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So, some people like to hate on foods being described as “crack” when they are, in fact, not crack.

But here’s the thing. Every year, when Satsumas show up in the grocery store, I call them crack oranges.
I’ve been doing it forever, and stopping now would mean learning how to say “satsuma”. Which does not roll off the tongue the way “crack orange” does.

I went through a phase in college where I exclusively ate crack oranges and the peanut butter flavored South Beach bars.

(I had a whole theory there on why this was a healthy option. Because the South Beach bars had like, protein and vitamins and whatnot. And the crack oranges meant I wasn’t getting scurvy. I got told this wasn’t a good choice?)

Anyways, the most exciting day of the year for me, every year, is when I open up the paper and see this
It’s anti-scurvy season my friends.

Awesomely, this morning when my husband woke up to me telling him about how crack oranges were in at Fred Meyer and we had to go, he, in his half-awake stupor told me “let’s go get you baby oranges”

I tend to call things babies, so I could see how, half awake, he’d get mixed up. But you can’t call crack oranges by the wrong name.

I tried to correct him “they aren’t babies they’re CRACK. Crack oranges”

Undeterred, he responded with “crack babies!”

Delicious, delicious crack babies.

So friends, a PSA. There are crack babies out now.
Go eat them.



(yes, I don’t post in a month and then write entirely about oranges. Let’s not judge, ok?)

(also, wordpress suggested “prenatal cocaine exposure” as a tag for this post. Win)


What I’d like to do

Things I would like to do with my day:

Buy myself some pretty new Le Creuset things to play with

I tried to tell the husband this and he muttered something about needs vs wants. He needs to stop wanting to kill my dreams.

He asks weird questions like “What do you need a yellow grill pan for?”

When the real question is “How have you lived 25 years without a yellow grill pan?”

I’d also like to eat another blood orange
I’m amused by things with pretty colors. My maturity helps me connect with the kids I teach.

I’d really like to have lunch without the baby coming to help
(That would be a whole wheat tortilla with cheese, black beans, and asparagus. With sriracha and sour cream)

Baby helping leads to this:
He was helping drink my water. And upon knocking it over was even happier, as there was SO MUCH WATER to drink

And I’d like cook something interesting enough to be worth blogging about. There are only so many cat pictures I should be posting. I think we’re beyond that point.

Instead, here are some of the things I’ve been doing today:

I broke a shovel. Seriously.

I installed a hard drive!
My computer died. Life lesson kids: repeatedly dropping your laptop breaks your hard drive. Goodbye pictures and music, it was fun while it lasted!

And the most fun of all, I’ve attempted to clean all the things. We’ve been redoing our downstairs and next weekend my parents are coming to help with some full on remodeling. So where we’re knocking down a wall needs to be cleared out AND our house needs to be clean enough for a parent visit. Yay?

What do you wish you could do today?

(Note: CSN is sending me a product to review and the link above is part of that. Any opinions I give will come from my own gorgeous brain of course!)

Upside Down

I’ve had a bit of a frowny weekend.

I woke up Friday morning with the unmistakable feeling (and by feeling I mean sharp terrible sore throat) that my sinuses had been draining down my throat all night.

What?  You don’t know that feeling?

Lucky you.

I’ve spent my weekend chugging tea (chug is not an exaggeration-I drank 8 cups of tea and 3 cups of decaf coffee yesterday), and trying to not spend too much time pouting.

And trust me, when I don’t feel good, I find a lot of pout about.

Fred Meyer only had throat coat tea from Traditional Medicines, and EVERYONE knows the Yogi throat comfort stuff is the best.  (Yes I have strong opinions on medicinal tea.  Not weird).  I suffered through half the box yesterday.  But it’s all better now.

What turned my frown upside down?

My co-op is full of hippie ish.  Clearly I should’ve went there first.
I love you delicious tea.
I also love YOU mug I got in like 6th grade.

It says “it’s good to be queen”.  I’m cool.

I may have drank out of that cup partly because I liked the words.  Let’s not judge.

We’ve been sadly low on frozen fruit to make smoothies.  When your choices are strawberry or ice flavored it’s not as fun.  But being at the co-op means there’s yummy things to buy.  And when you’ve been frowning all weekend your husband is totally down with you buying multiple $4 bags of fruit!
He wants to turn my frown upside down!

(or he wants me to stop whining.  Whatevs.)

I blended it up
Dinner to sooth my throat

If you put a smoothie in a bowl it makes it a real dinner.  Trust me, it’s science.

I wanted to add honey to my tea and my smoothie.  But honey is for some reason my arch rival.  I don’t know why.  Any honey I buy does this
Frown upside down moment?  When you microwave it so that it de-crystallizes it pours out extra fast.  Which means extra honey in my belly!

And today I got out of my house to do some Pea stalking!
Who can frown when you get to watch Mama Pea cook?
And see  Andrea eat for two?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some tea to drink

On a Boat (Honeymoon, take 4)

I am lacking pictures of some parts of the honeymoon-given my luck with cameras, I wasn’t going to risk too much, so there’s a lack of beach pictures.

But friends, I SAW A SEA TURTLE

and it was awesome.

I do have pictures of snacks we took to the beach though.

We bought a (NOT GROWN ON A TREE) pineapple

And these!

Apple Bananas!

(Ok, so I know I’m 25 and married and have a masters degree, so I possibly should be an adult, but when I googled apple bananas the description involved phrases like “short but stocky” and “stays firm longer” and I laughed.  A lot.)

We also got some of these

Taro Chips-how pretty are they?

