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Guess what I did this weekend friends?

I ran a half!

Well, kinda.

See, Saturday morning we had Foot Traffic U, and ran 10 miles
(It was hot. There were hills. So “run” might mean “we walked an entire mile in the middle”. Whatevs.)

It was hot here. And humid. I’m a desert animal, and humidity makes me hate the world.

We went home and made some breakfast
(The bagel, the sausage, and the ham are all from Costco. We have issues)

(We ate outside despite being sweaty messes. You gotta enjoy the sun when it’s here.)

and I iced my knees
So that I’d be ready for my 5k that night

Because 5ks are awesome 10 mile chasers right?

I was a run buddy for Girls on the Run. Our practice 5k was in late April, and it was WET. So it’s only fitting that the real one was the hottest day Portland has had so far this year.

(I’m honestly in this pic. I swear. Look towards the middle-see the super long brown hair? Me.)

We did the Starlight run, which goes before the Starlight Parade and follows the parade route. This means you get lots of people cheering for you, which is rad. My girl’s family showed up I think 4 or 5 times along our route screaming for her. Also rad.

We had good intentions of going to watch some of the parade, but running the route it was super crowded. And running 13 miles meant I needed a beer
I left the race bib on because I figured it made it look like there was at least a vague reason I was in a bar looking a sweaty mess in my running shorts.

After my beer I was still hungry, so we went to Hot Lips
And because I’m part hungry caterpillar, I was STILL hungry. So we went to Plaid Pantry
I eat a balanced diet.

Real half is less than a month away!

Spring Break

Hey friends, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

This week in Oregon it’s Spring Break.

So we’ve been getting wild and crazy at the Eating Machine household.

Well, so long as taking out a wall and making a new one falls under “wild and crazy” in your world
My parents were here for a few days, helping with this. Which means the wall will stay up, and my dad has probably given my husband about a dozen new ideas for tools he “needs”.

But there’s more storage in my house now! That’s pretty crazy.

Before my parents got here I got an email with this picture from my mom
The lighter colored things? Whole chickens. That’s an intense amount of meat.

My husband was very sad that we had to have BBQ for dinner
I think it also added “smoker” onto the list of things he needs.

I wasn’t complaining either though
And, in a predictable move, guess what we took my parents out for?

Oh yeah. Pizza and beer.
Jalapenos, smokey bacon, red onion, and spicy chipotle sauce? Yes please.

But because it’s Spring Break I got all sorts of crazy and had wine instead of beer
Sharing wine called dominatrix with your mom. Not awkward.

Did you do wild and crazy things for spring break in college?

Not going to lie, despite the general perception that I was about 2 drinks from rehab I never did.

Unless visiting your grandma in Canada counts. Then I was a party animal!

It’s a Fact

Fact: Pizza for date night may not be romantic, but it is delicious, and becoming a habit

Fact: Since this pizza (Which was amaaazing and garlicy) is from Hot Lips, and Hot Lips is into sustainable and local the pizza was healthy.

Fact: I should never become a nutritionist.

Fact: I ordered a beer called “Girl Beer”
I felt a little lame when I realized it was called that. But at least it wasn’t pink.

(And yes, pink beer exists. Lookin’ at you McMinnamins)

Fact: If you take me to Cool Moon I will try a million flavors

(that one was gingersnap cookies and cream!)

because there are a million to try
but I will always get cinnamon because I have a crush on cinnamon
Fact: writing about food when you haven’t had breakfast yet means you apparently start to have romantic feelings for things you eat. Awkward.

Sad Fact: I worked at Baskin Robbins for years and years.
(yes, Baby Brother and I were coworkers) And while it didn’t make me hate ice cream, it means I have a clear limit where I have to stop or I wanna puke (about 5 ounces-and yes, I can tell approximate weight by looking at the scoops. Not weird). So I had to toss some of the ice cream. And then cry. A lot.

Fact: I went hiking


Fact: Baby Brother says silly things like “it’s not hiking if it’s in your neighborhood”

Fact: if you’re surrounded by trees and cross multiple creeks, it’s hiking. And Baby Brother is full of crap.

It’s a fact.

Date Night

I’m a good wife sometimes.

After sushi for dinner Friday?

I asked the husband if he wanted some Lucky Lab on Saturday.

It was one of those moments where he realized why he married me.

Lucky Lab is a local brewery and pizza spot.

Beer and pizza would be my husband’s dinner every night if it weren’t for his mean mean wife who makes him do things like eat vegetables. So going to Lucky Lab = perfect date night for him.

We live a bit over a mile from a Lucky Lab. Which means it’s walkable. Which means we can get crunk.

Well, as crunk as one can  get in Southwest Portland at least….

Since we walked we figured we should have a drink at a little bar-ish spot nearby  called Journey’s first

It happens.

Then on to Lucky Lab.

The paintings had a business card for “pet portraits in oil” under them. I’m so demanding a picture of the cats for my birthday.

We had a salad

because salad is good for you! It balances out your giant amazing pizza
This sucker has spicy sauce. It’s heaven.

It’s hard to guess which side was mine, right?

And on way out we found RED VINES
Why are red vines so good? I don’t understand.

Know what happens when you’re a good wife? The next day your husband buys you new shoes!

I’ve gotta make a plan for next weekend. I want new jeans too.


Tramps like Us…

…baby we were born to runnnn?
I’ve never been a runner.

Honestly, I’ve never been any sort of athlete.

Unless drinking became a sport and I missed it.  In which case I am an ELITE athlete.

But there have been some mentions lately about running on here.  (like when i ran on vacation last month).  And more if you follow me on twitter.

Yeah, the husband and I started running.

And today?

It was our first 5k.

We got up, had breakfast

And packed some fruit snacks

For the road.

Ready to rock this shiz

But see, we live in Portland.  It rains here.  A lot.

Before we left I looked at the weather.  Our race was at 9 am.  The internets told me 100% chance of rain.


We took the bus downtown.  Walking the 6 blocks from the bus to the start soaked my shorts


Thankfully Baby Jesus loves us, and when it was time to line up the sun came out!

We rocked through our 3.1 miles.  After about 2 miles I realized the puddle I’d stepped in getting off the bus was becoming an awesome blister. Fun!

But we finished.  The clock said 36 minutes as we crossed the finish.

Seeing as how we’d been doing 2 mile runs, I was just amazed we made it. Let alone done 12 minute miles.

Races in Portland mean refreshments

If you watch, not everyone wants their two free beers either.  You can end up with a lot of beers. Whoops.

There was food too.

Healthy, healthy food.

Life, my friends, is all about balance.

(let’s not argue about if 3 miles of running *actually* balances out several beers, pizza, and wings, ok?  We’ll just pretend it does)

If was an awesome run.

And, when we went to look at the results, we found out our chip time was…. 34 minutes!

Redic.  Absolutely redic.

It’s a good day.

And in a month and a half Baby Brother is coming to visit and do another 5k with us!