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Very Important

I’m kind of a big deal guys.

It’s true. A local fast food chain said so.

(What? I’m a substitute teacher. I’ll take any semblance of importance I can get!)

Burgerville is a local chain. They’re fast food, but with an emphasis on local, sustainable, and in season. They do giveaways on facebook every so often for Very Important Fans. And I WON.

Well, me and 149 other people.


I got free Burgerville.

And they called me important.

And the free food came on a day when I had some medical stuff done and wasn’t feeling 100%. Free food = no guilt over being too lazy to make dinner!

Right now their seasonal sandwich is a roasted portobello focaccia sandwich.

Love my friends. Love. Big ol’ roasted mushroom with onions and sun dried tomatoes on delicious bread.
Weirdly enough, my husband didn’t try any. Shocking.

We shared a berry smoothie
(Hint for my Oregon readers: the smoothies and the shakes taste identical. One’s made with yogurt and one with soft serve. My husband and I have ordered the same flavor in a shake and a smoothie and not been able to tell the difference. But a smoothie has like half the calories.)

Burgerville shakes are supah thick
I’m realizing how many dirty things I could say to follow that line.  Holding it in.

My husband had a bacon cheeseburger
He was happy.

So happy he even shared his fries with me!

Also making me feel important? Getting gorgeous ValentinesPhotobucket

It’s from my darlin’ friend Liz, who is super talented and made it herself.

Not only can she make pretty things, she’s getting married and my valentine was asking me to be a bridesmaid!

Don’t worry Liz, I already have the perfect outfit

We’ll have yours redone in white.



In celebration of 6 months of wedded bliss

We added into our house baby Bliss!
Takeout is currently very suspicious.
Let’s hope the love grows!

“Cinderella Get Married”

So, earlier this week, one of our groomsmen IMs me, asking if we ever got our pro wedding pics, as he hasn’t seen them.

(That, clearly, was my fault, as I thought, you know, my husband would share them.  Which he would.  When he remembered.  Somewhere around our third anniversary)

And that made me realize I’ve never put the pictures up on here!

Sorry if you’re sick of wedding stuff!  I wanna share 🙂

Pictures were done by the lovely Smita and her assistant

She was absolutely lovely-I actually went to high school with her.  She’s clearly magic, as we got this picture of my parents

My mommy hates her picture being taken, so it’s hard to find smiling pics of her.  Magic.

In real life, my church isn’t so pretty.  But I think it looks pretty rad in pictures

If you were to find one picture of the day that was the most me, I think this is it

THE ELEPHANT SLIDE!  This was in the park when I was little.  I got way too excited when we found it.

My husband and I both tend to make faces in pictures.  Which means I have a lot of wedding photos like this one

Serious wedding photos are for serious people.

That, clearly, is a giant fish.  That we’re sitting on.

You may think “oh look, a picture of the guys”

Except this was what you saw from the back

My mom just about died laughing at it.

Overall the boys just had a little too much fun in the park

We girls took prettier pictures

And we did manage some normal pictures too

One of the flower girls was…. helping my face be pretty?  Who knows

This was spontaneous “let’s twirl together” adorableness

It made my ovaries melt a little bit.

My maid of honor pointed out in this picture

If you look closely, she and Liz (in the black dress and the red dress, respectively) are so not excited about the idea of catching a bouquet.

My husband clearly was excited to leave…

You’d think we hadn’t been living together for the past year…

And we now live happily ever after…

The End

(well, the end of the wedding pics at least)

The Best Wedding Gift

Guys, I’ve been an old married lady for a whole month now!

(Yes, Baby Brother, I’ve been old for far longer)

Getting married means you get lots of fun new things.  You also get two crockpots you didn’t register for, but that’s beside the point.

I have a food processor now, and it’s become what was missing in my life.  We’re besties.  It makes me banana soft serve
And also makes me pie crust.  To fill with pudding and strawberries
Or more banana soft serve!

We  also got a picnic basket and blanket
And used them to have a picnic a few weeks ago
(guac = food processor.  pesto on the pasta salad = food processor.  cookie = mixer.  love the new toys)

But…..today I got to use the thing I’d been most excited about using since tying the knot.

New dishes?  A mixer?  Large checks foolishly made out only to me and not my husband?

Nope friends, I was using THIS
True story:  I haven’t had health insurance in over a year.  I’d been staying healthy the old fashioned what since finishing grad school.  You know, doing things like eating my veggies, taking my vitamins, and driving across state lines for allergy meds.

But now friends I can sky dive and eat candy for breakfast!

Know what I got at the doctors?

Prescription headache meds!  For a DOLLAR!  Health insurance rocks!
(Also, how big is Takeout now?  Unreal.  She’s 5 1/2 pounds now.  When we brought her home she was 1 1/2 pounds!)

