Like Hippies

Today, we have an empty carport
(if you look carefully, there are plants.  sitting on a tricycle.  don’t ask)

My dear sweet car is currently at the doctor.

And by doctor, I mean transmission shop.

We only own one car, so the car breaking = we’re carfree.

Like hippies.  Only with freshly washed hair.

Thankfully right at the end of our block
Lives a Zipcar!
(Zipcar is a car sharing thing, that’s around in major cities.  When you’re a member you can reserve cars, then your membership card unlocks them when you hold it up to the windshield.  All the cars have names.  This one is named Icy)

Not having a car makes me 700% more antsy, and I feel the need to get out of the house.  Since grocery shopping is almost productive, I can justify it.

We’ll ignore the fact that it’s only productive if there are things you need.

Last time my car broke we lived in our old apartment, where the closet grocery store was the world’s sketchiest Safeway.  And I say that having lived by a Safeway in Spokane.  Spokane is hard to beat for sketch.

Now instead I live right by a Co-op
Cause like I said before, we’re like hippies.

It’s got a random mix of stuff.  I mean, if you’re in the market for hemp seed?
Totally covered.  And certified kosher.

Or if you’re trying to find local eggs from grass fed cage free chickens?
You’re set there too. There’s even a chart.

(the ones where they don’t trim the beaks cost the most btw.  I looked)

Or Oregon albacore tuna in a JAR?
Gross looking, but there!

Food Front is right by my beloved Baker & Spice.  Once I took Mama Pea there, and she found sedatives for children.

But if you’re making latkes and you need applesauce?  That stupid applesauce cost me like 5 dollars. 5 dollar APPLESAUCE.

I came home with these totally productive groceries
We were out of milk.  The rest?  Well… the avocados were really cheap.  Like, we’re talking less than conventional ones at Safeway, and they’re organic!  And if you get avocados clearly you need a pepper too so that you can make guac.  And chocolate milk, and a little bit of gouda for the husband cause he’s had a long day dealing with our car.   And if you have cheese, you need crackers.

And the ice cream?  It has chocolate dinosaurs in it.  Which is reason enough to me.

And when I got home from the store, I found a package had come from Amazon.  A text to the husband reveiled it was a one month anniversary gift.

Inside I found something I’d been wanting for a long time.  I’d actually asked for it for my birthday.

What was it?

A compost pail!
Cause, you know, we’re hippies.

What’s your nearest grocery store?

Do you compost?


16 responses to “Like Hippies

  1. I don’t compost, no…but my mum lovingly refers to me as her hippy dippy daughter 😉

  2. oh yeah, spokane is pretty sketchy, no matter what area you go to. plus they have more bums than ive ever seen.

    we dont compost and we dont recycle and we wash our hair, so i guess ill never qualify as a hippie. that zip car thing is pretty awesome. i wonder if i could justify bringing it to Pullman. although i might be the only user…bad idea

  3. I don’t wash my hair, but it’s not because I’m trying to conserve water. It makes my blowout last longer.

    Why, oh why did I not buy their whole supply of those sedatives? Swimming lessons work almost as well. Praise Jesus.

  4. Your husband actually bought you a one-month anniversary gift? Well done, Josh. Well done.
    My husband doesn’t even get me regular anniversary gifts. Ass.
    On another note – when you taking me to Baker & Spice?!

  5. Um I need ice cream with chocolate dinosaurs in it. RIGHT NOW! Seriously that would improve my mood.
    Zip car is awesome, I saw it in San Francisco.

    Ooh I can’t wait to hear how composting goes. We did when we were kids but it’s hard to do in an apartment.

  6. I’m amused that you don’t have a car, but went to the store and bought “fuel.”

    Also, that tuna in a jar is seriously turning my stomach. Tuna in a can is already gross enough!

  7. I briefly lived in Spokane for about 4 months. That was a mistake. I sympathize. ❤

  8. i think i might accidentally still be a zipcar member! oops.

    imma gunna be a hippie when i move into your shed.

  9. I can totally see why they package tuna in a can!

    We’ve lived with just one car. I can’t live with only one toilet in the house. That’s my line in the sand.

    Hey, if you could live in any Portland neighborhood where would it be? I have a reason for asking. 🙂

    (We have two compost cans – we were splitting up coffee grounds and vegetable matter to be able to add the grounds to the tomato plantings but that became too complicated. You will LOVE yours. Totally cuts down on the garbage – and I believe it’s a law for us.) Very sweet gift.

  10. thehungryscholar

    I’m in graduate school so I hang out with the hippies. I love it. Keep on hippin’ on.

  11. i live like 2 miles from my grocery store…I’ve always wanted to drive those cars….cause I THINK i’m a hippy. Happy composting…let me know how that goes!

  12. Our nearest grocery store is 2 blocks away, but it isn’t very good.

    We don’t compost, but I have been looking in to it lately 🙂

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