We HAD to

We were in Bend while they were having their Oktoberfest.

Since my husband loves beer AND making inappropriate comments about sausage we HAD to go.

Had a few drinks, plus a brat and beef stew

And had another beer.  Because when faced with a dozen microbrews?  You HAVE to try more than one.

And we wandered around downtown. Very cute.  Our favorite find?
A candy store.

We’re mature.

But seriously, it had a SODA FOUNTAIN

We HAD to get something.  How often do you find soda fountains?

We shared a ginormous sundae.
With caramel and fudge and chocolate almond ice cream?  Yes please.

After breakfast at our hotel we went on a run.

Yeah.  On vacation.


Well…. when normally you run on a high school track because you live somewhere with a lack of sidewalks and streetlights

And instead you can run on a path by this?
Do you have a choice?

No.  We HAD to do it.

(Fun fact-that is Mirror Pond-like the beer.  The husband had just complained about how the name was deceptive as it was not mirror like as I took the picture.  We were looking right in front of us focusing on how up close it was murky, rather than checking out the big picture of the lake.   I’m sure there’s a deep life lesson in there.)

For lunch we realized we HAD to make a stop at Deschutes.  I mean, if you’re in Bend, you just have to.

I had a Benderweisse, which is a Berliner weisse style sour beer.  I like sours.  They’re like soda that gives you a buzz.
Best part?  See the red and green things next to it?  Raspberry and Woodruff syrups to flavor it with.  I had no clue what woodruff was, so I stuck with raspberry. But adding sugar to my beer amused me.

When we looked over the food menu we saw one of your side choices was sweet potato fries.  The husband HAD to have those.  There’s a chance I HAD to steal some of his.

He had the fries with a pulled pork sandwich
And told me my pulled pork was way better.  I’m going to pretend he doesn’t HAVE to say things like that, and I just cook better than restaurants.

I saw a roasted garlic burger on the menu, and knew what I HAD to order
With a salad.  Life is about balance.

Then we headed home.  Since I’d just downed a beer and a glass of water I HAD to pee about five minutes into driving.

We ended up stopping in Sisters, which was so cute I had to take a picture
Adorable.  Probably a total tourist trap too.  But whatevs.

Now I’m excited for a few weeks where we HAVE to be home-in just over a month we’ve went to Mt Hood and camping and the coast and Bend?  I need a vacation from taking vacations.

Plus we HAVE to watch football on the weekends.

What’ve you HAD to do lately?


13 responses to “We HAD to

  1. Food & Other Things

    How sad is it that I’ve never been to a soda fountain?? Looks like a fun trip!

  2. I loved this post…I wanted to dive into that sundae…it looks amazing!

  3. I am so. Fricking. Jealous. One of these years I will grab my sweetie by the hair and drag him to Oregon for vacation if I have to.

  4. I need to hang out with you in Bend. This is happening.

  5. I have to watch football on the weekends to…as well as having to eat chocolate every day or two in the interest of not killing somebody 😉

  6. I totally HAVE to hang out with your and your husband – you two are too much fun!!!

  7. You are way more adventurous than I am on vacation- and syrup in beer sounds like something even I could hang with!

    Today I HAD to wash my yoga mat. It was starting to smell. And now I’ve said too much.

  8. livelaughloveandrun

    Hey chica!! It looks liek you’re having a great time as a married woman!! I’ve never seen syrup with beer.. did it taste good?? I love college football!

  9. i feel like all these posts are secret seductions to get me to portland..and lady, you are winning. BTW I want to taste your potroast too (i say that to all the LADIESSSS) but seriously, your cooking is downright homey yum! Glad you had fun…and damn..you both love to down your beers!

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