town is pretty amazing.

The best part about going on President’s Day weekend is that across the state it was Zwickelmania.  Which is a big crazy word for Saturday being a day full of breweries doing tours and special tastings.

We started at Double Mountain because last year we missed their tour.

Of course, we couldn’t do a tour without some beer in our tummies
Helpful note friends:  ABV means alcohol by volume.  So, if you order a beer and the sign says 10+ ABV you get a sweet goblet of beer instead of a glass so that you don’t get too crunk.

It was a delicious brown.  I have no regrets.  The fiance got their IRA, which he loved.

And we had pizza
Which is cooked in a 700 degree brick oven.  Delicious.

We had a little extra time before our tour, so we split a nitro pale
Nitros use nitrogen rather than CO2 to propel it from the keg.  It was crazy-there was a definite difference.  Not better or worse, but different.  See how creamy the top looks?

And then the tour.  Oh my lord.

Our tour guide who is also a Co-Owner of the brewery, Charlie, led us into the back and instructed everyone to grab a pint glass.  He then showed us how to pour glasses out of a couple of the tanks

Possibly the coolest thing ever.

It was a nice tour-really low key, getting to ask all sorts of questions and see how the beer gets made.  While drinking free beer.

I also met Diana’s twin on our tour there too.  Before this girl told me her name she told me her favorite thing in the world was good food.

At 3:55 me, the fiance, Diana’s twin, and Diana’s twin’s boyfriend realized it was 5 minutes until the last tour of the day at Full Sail.  We looked at each other, looked at our beers, and then all simultaneously chugged while we ran to the door.

Full Sail is a bigger brewery.  It’s avialable in pretty much every state west of the Mississippi, and next month they’re taking over another building, which means they’ll be able to produce even more

The tanks they have are huge
No, SERIOUSLY huge.  See where the words are compared to our guide?

We got to hear about the bottling line

And see how even though they make a ton of beer, the recipes are still hand written, and done by people, not machines

People seem to like their beer

Our tour ended with a sample of a dark beer, plus chocolate

So if you’re keeping track, I had one super boozy beer, half a pizza, half a normal beer, far too many samples from the tank, more samples, and chocolate.  And this was all before 5 pm…

Hood River is my favorite.

Do you have any places near you that you like to go to?  I’m not a fan of driving, but I love that the Oregon Coast and Hood River are both only about an hour from us.