So friends, what’s your favorite kitchen appliance?

And let’s be honest…. when was the last time you saw a doctor?


When we booked our honeymoon, it was still more or less winter in Portland.

It was also the end of May.

I hate you Portland weather.

Sunshine sounded like the best choice EVER.

Then it finally started getting nice, and I wondered if I would still be as excited about Hawaii.

The day we left?

Portland wanted to make sure I really appreciated Hawaii.

I mean, we went from that to these views

Diamond head to our left

Ala Mona to the right

And Waikiki in the middle.

Redic, right?

(Room itself?  Not so fancy.  But the views?  Amazzzzing)

We were on the 37th floor of this thang

Once we checked in, we walked around a bit and found…

Umbrella drinks!  For $3.50!

The fiance My husband (totally just typed fiance there.  Still getting use to this!)  tried to be a man or something, and had a beer

Silly choice.

I mean, my drink came with pineapple.  I got a snack AND booze.

And it cost less.

Winner winner pineapple dinner.

The next day we hiked Diamond Head

This sign there amused me

Confusing fact:  Diamond Head looks remarkably like Surreal America.

Seriously.  Weird.

But there were cool trees

We don’t have trees in Surreal America

Like seriously, we don’t.  Shrub-Steppe ecosystem yo.

Married people, were did you go on your honeymoon?  Singles, where do you want to go?

I totally wanted France, but Josh had to be back at work last week.  And trying to do anywhere in Europe for only a couple days would be lame, you know?

Final Wedding Post

(ok that’s a lie, I get my pro pictures soon… we haven’t heard the last of my wedding)

The reception was great…. It was at the community center, which is in the middle of a park.  So we took pictures all over the park and people rode around in the trolley, and then it was time to go inside to the AC.

Sweet, beautiful AC.  I love you.

Our best man’s speech involved talking about how about a week after we met (Husband and I met as roommates) we figured out we wanted to date

…then my dad got up for his toast

“One week, huh?”

Sorry daddy!

I just want to show off the awesome that was my uncle’s attire

Yeah, that’s an orange Harley shirt, paired with Wranglers.  And a little bit of a mullet.  (He’s also the grandfather of the older flower girl, being held by her grandma in that picture)

My brother-made cupcakes + a cutting cake

The topper made us think of Portland, which is why we picked it.

(Did you know they make pregnant bride cake toppers? NOT KIDDING)

Oh, on the subject of brothers, I should point out I have not one

Not two

But THREE brothers

All of whom were awesome helpers at my wedding.

Anyways…. We cut the cake

And guys, here’s the saddest part of my wedding-that little bite the bride and groom feed each other?  That is the ONLY CAKE I ATE ALL NIGHT.

I’m a little ashamed, not going to lie.

I rocked out with my flower girls

My bouquet was caught by someone I’ve know seriously as far back as I can remember.  We went to both pre school and college together

(fun fact:  my hair doesn’t so much like to hold a curl in general.  getting sweaty taking pictures = straight hair.  so I just rocked the veil all night.  it worked)

And at the end of the night…. we went to a bar

(Hi Liz!   Everyone, it’s Liz’s birthday!  Happy quarter century ex-wife!  Go tell her happy birthday!)

And…. somewhere in there, this happened

Leading to the first time of many that I’ve said “I married you.  Willingly.  I married you.”

And my dear darling husband has just laughed.

Wedding, Take 2

Day of the wedding, some members of the wedding party were super excited

That’d be one of my flower girls, passed out in a pew at the church.  About half an hour before the ceremony.

Wedding started… Josh walked his mommy to her seat

Thankfully by this time we had two conscious flower girls.  Who were fairly convinced this was their show.

Direct quote from the older one “We all look like princesses!”

They’re 2 and 3 (and the 2 year old had her birthday like, three days before the wedding).  I was skeptical they’d make it down.  But they did.

Upon reaching the front the older one announced “Now I pick them up!” and started retrieving her petals.

Like I said, it was their show.

This was a good thing because I was just starting down

and I’m totally a crier.  Laughing at the flower girl trying to refill her basket helped stop that a little.

We did our thang

It was a Catholic wedding.  This means several things:  no playing Here Comes the Bride, no saying “who gives this woman”, you don’t say “I do”, and they don’t pronounce you man and wife.   Watch for it next time you’re at a Catholic wedding.

Then we peaced out

Signed the papers so we were, you know, legally married and stuff, and made our getaway

And guess what time it was

Time to start drinking, clearly.

The guy from the trolley had asked me if I wanted sparkling cider or champagne.

Is that even a question?

Poor flower girl had to settle for water.   You can tell she thought that was lame.

But the trolley was fun

And, clearly, badass

Then we took a million and three pictures in the park with our photographers, and it was reception time