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Hi Friends!

Remember when I used to post about food? Instead of running and my bike and Sarah Palin?

Me neither.

Honestly, I’ve been lazy, and haven’t been cooking much. Unless making sad faces at one’s husband until he takes you out for dinner counts as cooking. Then I’m Julia Child.

But I have an hour to spare before we go to a BBQ, and I actually made some food today, so I’m going to share!

Tomorrow is our half (yikes!) and I’m a little paranoid about having food I wanna eat at this BBQ, so here’s what I spent an hour doing this afternoon:

I got some hummus made

plated up with veggies (I blanched the broccoli. Raw broccoli isn’t my fav. Blanch it? Suddenly I wanna eat a pound)

Then I made pesto
(If you adore fresh basil Trader Joe’s has fantastic potted basil plants for like $3. I buy them every summer, and then revel in my ability to eat the most pesto ever for months on end)

Mixed up the pesto with bowties and tomatoes
And because clearly that isn’t nearly enough to bring, I chopped up some watermelon
Watermelon is delicious. My husband hates it. I’ve tried, I can’t eat an entire watermelon myself. Well, I can, but it’s a poor choice. So I was excited for an excuse to buy one.

And because I love America, themed foods, and sugar, I made these strawberries.

Have a fantastic 4th! When you wake up late enjoying your Monday off tomorrow, think of my 6:45 am start time!



So, remember when I blogged on a regular basis?

Nah, me neither.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! In addition to my birthday, it was also my husband’s! His comes 9 days before mine. To celebrate our birthdays, we had a super romantic dinner.

And by super romantic I mean beer dinner!

There are lots of brewmaster dinners around town. Usually they’re expensive and involve fancy food.

We’re cheap. And decidedly not fancy. So we never go. But, this month there was one at a BBQ spot.
Beer and ribs?

My husband died and went to heaven.

The dinner was at Podnah’s Pit in NE Portland, with beer from the always amazing Double Mountain.

Lots of beers to choose from
and it was all you can drink. For real.

There were house cured meats and pickles and things to start

Followed up with a wedge salad
This was delicious. Like, ridiculously good. It had blue cheese dressing. I hate blue cheese, and I still cleaned by plate. That good.

Then… the main attraction

So many sides
Which were delicious (the beans? Amaaaaazing) but did get in the way of the most important thing

The meats
Ribs, brisket, chicken, smoked prime rib, and hot links.

I died. Meat heaven. The brisket was possibly the best thing ever.

We left with bellies full of beer and beef, plus a doggy bag. Happy Birthday to us!

Spring Break

Hey friends, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

This week in Oregon it’s Spring Break.

So we’ve been getting wild and crazy at the Eating Machine household.

Well, so long as taking out a wall and making a new one falls under “wild and crazy” in your world
My parents were here for a few days, helping with this. Which means the wall will stay up, and my dad has probably given my husband about a dozen new ideas for tools he “needs”.

But there’s more storage in my house now! That’s pretty crazy.

Before my parents got here I got an email with this picture from my mom
The lighter colored things? Whole chickens. That’s an intense amount of meat.

My husband was very sad that we had to have BBQ for dinner
I think it also added “smoker” onto the list of things he needs.

I wasn’t complaining either though
And, in a predictable move, guess what we took my parents out for?

Oh yeah. Pizza and beer.
Jalapenos, smokey bacon, red onion, and spicy chipotle sauce? Yes please.

But because it’s Spring Break I got all sorts of crazy and had wine instead of beer
Sharing wine called dominatrix with your mom. Not awkward.

Did you do wild and crazy things for spring break in college?

Not going to lie, despite the general perception that I was about 2 drinks from rehab I never did.

Unless visiting your grandma in Canada counts. Then I was a party animal!

Pulled Pork

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a recipe!

I am not much of a pork eater.

I’m not much of an eater of any meat that requires me to use a knife to cut it.  I have meat issues.

But slow cooked super tender pork?  I have learned that is delicious.  And Lisa blogged about eating some last week the night I was making this.  So I figured it should share!

We got a recipe for pork rub from my husband’s boss.  I then proceeded to make it very different, because that’s what I do.  But the one thing I did keep is the little bit of cinnamon.  It gives the meat a fun little sweetness, but it’s not overwhelming.

For the rub you just mix:

  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 1 t salt
  • 1/2 t smoked paprika
  • 1 1/2 t  cumin
  • 1 t chili powder or red pepper

Ideally you wanna put this on the meat the night before, so that it soaks up the flavors and and gets delicious.  This is enough for 1-2 lbs of meat.  To cook it you have two options; crockpot or oven. I usually do the oven, but either way works. If you’re doing it in the slow cooker it wouldn’t hurt to double the spices.

If you do the oven you wrap the pork in foil and cook at at 300 for abou 3 hours.  If you do it this way, put a pan under the meat in case your foil wrapping skills are less than stellar (like mine!)

In the crockpot simply put it on low, add enough liquid to cover (I used beer, if you’d rather you can use stock), and leave it for at least 6 hours.
Either way when the meat can get pulled apart with a fork (no knives friends, no knives) it’s good to go.

We like to mix it with BBQ sauce.  BBQ sauce is one of the things where I’m lazy and buy it.  It’s cheap (especially in the summer-I think I paid 50 cents a bottle for this?), yummy, and sometimes you gotta be lazy.
It also has HFCS.  Details.

