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Good things

Foil dinners might not be high class, but they’re a darn good meal

Especially with spinach!  (The fiance put spinach with his this time too!  Without me telling him he had to!  amazing.)

We had good intentions of going to the gym last night, but this happened

Football and beer.  And the fiance pouting cause he wanted both teams to lose and that’s not possible.

Had a good dessert too

Wine + chocolate = happy Kalin

Got a package full of good things from the fiance’s mama, including BUMP ITS!

And found some good things at the mall today

An apple cause I’m a TEACHER.

Don’t worry, it was from Forever 21.  I only buy ridic jewelry if it’s a good deal.

And I found some new shoes because I’m working the Bridal Show this weekend, and I learned in previous years wearing heels to an event is not a good choice

(Which makes this a good time to bring up a note:  I’m going to my hometown tomorrow and Sunday, so who knows what posting will be like… Working at and checking out the bridal show there)

And, there’s a good idea going on over at Tropical Happy.  She’s making a blogger directory-go check it out if you want to be part of it.


Sweet Potato Goodness

The fiance isn’t working today, so we went to Grand Central Bakery for breakfast.  I had a sweet potato tart


Holy crap.  So freaking good.  The sweet potato tasted like there was a little honey in it, the crust was amazing and flaky.  Amazing.

The fiance had a breakfast sammie


Egg, cheese, sausage, on a biscuit.  He gave it a thumbs up.

We went to Old Navy where I spent 20 bucks and got these


That’s 10 shirts.  Crazy!

Came home to find this redic mask in the mail.

Photo 82

It’s an angry Ronald McDonald.  Thanks PETA (and baby brother for finding it in the first place).

I’m chowing down on the last of the stroganoff


Plus half an apple and peanut butter


Gotta go get ready!  We’re leaving in a few hours!

While I’m gone I’ve got some auto-posts set up.  Watch for a contest, and the first post from Baby Brother!  I’ll see if I get to posting-I wake up far earlier than the fiance, so it seems likely that I will, but who knows… At the very least I’ll be back to normal Tuesday morning!  Have a great weekend!


Like you guys said in the comments, the fiance is pretty great…. So I let him sleep in today, and we had a big ol’ breakfast and went to late church…

I took inspiration from Jolene’s crazy good looking brunch and made some mini frittatas in my mini muffin pan.


Mine had egg (duh), milk, mozzarella, bacon, and basil.

Enough that we’ve got leftovers for the fiance to eat for breakfast for a day or two.  Look how airy they are inside!


Tasty!  The fiance said the basil made them “restaurant quality”, which I think was his way of buttering me up so I’ll make them again.

Plus whole wheat pancakes-I made them small because I had two different things I wanted on mine.

One had cream cheese, pumpkin butter, and walnuts


And the other had pineapple chobani, banana, and toasted coconut


This, btw, is all you have to do to toast coconut.

DSCN3930Coconut + pan + heat.  Did it while I was making the pancakes.

And then it’s crunchy and delicious!

All together, with some apples


Then we did church, and went to get me new facewash…. I adore Clinique, and I’m always a sucker for gift with purchases… Right now they’ve got their bonus gift plus the 3 step skin care comes with a bonus travel size.  Heaven.


You don’t want to know how many Clinique makeup bags I own.

Then I had a lunch that looked remarkably like my breakfast:


Pineapple chobani, banana, toasted coconut, and some Nature’s Path pumpkin flax granola tossed on top.

Seriously, crazy good combo.

Which leads me to a question…. what do you put on your pancakes?  Normally, when we’ve got berries, I’m a berries, whipped cream and agave girl.  The fiance is a peanut butter and syrup guy.  What do you do?

Farmers Market


We hit up the Hillsdale farmers market today.

Love this place.  It’s actually in the parking lot of the elementary school I student taught at last fall, and goes through the winter.  It’s a lot lower key than the PSU farmers market, which I used to go to.  You can move at this one, which makes it a lot more fun.

There were samples today!  Love samples!  Had lots of tasty tomatoes, melon, peaches, and nectarines.  Yum!

These tomatoes were crack.  Full on crack

DSCN2801And how cool looking are these mushrooms?

DSCN2803I love that there are a million types of peppers there.  My family used to have one garden that was JUST peppers, where my dad and one of my brothers would plant all sorts of crazy things.

DSCN2809The red in the middle of that picture is peppers, not tomatoes.  We had to pick one up before we realized it 🙂

Mmmm zucchini.   I don’t have to share it… Mmmm…

DSCN2806And how crazy are these?  It was some sort of squash-on display, not for sale.   No idea quite what they are.  But pretty.


We came home with peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, nectarines (oh my god these are sooo good-we tried some), eggplant


When we got home I made a pizza thang on a flat out.  Full of basil.  Loverize the basil.


We’re using the peppers for dinner tonight-we’re going to slice them the long way and put rice sausage and some of the tomatoes in them.  I think I’m going to have zucchini too.  Mmmm.

What’s your favorite thing from the farmers market right now?  Mine is the fruit-especially peaches and nectarines!  We end up paying a little too much for them… But soooo worth it!

Salad by the Pound…

First of all, I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only salmon/fish hater growing up!

I was a hungry lady by the time the fiance finally was up and alive today so  I ate this while he had some oatmeal.

Whole wheat toast with some avocado smooshed on


Followed by tuna + mayo + pickle + onion (not as mayo-y as it looks.  I fail at draining tuna well, so it’s extra moist.  Moist is kinda a gross sounding word)


And a lettuce hat!  I have a thing with the wet parts of a sandwich having  to touch the bread… Not such an issue if I make a real sandwich, but for an open faced one it presents a problem.  The fiance stared like I was a crazy lady.  I don’t think it helps that tuna, onions, and sometimes avocado can all kill you dead.  (Please note he eats avocado later in this post.  Hypocrite.)