One thing I really wanted to do while we were in Hawaii was to go on a boat in the ocean.

And since one thing my husband really wanted to do was not make me mad, on a boat we went!

We did a dinner cruise.  The food wasn’t life altering or anything, but there were two things that made it oh so worth it.


Crazy amazing views

And…. #2

They had drinks served in pineapples.

IN pineapples friends.

Pretty much the best night evahhh

Finders Keepers (Honeymoon, take 3)

So after our sketchy-delicious lunch, we explored some more

We found pretty beaches

More pretty beaches

We found a parrot at Turtle Bay that tried to eat my husband’s head right before I took this picture

(Yes I still made him pose for it.  He’s bigger than the bird)

Whoops, somehow we found an ocean front bar

It happens

Since the only fruit we’d been eating much of was wedges of pineapples in drinks, we also had a fruit and cheese plate

Guess what I found in that

SPIDERWEBS.  In the grapes.


Clearly, God was supporting my fruit consumption being only booze related

Oh and on the subject of God we also found a Mormon Temple


The best thing we found while driving?

Nope, not more pretty beaches

Nope, not the beer at Kona Brewing.  (We’re Oregonians . Other beer doesn’t cut it.)

No, not even this truck, with the custom painted picture of a cockfight on it

The best thing we found?


True romance friends, true romance

The Costco was waterfront

Water.  Front.   Costco.

We also found trees with potential snacks on them

….but trying to pick them, we found out they were COVERED in bugs.

Are you a Costco fan?  Josh NEVER went to one before dating me.  It’s pretty high on his list of ways I’ve made his life better.

Ladies who lunch

So, I noticed some of you guys commented on my lunch in my last post, so I thought I’d give you guys a run down of how I make super quick lunches.

Being a sub means sometimes, you get a call at 9:35 for a job that started at 9:30.  And is 25 minutes from your house.  I’ve learned to get dressed and put together fast… But I had practice on that in college.

Eating, on the other hand, wasn’t something I was too into in college…. (unless quad americanos and popcorn with a side of cigarettes are what you’d call breakfast AND lunch)  So packing lunches has been more of a challenge.

If I’m at home I’d much rather have a happy, warm lunch, so I don’t wanna pack stuff, and then be sadly eating my cold lunch at home if I don’t work.  So pre-packing is out.  (I do pre-pack the fiance’s lunches, and I have a method for those too….)

Here’s what I do…

First, I check the fridge for protein options

Yesterday my fridge had yogurt, hummus, and peanut butter.  I’ll also do cheese with crackers, but we’re out of crackers, so I didn’t even consider the cheese.

We always have peanut butter, yogurt, and cheddar cheese in the fridge.  I’ve totally categorized artichoke dip in with this in my head before.  Not kidding.  It has cheese?

Then I see what I’ve got for veggies

Yesterday it was carrots, celery, tomato, and broccoli.

We always have at least carrots and celery in out house.

And I check out the fruit

We had strawberries, bananas, and apples

I try to keep at least two types of fruit (this time of year it’s generally oranges, apples, and/or bananas) on hand

And I look for other fun things to add

Pretzels, pudding, mini lara bars, almonds, cereal, granola bars

I usually do some sort of fruit + yogurt or fruit + peanut butter, veggies + dip, and something crunchy and carby.

And I keep extras, like the almonds, the lara bars, and the granola bars in my bag just in case.

Here’s the lunch I ended up with

Celery, carrots, tomato, and hummus

And some random sides

pretzels, apples, peanut butter.

I try to pack more than I think I’ll want, so that I have snacks.  And on days when I’m really in a hurry I’m not above throwing a whole jar of PB in my bag.

There are some things I don’t do in my lunch…

I don’t do things that have to be microwaved because some days you’ve got about 20 minutes to eat.  And if you have to wait behind two or three other people to heat your food, you just don’t have time.

And I don’t pack meat because I try and keep that to one meal per day, and that’s generally dinner.  Plus, lunch meat is icky.

I don’t pack sandwiches partly because I don’t adore them, and partly because getting all the stuff for them out takes a while, and makes more work for me.

I don’t generally have a main “meal” to my lunch, more smaller components.  Again partly because of the microwave, and also because I like to be able to snack through the day-its easier to snack with a lunch like this.

But that’s how I do my two minute lunches!  They’re not super exciting, but they’re better than PB&J, and fast!

Do you pack lunches?  Whats your method?

I’m hot cause I’m fly

…or because I have the flu.  Whatevs.

This is how I’m doing
That would be a “moderate fever” according to my friends over at WebMD.

(Also, I apparently now only post unattractive pictures of myself on the internet.  It’s to make up for when I had a myspace.)

Those same friends also told me I may have some of the following
Yeah, if it’s not the flu, I don’t need to worry.  It’s just cancer.  Or Lyme disease.

I actually felt like crap on Wednesday, spent the day in bed, and was thinking I was alive on Thursday.  I just had an upset tummy, which I figured had more to do with something I ate.  So I’d been playing my meals safe.  I ate things like
Rice a Roni!  I love this stuff, I won’t lie.  And I didn’t trust myself to make something mild enough that my tummy wouldn’t revolt

And I’ve eaten my fair share of these too
Veggie burger + sandwich thin + hummus, spinach and other tastiness.

So I was feeling awesome by thursday night.  Friday, felt great.


My eats look like this
(Do you not request a pound of strawberries with sugar on top when you’re sick?  You should.)

But as I was loading pictures this morning I realized I took this at Target the other day
And I’m thinking the fiance needs to go to the store again.  Target knows what’s good for me.

And it’s not fruit and water.