It’s a Fact

Fact: Pizza for date night may not be romantic, but it is delicious, and becoming a habit

Fact: Since this pizza (Which was amaaazing and garlicy) is from Hot Lips, and Hot Lips is into sustainable and local the pizza was healthy.

Fact: I should never become a nutritionist.

Fact: I ordered a beer called “Girl Beer”
I felt a little lame when I realized it was called that. But at least it wasn’t pink.

(And yes, pink beer exists. Lookin’ at you McMinnamins)

Fact: If you take me to Cool Moon I will try a million flavors

(that one was gingersnap cookies and cream!)

because there are a million to try
but I will always get cinnamon because I have a crush on cinnamon
Fact: writing about food when you haven’t had breakfast yet means you apparently start to have romantic feelings for things you eat. Awkward.

Sad Fact: I worked at Baskin Robbins for years and years.
(yes, Baby Brother and I were coworkers) And while it didn’t make me hate ice cream, it means I have a clear limit where I have to stop or I wanna puke (about 5 ounces-and yes, I can tell approximate weight by looking at the scoops. Not weird). So I had to toss some of the ice cream. And then cry. A lot.

Fact: I went hiking


Fact: Baby Brother says silly things like “it’s not hiking if it’s in your neighborhood”

Fact: if you’re surrounded by trees and cross multiple creeks, it’s hiking. And Baby Brother is full of crap.

It’s a fact.


9 responses to “It’s a Fact

  1. Can I just tell you how much I love Butter Brickle ice cream? Dreyer’s used to make it but I haven’t seen it in years! Maybe I’ll try to make some this summer!

  2. I think the next time Carbzilla in our neck of the woods the three of us need to get together for pizza, beer and ice cream. FACT!

  3. Hot Lips? I want pizza from a place called Hot Lips. And some ice cream. I am obsessed. I would have gained 400000 lbs if i worked at Baskin Robbins.

  4. That pizza looks pretty darn good … and it is even worse because I am super hungry and waiting for the hubby to bring home some food đŸ™‚

    I worked at DQ for a million years, so I totally get you on the knowing how many ounces the ice-cream is. Occasionally I miss DQ! Craziness.

  5. LOL my bf and I seem to have pizza almost every weekend, it is one of the few things we both agree on

  6. oh I miss your vlogs with baby brother…FACT

  7. you make me want pizza and baked goods each time I visit your blog….FACT

  8. Mmmm, pizza.

    It is too called hiking if it’s near your house- I go hiking ALL the time and it only takes us 2 minutes to get to the trail.

    I can’t believe you and baby brother were co-workers. It’s cute đŸ™‚

  9. Yum! That pizza looks SO good.

    And hiking can mean whatever you want it to mean. But the fact that you have a trail that close that looks like that is freaking amazing. I am so jealous. Sometimes I’ll feel like I’m hiking around my neighborhood given the steep hills and such but, alas, it’s an urban, mostly concrete, hike. Definitely not the same.

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