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Sterotypical Turkey Day Post

I was trying to figure out how I could recap my Thanksgiving in true I’m an Eating Machine style.

I cooked very little of it, because part of going home is not having to do that.  My niece and I make the rolls the day before.   That was the extent of my cooking.

I don’t have have any awesome “stay healthy for the holidays!” tips.  I don’t eat the stuffing?  Because I don’t like it.
(That’d be my dinner-turkey, a roll, lots o gravy, peas, carrots, rutabegas, and sweet potatoes.)

I guess there’s a tip:  have a lifelong dislike of stuffing.  Saves more room for pie.

So rather than a post of here’s what I ate, or here’s what a I cooked, or here’s how to be healthy, I present….

What I drank on thanksgiving.

Coffee at the turkey trot

Plus Gatorade.  Gatorade is delicious.  I’m perpetually dehydrated, so I carry a drink (normally water) when I run.

See how those gloves look too small?  Turns out when you find gloves with Eyore on them at your parent’s house they might be kids sized, not grownup sized.  Life lessons.

Then more coffee at Baby Brother’s Starbucks
I had a swig of peppermint shnapps because it’s important to drink before noon.

I am not kidding on that.

Husband and Baby Brother took tequila shots.  This is my life.

My blood was about 97% caffiene at this point, so I ate lunch and drank some water in there.  And by water I mean diet Vernors
This stuff is delicious.   Other ginger ales taste blandddd once you’ve had it.

Then switched to wine.  Shocking.
Getting married is awesome, btw, because it means there’s always someone to get you another drink.  My glass refilled itself over and over without me doing it.

Dinnertime meant double fisting
I might have taught my 2 year old niece to yell “double fisting!” when she’s got two sippy cups this weekend.  It happens.

And then….
This happened
Gravy shots?
Gravy shots.

There’s no good explanation.  We had gravy.  And shot glasses.  It just seemed to make sense.  Someone else took a shot of butter.

Post dinner we had coffee and tea.  I’m in loves with this Trader Joe’s ish
But really, once you have had gravy shots, just tea doesn’t cut it.  So this happened
Rum and tea work!  Life lesson right there!

And finally, we ended the night looking at the giant stack of ads, with one last glass of wine (and a beer for my husband)
Happy Thanksgiving friends.

So, what did you drink?

Wedding Plans

I’ll write a real full post tomorrow but the bridal show was fun!

We have lots of planning ahead of us!  So far we have the church (plus someone to marry us), a reception site, and a block of hotel rooms.  Which means we still have cake, my dress, flowers, photography, and about a million more things to come!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it all-I have no grand vision of what my wedding should be, and it makes figuring out details hard!   The only thing I’ve ever planned far ahead of time was wanting to have it at the community center, which is where it’s going to be.

(Thank you City of Richland for having pictures on your website!)  The community center looks out into the park and the river, and has giant windows, and a high ceiling.  It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty.

So, single ladies, do you have any plans for your future weddings?  And married ladies, if you’ve done a wedding recap, you should pretty please remind me so I can look at it-I need some ideas!


I was going to call writing about Christmas good, till i realized I had this picture

The fiance and Baby Brother.  Separated at birth?

Let’s hope not, for my sake.

So I’m going to show you some last random pictures of my holiday.  What up random post!

I got a new toy for Christmas-an immersion blender!

(From my future sis in law.  Who also got me a huge baking with whole grains cookbook and some Bob’s Red Mill shiz.  The woman gives good gifts!)

I used it on some leftovers

That’d be broccoli, peas, and mashed sweet potatoes and rutabagas!  Mmmm giant plate of veggies.   I see a lot of blended things in my future.

Of course, my eating wasn’t all veggies.  There were also things like this

Cannoli from Costco!  What doesn’t Costco have, seriously?

Oh, and on awesome presents, check out what I got the fiance.

That’d be a beer fridge.  With the Oklahoma logo on it.  He’s already got it fully stocked.

He also made it his profile picture on facebook, so I’m engaged to a fridge.  Sweet.

We finally finished our longstanding craft project too

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink all of it.  My parents helped.  A lot.

Oh, and look how I made turkey stock

Little House on the Prairie yo.

That thing is, no joke, in my parents kitchen.  And it’s real.  How awesome is that?

Dose your fam have anything awesomely random in their house?

(Baby Brother, I can’t wait to see your answer on this…)

Christmas-y stuff

Ahh I haven’t blogged in forever!  Internet at the parents was slow, and I’m not patient.  So it just didn’t happen.

But wow, did you see the vlog by me and baby brother?

There’s a chance I don’t remember making some of that.

Besides drinking heavily, I did lots over Christmas.

I taught monster baby to give looks

See that “really?  really?  you’re at the door?” look?  It’s cause here’s a macbook and makeup brushes in auntie’s room, and she wants you to leave so she can play with them.

Baby brother

and I

made a gingerbread house

Everyone kept acting shocked that our house didn’t belong in suck town.  It made us sad.

Baby brother made the snowman

Baby brother decorates cakes.  That people pay for.

It shows.

If you look in the left corner on this picture?

That’s pasta.

We’re not perfect.

Does your family do gingerbread houses?

We used to do them all together, but this year everyone was scared to ruin the artistic vision of me and baby brother.

Or they were scared we’d throw powdered sugar on them.  Same thing.

Proud of the Cloud*

So, I’ve mentioned it from time to time, but my hometown has a long history with radiation.   The area was built up in the 40s as part of the Manhattan project, and the plutonium used in Fat Man (one of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the US) was produced here.

There are relics from our heritage around town, and today I showed the fiance one of our nuclear themed things.

Atomic Ale!

It’s a small brewery, and it’s in a building that was, back when my daddy moved here in 1970 an A&W drive in.  (They still serve A&W in the real glasses in tribute to that)

The beers are named to reflect the whole “atomic” thang

We got a Hef and an Amber

Not going to pretend this was like earthshatteringly good or anything, but you know, it’s a lot better than bud light. And in a small town, that tends to be what you get…

For our food we started with a salad

With BACON vinaigrette.  Yum

And we shared two slices of pizza (chicken, red bell peppers, and tomato) plus a chicken pesto sandwich


And, best idea ever, you can get a small B-Reactor Brownie with ice cream and a chocolate sauce made with Plutonium Porter.  FOR A DOLLAR

Baked goods.  Ice cream.  Chocolate.  Beer.  Fattening food for a dollar.  All of my favorite things.

The only thing that would’ve been a better ending to a meal would be two of these.

Hope you’re having a great week!

*that is, no joke, the slogan of one of our high schools.  Things I cannot make up.