Tramps like Us…

…baby we were born to runnnn?
I’ve never been a runner.

Honestly, I’ve never been any sort of athlete.

Unless drinking became a sport and I missed it.  In which case I am an ELITE athlete.

But there have been some mentions lately about running on here.  (like when i ran on vacation last month).  And more if you follow me on twitter.

Yeah, the husband and I started running.

And today?

It was our first 5k.

We got up, had breakfast

And packed some fruit snacks

For the road.

Ready to rock this shiz

But see, we live in Portland.  It rains here.  A lot.

Before we left I looked at the weather.  Our race was at 9 am.  The internets told me 100% chance of rain.


We took the bus downtown.  Walking the 6 blocks from the bus to the start soaked my shorts


Thankfully Baby Jesus loves us, and when it was time to line up the sun came out!

We rocked through our 3.1 miles.  After about 2 miles I realized the puddle I’d stepped in getting off the bus was becoming an awesome blister. Fun!

But we finished.  The clock said 36 minutes as we crossed the finish.

Seeing as how we’d been doing 2 mile runs, I was just amazed we made it. Let alone done 12 minute miles.

Races in Portland mean refreshments

If you watch, not everyone wants their two free beers either.  You can end up with a lot of beers. Whoops.

There was food too.

Healthy, healthy food.

Life, my friends, is all about balance.

(let’s not argue about if 3 miles of running *actually* balances out several beers, pizza, and wings, ok?  We’ll just pretend it does)

If was an awesome run.

And, when we went to look at the results, we found out our chip time was…. 34 minutes!

Redic.  Absolutely redic.

It’s a good day.

And in a month and a half Baby Brother is coming to visit and do another 5k with us!


12 responses to “Tramps like Us…

  1. Awesome job! I want to run a race with you because you clearly know how to celebrate

  2. Nice! I’m with Evan, I need to come to Portland and race with you!

    Congrats on your awesome time!

  3. FUNNNNN….I did my first 5k recently too!! And we have the same shoes…well almost!! And guess what? I was the only one eating fatty cupcakes after my race too! hahaha

  4. I ran 2 miles in 25 minutes yesterday and was all proud of myself…way to rain on my parade :p

    Seriously, congrats!

  5. Great job! And even greater job celebrating.

  6. I always thought it’d be a great idea to run, I lived next to a lake that had a nearly perfect 5k trail that ran around it. I tried. Switched to roller blades instead. 🙂

    P.S. Those are my favorite fruit snacks ever. I got a huge box of them from Costco in my freshman year of college and lived off of them.

  7. So I just stumbled upon you (what took so long?) via Twitter via the family’s adopted little gay brother who also lives in PDX. Love. Yes, running substitutes beer calories, and carbs, and cookies, and more beer. Because this is what I tell myself.

    My Baby Sister lives Downtown, is in the midst of her weight-loss regime, and wants to run a 5-10K next year. Any good ones you know of? Sometimes it’s hard to tell via race websites whether organization sucks. Ya know…

  8. first, i am sooo eating those same fruit snacks you have right now. and second, we are sooooooo going to win that race in december!!

  9. Congrats on the race!!! 🙂 Definitely love the beer after! 🙂

  10. Great job on your race! Beer is the best reward 🙂

  11. Isn’t beer and pizza the reason to run? Running makes the food taste so much better when you are done. Yum!

    Hubs and I are coming up to Portland in November. I always say I’m going to run while we’re there but never really end up doing much (hubs is not a runner so it’s easier to get side tracked). If you want to meet up to run, let me know 🙂

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