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Pie? Oh my!

Sunday morning after breakfast
(Bob’s Red Mill mix Whole grain waffles with raspberry POM sauce-yum!)

I figured out it was Pi day (3/14…)

Sad I’d missed a chance to eat pie for breakfast (it’s fruit and grains, just like my waffle!) I racked my brain figuring out what sort of pies our day should involve.

This is complicated by the fact that the fiance is quite sure he doesn’t like most pie.  (Pumpkin?  Nope.  Apple?  Heck no.  He’ll do blackberry if I make it, marionberry, and chocolate pudding.)

For dinner we did some Shepherd’s Pie
(It is not photogenic.  And remember, I’m blogging with my cell phone these days) I put cheese on top and set the oven to broil for the last few minutes-wow!  Crispy cheese is pretty much the best.
And, in an act of laziness I made a mini chocolate pudding pie, with pat in pan pastry (ingredients mixed up in the pan, using oil instead of butter)
It was tasty!  I love the saltiness you get from pastry against the pudding.

After the lazy pie (the crust took all of like 2 minutes to make, and the pudding filling was instant stuff) I was in the mood for some real cooking.  Browsing Pioneer Woman I saw a recipe for homemade refried beans.

I promptly ignored the directions, and made up my own version.
Immersion blenders are amazing!  And guys these were SO GOOD.  The fiance and I were both snagging bites straight from the bowl.  It was just cooked beans (I store red beans and pintos together, so it was both of them), garlic, a touch of smoked paprika, chili powder, cumin and salt.  SO GOOD.

They were my favorite part of dinner.

What random things do you make from scratch?


Clearly, we’re moved in

Happy Halloween!

We are staring to look like we live in the new house!  Only problem is that we have no fridge, so it’s making meals a little funky.

Last night we had some soup


Chicken, brown rice, ‘banzos, peas, corn, carrots, and peppers.  Yum!

Plus some of the sourdough


The fiancé tried a bite, forgetting it was sourdough, and got confused.  It’s got a bit of sour to it-the longer the rise the better of a sourdough flavor, and this baby had a long rise

(sourdough post coming up soon, I promise)

We worked and worked and worked.

My closet is now sorted by color.  And sleeve length.  OCD?  Maybe. But it makes me happy.


Around 9 I realized I’d eaten my hummus plate, half a PB and J, a bowl of soup, and half a slice of bread all day…. (I’d wager I normally eat twice that) and I was HUNGRY

We clearly picked the healthiest option possible

DSCN4445Cheesy bread.  I haven’t had this since college.

I know it’s healthy, because it comes with butter sauce to dip it in. Papa John’s wouldn’t encourage me to dip something in butter if it was already full of fat.  So it’s health food!

The lack of a fridge meant our breakfast choices were hot cereal (made with water) or toast.  We picked hot cereal

DSCN4446Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain.  Love this stuff.  Agave on top.

We got cable set up.  So we now have this

DSCN4451Clearly, we’re done moving now.

I mean, what more can you need besides college football?

We’ll just ignore that the rest of the house looks like this




Saturdays are, to my fiance, a sacred day of beer and college football.  Me going to VegFest made him happy as it gave him an excuse to go out in the middle of the day and drink with his friends.

When I picked him up at the bar he kept talking about how he wondered if legally he was drunk.  “Am I at .9?  .4?  I just don’t know.  We should get a breathalyzer.”

The point where you won’t shut up about how you might be drunk?  Yeah, you’re drunk.

I joined him with this which I may or may not have bought because of the label.

DSCN3331Chickens amuse me.  We had pet chickens (my brother wouldn’t let us eat the eggs because they were PETS not food).  The fiance has promised me when we get a house we can get chickens.  He may live to regret that promise.

(Oh, and I forgot to say-one super cute moment yesterday was when Gracie saw the “I am not a nugget” shirts

and decided she loved that phrase.  She spent a while jumping along and going “I am not a nugget!”.  Cute)

And all that leads really well into the fact that we had chicken pot pie for dinner last night.

DSCN3328It’s chicken broth with chicken, celery, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, and corn.  The crust is some bisquick I discovered I had with flax and parsley added.  It’s seriously so good.


DSCN3332I used up my Bob’s Red Mill sample from VegFest for breakfast today

DSCN3346This little package made a ton of cereal!

Me and the fiance each had a bowl

DSCN3347We added agave and then topped them with chopped cinnamon pecans and about 1/2 T of brown sugar

DSCN3349Amazingly good.  The fiance lovedddddd them.  He had another bowl.  I haven’t seen him this excited about a new breakfast food since I made him peanut butter oatmeal the first time.

