Upside Down

I’ve had a bit of a frowny weekend.

I woke up Friday morning with the unmistakable feeling (and by feeling I mean sharp terrible sore throat) that my sinuses had been draining down my throat all night.

What?  You don’t know that feeling?

Lucky you.

I’ve spent my weekend chugging tea (chug is not an exaggeration-I drank 8 cups of tea and 3 cups of decaf coffee yesterday), and trying to not spend too much time pouting.

And trust me, when I don’t feel good, I find a lot of pout about.

Fred Meyer only had throat coat tea from Traditional Medicines, and EVERYONE knows the Yogi throat comfort stuff is the best.  (Yes I have strong opinions on medicinal tea.  Not weird).  I suffered through half the box yesterday.  But it’s all better now.

What turned my frown upside down?

My co-op is full of hippie ish.  Clearly I should’ve went there first.
I love you delicious tea.
I also love YOU mug I got in like 6th grade.

It says “it’s good to be queen”.  I’m cool.

I may have drank out of that cup partly because I liked the words.  Let’s not judge.

We’ve been sadly low on frozen fruit to make smoothies.  When your choices are strawberry or ice flavored it’s not as fun.  But being at the co-op means there’s yummy things to buy.  And when you’ve been frowning all weekend your husband is totally down with you buying multiple $4 bags of fruit!
He wants to turn my frown upside down!

(or he wants me to stop whining.  Whatevs.)

I blended it up
Dinner to sooth my throat

If you put a smoothie in a bowl it makes it a real dinner.  Trust me, it’s science.

I wanted to add honey to my tea and my smoothie.  But honey is for some reason my arch rival.  I don’t know why.  Any honey I buy does this
Frown upside down moment?  When you microwave it so that it de-crystallizes it pours out extra fast.  Which means extra honey in my belly!

And today I got out of my house to do some Pea stalking!
Who can frown when you get to watch Mama Pea cook?
And see  Andrea eat for two?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some tea to drink


7 responses to “Upside Down

  1. Aw I wish I could have hung out with you guys!

    Sorry you’re feeling like crap. I find that smoothies, tons of tea and ice water helps a ton but sleep helps the most. And dreaming about being Mrs. Portland…

  2. hope you’re feeling better by now! I also had much tea to drink this weekend, and coconut water, and gatorade.

    I ❤ Food Front… so much.

    and I have that same Good To Be Queen mug!! mine is a coffee cup style… yours is even COOLER.

  3. You were sick?! And I hugged you?

    Thanks so much for coming!!!

  4. omg!!! so fun!! feel better and i hope you dont’ feel like you are bleeding still…hahahaha

  5. Awe I hope you feel better. I drink a lot of decaf coffee when I’m sick too. I’m going to have to try your smoothie in a bowl for a real breakfast sometime 🙂 .

  6. Nooo!!! You got to see Mama Pea…so jealous. I’ve already told her to hit up SoCal on her book tour so I can get ample time.

    And I love me some Yogi tea. You have to represent the Oregon economy. So thank goodness it was sold in Norfolk, Virginia. Otherwise I would have made the Navy front the bill to bring that goodness to me.

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