2 years

Last night was me and the fiance’s 2 year anniversary.

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know he and I met as roommates when I first moved to Portland.

Two years ago we gave up trying to not date and went out for dinner.

Last year on our anniversary he was super sick.

This year he was only a little sick.

Commitment is making him less ill as time goes on I guess?

We went to Three Square Grill for dinner.  It’s really close to our house, so that dinner wasn’t too crazy for sick face.  We’d been there for brunch before, but not dinner.  We were amazed at how packed it was, but they were just in the paper… (The fiance, btw, had never heard of Matzo ball soup before last night… I think I should’ve explained before we ordered, because he seemed a little sad once he heard what it was and realized what he was missing out on).

We started with bread and buttahhh

And wine.  Shocking, right?

And then we got the most insane amazing appetizer EVAH

(Terrible picture, but we were excited to eat!)

Hush puppies, fried okra, and fried house made pickles with jalepeno jelly (that I think was also house made).  Good.  Freakin.  Lord.  Amazinnnng.

(Also, fun note; I student taught in the neighborhood we live in now.  While we were eating one of my students from last year came in with his family and sat next to us.  Which was was awesome just in and of itself.  Then he got a pickle and his dad said they were homemade.  The little boys eyes got HUGE and he asked “homemade?!” before taking a giant bite.  I think he was more excited about the pickle than anything else on his plate)

We shared two entrees; Grilled salmon with aoli, crispy leeks, and hoppin’ johns (delicious black eyed pea thangs)

And a cassoulet (which is a bean stew sorta thang) with duck sausage, beef, and pork

I ended up eating most of the salmon, and the fiance ate the cassoulet.  Both were fantastic.

And because he loves me (and didn’t realize Food Front sold flowers) the fiance had some dessert from Baker & Spice at home for us

Flourless chocolate cake, a vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream, and a whoopie pie.

What can I say?  There’s a reason I’ve kept him around the past two years…


20 responses to “2 years

  1. Happy Anniversary girl!! I’d be your fiance if I got to have fried pickles and cupcakes…yum.

  2. Congrats on 2 years!

  3. aw, happy anniversary! homemade jalapeno jelly? yum.

  4. Congrats you two!

    That’s awesome about seeing the student from your days of student teaching. How fun is that?

    Dude, I’d keep him around too if he brought me desserts like those. DAMN!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! That appetizer looks insane. My husband and I would LOVE it!

  6. I love matzoh ball soup! mmm

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Happy anniversary! Looks like an awesome celebration. 🙂

  8. so sweet. especially the 3 desserts. smart guy!!!

  9. Aw, happy anniversary! Those desserts look divine!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! The desserts are 10000x better than flowers!

  11. fun! happy anniversary 🙂

  12. Happy aniversary! Great dessert choices

  13. You guys are a really fantastic couple. Congratulations!

  14. you always say “met as roommates” when really it was “you responded to his craigslist personal ad”

  15. I knew Baker and spice was gonna have a shout out sooner or later! The food looks so good!!! Portland has to have delicious eats! And roomies becoming LOVAHS soo scandaleous

  16. Hooray, happy anniversary!

    I think the cupcake looks the most delish. 🙂

  17. Congrats!!! Happy two years!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I like your goals- keeping them healthy is kind of a good goal!

    He’s definitely a keeper with the dessert display!

  19. Happy Anniversary loves!!!!!!

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