Finders Keepers (Honeymoon, take 3)

So after our sketchy-delicious lunch, we explored some more

We found pretty beaches

More pretty beaches

We found a parrot at Turtle Bay that tried to eat my husband’s head right before I took this picture

(Yes I still made him pose for it.  He’s bigger than the bird)

Whoops, somehow we found an ocean front bar

It happens

Since the only fruit we’d been eating much of was wedges of pineapples in drinks, we also had a fruit and cheese plate

Guess what I found in that

SPIDERWEBS.  In the grapes.


Clearly, God was supporting my fruit consumption being only booze related

Oh and on the subject of God we also found a Mormon Temple


The best thing we found while driving?

Nope, not more pretty beaches

Nope, not the beer at Kona Brewing.  (We’re Oregonians . Other beer doesn’t cut it.)

No, not even this truck, with the custom painted picture of a cockfight on it

The best thing we found?


True romance friends, true romance

The Costco was waterfront

Water.  Front.   Costco.

We also found trees with potential snacks on them

….but trying to pick them, we found out they were COVERED in bugs.

Are you a Costco fan?  Josh NEVER went to one before dating me.  It’s pretty high on his list of ways I’ve made his life better.

13 responses to “Finders Keepers (Honeymoon, take 3)

  1. i went to costco yesterday and was just giddy with excitement.

  2. great post! that truck painting is hilarious. and how fantastic, you found the temple. and cobwebs? grosssss.


  3. Aw, congrats! Looks like a fantastic honeymoon. But spiderwebs in the grapes? That’s so ew.

  4. Actually there’s a pretty large Mormon population in Oahu. Random! And a BYU campus. Lots of polynesian Mormon converts. I never went to the water side costco! Clearly I missed out.

  5. thehungryscholar

    I have never been to Costco, but the view is very nice. 🙂

    Love the pics! I need a vacation.

  6. Spiders in the grapes? Ew. At least they were probably organic.
    We have never had a costco card 😦 I could totally use spinach and baby carrots in bulk in my life.

  7. keep talkin up this costco kalin, and i bet we can get mommy and daddy to go to hawaii.

    and i hope you brought that truck back for me. or at least the tailgate. i need it.

  8. I love costco! Although I think that waterfront costco has got to be the best one I have ever seen. What is it with birds and jumping on humans. I have a bit of a fear of them for the same reason!

  9. i can NOT stop laughing..hahahahahahahaha I can’t believe you guys shopped at costco on your honeymoon..that my friend, is a costco LIFETIME member!!! 🙂 I’m loving all these pretty pretty pics…and cheeseface>fruitface…DUH!

  10. must have been an eternity since any one ate grapes in hawaii!

  11. omg I love reading your posts! I am always guaranteed to laugh at least one time…and I think I counted about 3 in this post alone! thanks =)

  12. Hell yes I love Costco. Andy and I went to Costco in Kauai, Oahu and Maui. We are insane.

    Spiderwebs at Turtle Bay. WTF dude.

  13. I love Costco.

    The spiderwebs would have seriously FREAKED me out!!

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