We eat it on buns
Or make nachos.  Either way, it’s delicious.

This sauce has a nice smokiness, and the smoked paprkia adds in more smokiness.  So you ge the wonderful smokiness of BBQ without buying your husband the $800 smokers they have on roadshow at Costco.

What’s your favorite way to eat pork?

I put my hands up, they playin’ my song

it’s a party in the USA

Hello from surreal America, or should I say surreal ‘MERRICA [please note that when saying ‘MERRICA it is very important to yell it, loudly]. Dont worry we will get back to this ‘MERRICA thing in a second.

Things I have been really good at so far this year? Going to starbucks.

[star= went to starbucks, multiple star= went to starbucks more then once that day. oops.  oh and dont worry i went monday and today… it just hasnt updated it online yet]

Big Sister:  um, how are there days withOUT stars?  That’s what I’m wondering…

Things I havent been good at this year? Writing blogs that arent me sneaking into pictures with Mama Pea. So here we go, a blog by me that is actually about food!

DUDE BABY BROTHER!  When you come to PDX next month we can go visit Mama Pea!

[this is where we get back to ‘MERRICA] I dont know if any of you are privileged enough to have a Famous Dave’s BBQ near you, but I sure do. This is a BBQ place that serves a giant meal on a garbage can lid. Also, on the wall has a sign that says this “At famous dave’s 3 little pigs isnt a nursery rhyme, it’s the appetizer” Needless to say, my family got the $70 of food piled on a garbage can lid.

i know its a bad phone pic, but it was lots of good healthy food. i promise, like ribs, corn, corn bread, and lots lots more. also you can see monster baby eying it in the corner.

Big Sister says:  what are those round things?

Also, why do we not go there when I’m in town?  Then we could have enough people to get TWO garbage can lids

it was very good! gotta love surreal america.

looking through my pictures i remembered why i am so bad at blogging, i always forget to take pictures of my food, i do however take pictures when i build armies of clowns…

so not creepy, i think eating machine should have a clown themed wedding. instead of an mc or dj, hire a clown. instead of a limo, get a clown car. and instead of a cake, GET BR CLOWN CONES. She doesnt like my idea though. 😦

No, no I don’t.

[as i mentioned in my last post, I like to make friends! SO you should sooo follow me on the twittter! you wont regret it. i promise. my tweets are pretty damn entertaining. ok maybe they are boring, but you can still follow me @baby_brother]

Makin’ it for a MAN

Every now and then, I like to be a good (future) wifey, and make the fiance a proper, honey-you’re-makin-it-for-a-MAN style dinner.  (I’m not the only one!)

Last night was one of those nights.

We had BBQ pulled pork

(On homemade buns!  This was my first time doing that, and I gotta say, they were pretty good)

Plus corn and oven fries

And beer

(The fiance’s is actually a microbrew from surreal america-we went to a second brewery, Ice Harbor, where I failed to take any pictures, over break, and he LOVED their red.  Said it was Portland quality beer-ie, not “well it’s better than bud at least”, but “i would spend money on this at the beer store back home”)

And, um, spinach salad with balsamic on the side?

That’s probably not so manly, huh?

Oh well.

When we went to the store to get potatoes last night we found a NUT BUTTER TASTING at the store.  Not kidding.  Yayyyy co-op grocery store!  I’d been explaining to the fiance how he would love sunflower seed butter, and then next to the checkout, there were 10 types of nut and seed butters to try-including sunflower!  So we had to get some

It’s taking most of my willpower not to eat it all while the fiance is at work.

Thankfully I also have this to distract me

A teapot!  From the Christmas clearance at Target.  Cause solid white teapots just SCREAM christmas, right?  And the fiance’s mug, cause it was in the cabinet.

What’s your favorite non-peanut butter?


Dinner last night was redic


And meatastic, so sorry if that’s not your thing.

BBQ pork sandwiches,


baked beans,

DSCN3494(Sidenote:  if you try and look up baked bean recipes you find a lot that start with “take two cans of baked beans…”.  Is it just me, or is that not a recipe?  Unless you’re Sandra Lee)

and coleslaw…


That’s right, I fed the fiance coleslaw!  And he didn’t die. He liked the dressing (vinegar, oil, agave, the Fisherman’s Wharf seasoning, and about 1 t of mayo) which was not all gloopy and gross like a lot of coleslaw.  The cabbage itself I think he could’ve taken or left.  I offered him normal salad, for the record.  He just wanted to eat the beans anyways.

I was lovin’ the suggestions of cornbread with this, but since we had buns, I thought it might be carb overkill… Although I’m badly craving cornbread now!  Do you think you can make cornbread buns?  Or hmm, maybe just put a layer of cornbread over the pork and bake it?  My mind is full of possibilities.  I love cornbread.

The meat was coated in a rub made out of all this


Cumin, chili powder, cinnamon, paprika, and salt

Then wrapped up in foil and baked for a long long time.  I shreded it with a fork, and put the juices from the meat plus BBQ sauce into a pan and heated.  So.  Freakin.  Good.

The cinnamon is key.  It’s just enough to make it amazing, but not actually full on taste like cinnamon.

And I realized I never post this, but I eat these babies like they’re going out of style

DSCN3496What’s your favorite quick sweet treat?