So, some people like to hate on foods being described as “crack” when they are, in fact, not crack.

But here’s the thing. Every year, when Satsumas show up in the grocery store, I call them crack oranges.
I’ve been doing it forever, and stopping now would mean learning how to say “satsuma”. Which does not roll off the tongue the way “crack orange” does.

I went through a phase in college where I exclusively ate crack oranges and the peanut butter flavored South Beach bars.

(I had a whole theory there on why this was a healthy option. Because the South Beach bars had like, protein and vitamins and whatnot. And the crack oranges meant I wasn’t getting scurvy. I got told this wasn’t a good choice?)

Anyways, the most exciting day of the year for me, every year, is when I open up the paper and see this
It’s anti-scurvy season my friends.

Awesomely, this morning when my husband woke up to me telling him about how crack oranges were in at Fred Meyer and we had to go, he, in his half-awake stupor told me “let’s go get you baby oranges”

I tend to call things babies, so I could see how, half awake, he’d get mixed up. But you can’t call crack oranges by the wrong name.

I tried to correct him “they aren’t babies they’re CRACK. Crack oranges”

Undeterred, he responded with “crack babies!”

Delicious, delicious crack babies.

So friends, a PSA. There are crack babies out now.
Go eat them.



(yes, I don’t post in a month and then write entirely about oranges. Let’s not judge, ok?)

(also, wordpress suggested “prenatal cocaine exposure” as a tag for this post. Win)

9 responses to “Whack

  1. I agree that they are crack. I buy them by the boxful and will eat a good 5-6 oranges in a day! Love em!

  2. It took me almost 25 years to discover these. It was a fateful day in Whole Foods when they had those babies cut up as samples. Just bought a new bag yesterday!

  3. OMG the most wonderful time of the year. I had never even had a satsuma before I moved out here. I can’t wait. I will try to get a box tomorrow.

  4. oh yes! I remember us g-chatting about satsumas aka crack babies. Delicious. I should buy a box because I’ve been avoiding fruit lately. I need to get back on the wagon.

  5. I love oranges. We just bought a box yesterday and I am sure it will be going by Wednesday – hehe!

  6. I’ve never had one of those Satsuma things, but now I believe I must try. My parents live near a home for crack babies. If only it was a home for oranges. That’d be cooler. And lack of scurvy IS a sign of health, so you had part of it right?

  7. I’ve been eating crack oranges for weeks now- so very good.

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  9. Are these better than cuties?!

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