And in a few hours we get to go to our home inspection!  Ok, not that exciting, but that means I’ll actually have pictures of inside to show people finally, and that is exciting.

Fall has its good points…

Not ready for fall.  My big problem with fall?  I hate pants.  Hate ’em.  But fall starts to get all cold and rainy and I’m stuck wearing pants for months and months.  I just want to wear dresses and flip flops.

But fall does have good points too.  The biggest one being food 🙂

And coats.  I love coats.  Coat weather I’m excited for.  I own way too many (just in coats-wool coats, not jackets or soft shells or anyhing-2 or 3 black coats, a green coat, a white coat, a red plaid coat, a black and white plaid coat… and i took at least 3 to goodwill last year.)

Anyways, the food.  We have no AC which means it’s been a long time since yummy colder weather food has been a good choice.  Last night was chili!  Basically, I  chopped up lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes and added them to beans and meat and spices


And cooked until it turned into this


Not so secret ingredient?


And cinnamon.  Cinnamon is my lifeblood.

I put sour cream and a little cheese on mine


Plus cornbread on the side.

DSCN3053(Sidenote-Bob’s Red Mill makes whole grain cornmeal…a lot of other cornmeals aren’t. We use Bob’s.)

We started talking about fall food while we ate.  Roasts, chicken pot pie, stew…. That part of fall I’m now looking forward to.

I’m also looking forward to forcing the fiance to this again:

The Little People Big World pumpkin patch!   Last year me, the fiance, my roommate, and my little brother all went.  You have to drive to the middle of nowhere, and then because everyone else is trying to go there too you’re stuck in traffic forever…. And my fiance had never watched the show so was just totally mystified by the whole thing.   (That is Amy Roloff.  She’s on the phone with our mom, saying hi.  We saw someone else do it first, so we think it was ok to do)

And today I’ve been busy taking care of all the fruit from my fam.  Some was washed and put into the fridge


And some was chopped up to be frozen. I can have nectarine chunks in my oats this winter!


I talked to my daddy last night and he kept saying how he was sorry he didn’t send enough.  My family doesn’t quite understand what “enough” means I think…

What are you excited to cook now that it’s starting to feel more like fall?

MORE produce!

My parents being here means that I have, yet again, a ginormous amount of produce.

DSCN2276(yes, that’s an entire shopping bag FULL of peppers!)

The ziplock in the corner is basil.  My dad asked “you like basil, right”, and then got worried “I should’ve brought more”.  Because a quart sized bag just isn’t enough 🙂

The peppers are tricky for me-I don’t eat them unless I have them, so I’ve gotta figure out some creative things to use them for.  Any ideas?  

This morning I was in the mood for a savory breakfast, so I made this

DSCN2287It’s zucchini, tomato, pesto, and then a little bit milk and some cheese.  Weird for breakfast, but I like non breakfasty foods some days.  (I might eat chicken nuggets as breakfast sometimes too?  Let’s not judge).  

It was super tasty.  Pesto makes everything good.  And it’s actually kept me full, which I was doubtful on…

I did some grocery shopping today too.  I really like grocery shopping.  Like, a lot.  And since we make pretty much all our meals from scratch I end up running to the store a lot-I need flour, or milk, or more broccoli or whatever… Today I went to get peanuts, flour, and sour cream.  I came home with this:




I got 5 lbs of whole wheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill), bulk peanuts, bulk whole wheat pastry flour, bulk spelt flour, bulk wheat berries, an avocado,  a zucchini, cilantro, sour cream, Nancy’s Yogurt, Walla Walla onions, albacore tuna, and butter.  

If you can’t tell, I have problems resisting the bulk bins.  Then I get home and realize I now have 5 types of flour (WW, WW pastry, buckwheat, white, and spelt).  I should maybe stop.  

Nancy’s is my favorite yogurt.  I get the whole milk honey and it’s amazing!  It’s made in Eugene, Oregon and the milk comes from Oregon dairy farmers.  I’ve tried a million types of yogurt, and I just can’t get anything else.  The day that Nancy’s starts making Greek yogurt i will be the happiest girl on earth.  Expect to see me make some granola to go with the yogurt soon!  

And since it’s been rainy all morning, I’ve been doing this 

DSCN2286Full details this afternoon.

Adventures in Baking

I wake up early.  Too early.  We got light blocking curtains.  With those, and the blinds down, I can maybe sleep till 8.  My fiance, on the other hand, can sleep till noon.  Which means on the weekends I get to pick between attempting to wake the dead, or killing a lot of time in the morning.  I usually go with killing time.

Which leads to some full on breakfasts, because I’ve got nothing better to do.  So I make granola, or biscuits, or pancakes, or whatever else I feel like.  And by the time I’m done usually it’s late enough I don’t feel bad waking the fiance up.

But today I was in a bread mood.  And bread takes about 3 hours.  Which means I’d be making lunch by the time the loaf was cool enough.  So, to fix my yeast needs, I attempted bagels.

Started by putting 1 package of yeast into a bowl with 2 T honey, and 2 T butter.  Let it sit for a few minutes (this lets the yeast get started.  or something.  I have no formal food training,  I just like to bake)


Whisk in flour 1/2 c at a time, until it’s not so whisk-able (This was at 2 c for me)


Remove jewlery, it can get messy, and you don’t want to clean bread gunk off your ring later.  (make sure you have clean hands too.)


I add in gluten to my whole wheat stuff when I remember to.  I’ve read it helps, I haven’t done a comparison to see if it’s true, but I like to pretend it does (plus, I bought the gluten, so I might as well use it) I put in about 1/8 c of it-I found it in the bulk foods section at the grocery store.  Add in flour till you have thick dough, stirring it with your hands or a big spoon-you should end up with about 4 1/2 cups total of flour.

Kneed until it’s done.  If you’ve made bread, you know what that means.


Now, here’s the point where a sane person would stop and read the paper, drink some coffee.  But I’ve been up for an hour so I’ve already finished the paper.  Plus, what do bagels need?  Cream cheese!

I used this recipe, cut in half in case I messed it up.  So 1 c milk, 1 t salt were brought to a boil, then I added 1 T of white vinegar.


I cooled it off, put it into a collander with a floursack cloth, and wondered if the grossness would actually turn into cheese. It looked really gross.

The bagels had been rising for almost an hour, so I punched them down, waited 15 minutes, and shaped them. I made 10-it could be more or less depending on how big you want.


Then they went, 2 or 3 at a time into a pot of boiling water for 1 minute on each side


Brushed with egg, onto a pan, and into the oven at 425 for 25 minutes


(at this point the fiance woke up, finally)

I switched out the floursack for some papertowels on the cream cheese hoping to get the last of the moisture out, and it really worked!  It’s not dead on, but it’s pretty close!  (I’d never made cheese before, so I wasn’t too sure what would happen)


And the bagels are beautiful!


(I put the full bagel recipe onto the sidebar, if you want to actually bake a bagel I think it’d be easier to follow)

Breakfast time!


Breakfast of Champions

I figured after the not-so-stellar choices for dinner last night (not my fault: I’m pretty sure the only veggies I saw were deep fried batter coated asparagus.  Which I’ve had.  And is amazing, but not good for you) we could use a proper breakfast.

I got the Stumptown brewing and started on a pot of oats.  I always add flax to oatmeal when I’m cooking it-I think it helps with the texture, but I might be making that up.

DSCN2159I love the canister I keep the oats in-we accidentally ended up in a huge like at IKEA one time to get it (only 99 cents!) and I have a ton of matching ones.  It’s a big improvement over my old storage (aka the bulk foods bag from WinCo)

Oh-I should add, the oats, flax, and most any flour/grain type thing I use is generally Bob’s Red Mill.  I don’t know how it is other places, but here you can find it all over, and it’s made in Milwaukie, OR, only a few miles from me.  Love there stuff, and it’s actually sold in the bulk bins at Fred Meyer and WinCo.

Anyhow, I made my coffee, which wasn’t so great.  I love love love cinnamon in everything, including coffee, but it doesn’t mix in so well.  So I got this creamer from Safeway

DSCN2163Fail.  It tastes like red hots.  If I wanted candy in my coffee I’d put candy in it.  I just wanted cinnamon.  Oh well, live and learn.

I’m sure some of you have figured out that the NW was crazy hot last week.  Here’s proof of just how hot it was


Those used to be chocolate chips, that I promised the fiance would go in oats for him.  I had to make it work, so I got out the cheese grater.  It worked, more or less.


His oats were oats + flax with a spoonful of peanut butter and some of the grated former chocolate chips


I got out a food that will kill you dead for mine:  Coconut!  (and it’s Bob’s Red Mill too!)


My bowl:  oats + flax with coconut, about 2/3 of a peach, walnuts, and homemade blackberry jam from my mommy.

There are oats under all that!

There are oats under all that!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!  We’re meeting my parents for lunch in an hour and a half in the Pearl, and it’s Timbers tonight!