We went on a Whole Foods adventure to get out of the house and to eat lunch.

There were cheese samples


Lots of cheese samples


More cheese.


Not going to lie, my favorite was the normal cheddar.  I’m easy to please.

I was jonesin for a monster salad.  Just about a pound of all that is delicious.


Weird, the fiance didn’t want any.  Romaine and spinach topped with grilled yellow squash, fallafel, corn salad-y stuff, crasins, blueberries, beets, zucchini, hummus, a pineapple coconut spinach salad, red cabbage, crunchy chip things, and kale.  My tummy was happy.

The fiance wanted a picture taken of his food too.  He said it’s salmon avocado rolls.  Sushi is actually one of the only foods he loves that I’m not such a fan of.  Give me enough sake and I’ll eat it….But otherwise, it’s not my favorite.


We had zevia, which is soda made sweetened with stevia.  I got the orange.  It was pretty good!  The fiance is really intrigued at things made with stevia, so he always wants one of these when we’re at Whole Foods.


Know what we never do at Whole Foods?  Buy groceries. We wander, eat samples, stare at things, and sometimes buy some prepared food, but we almost never buy actual groceries.  Do you do any real grocery shopping at Whole Foods?

I think we’re doing a date night tonight.  You know you’re old and married when you schedule date nights. Happy Saturday night!

Barbur World Foods

Barbur Blvd is a street that runs through SW Portland.  And it’s got the weirdest mix of things…it’s not that far from a lot of nice neighborhoods, but it seems to be kinda the seedier part of SW.  There are two Fred Meyers, sure, but there are also some sketchy apartments, THREE places that I think are brothels (their signs advertise, um, “erotic rubdowns”?  awesome), a strip club, and lot of fast food places.

But it’s also got Barbur World Foods, which is a fantastically fun store.

(I stole the picture, hence the funky border, because there were two people who had just had an accident on Barbur exchanging insurance information when I left, and I felt weird trying to get a good picture).

This is part normal grocery store, part middle eastern market, part other random places market, and part “I don’t think that’s labeled for sale in the US”.   We started going there because my fiance loves pitas, but we couldn’t find good whole wheat ones anywhere.  This solved that problem-and they were cheaper! Win-win.

They have normal produce…

0819091016-03And not so normal stuff…

0819091016-01(Green almonds.  Which people who like food far more than me get excited about)

0819091018-04Fava beans, big root things (I forget what they are), artichokes, all together…

One of my favorite things is their bulk dispensers:

0819091019-00Yup-made for Jelly Bellys, full of things like lentils and bulgar.

Their meat selection shows the same crazy variety.  In addition to a normal butcher counter they have this cooler:

0819091019-02The top has Halal meats.  And then the last full shelf you can see, the stuff on the right is ground buffalo.  The label on it said something like “what REAL Americans eat!”

I got one of these cookies:


The cheese selection mostly involved lables that looked like this:

0819091021-01(the side told me it was “Danish Cheese”)

And these cured meats weren’t wrapped up in anything, which freaked out my germaphobic tendencies.


There’s normal grocery store stuff too, like Alpenrose milk.


I needed couscous, and this was an absurd amount, for super cheap.  1 kg, which is 2.2 pounds, for $4 and some change.  But I’m not sure this is a legal nutrition information box…

0819091025-00I bought it anyways.

They have great candy, that mostly I only see in Canada (they sell it in the UK too, but I’m far more likely to go to Canada…)

0819091028-01And then, more normal grocery stuff

0819091029-01Cliff bars.  It’s quite the mix.

You can get every flavor of jam imaginable.

0819091030-00That would be pumpkin and quince there.

One thing that always amuses me is what you can get in a can there.  Like baba ghanoush


And stuffed grape leaves


And every possible preparation of fava beans

0819091032-02(that’s 4 types right there, and i think there were more).

They also have Turkish Delight, which I was mildly obsessed with as a child after I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

0819091033-00(it didn’t live up the hype when I had some, but my 8 year old self was convinced it HAD to be tasty, and I would insist on getting some whenever I found it)

And they had this stuff, which is amazing, and baked here in Portland

0819091036-00They sell these all over the metro-WinCo, Costco, Thriftway, but I don’t know how common they are other places.  I restrained myself from getting some, since I already had a cookie…

What’s your favorite grocery store?

Lazy Sunday

While we were eating our bagels I started to get a migraine.  Which is not so fun.  I spent a good chunk of the late morning/early afternoon in bed. I finally dragged my (unshowered-hawt!) self out of bed, and the fiance took me to get the dress I’ve been visiting at Ann Taylor.  (Do you do that?  When there’s something I love but can’t justify buying I like to go see it, repeatedly.)  It’s this one, except a periwinkle blue.  And the blue, that I love, is apparently sold out everywhere.  At the second Ann Taylor we had a nice saleslady who ordered it for me, and gave me free shipping, since the only blues they seem to have anywhere are larges.

Then we ran to the store and got me this beauty:

(hand for scale)

(hand for scale)

And, oops, we picked up one of these too!


Seriously, they’re the best cookies ever.  I cannot even begin to explain.

Dinner tonight was roast turkey, quinoa, broccoli, and a cucumber/tomato/onion salad for me (this, of course, contains far too many foods that will kill you dead for the fiance to touch)


The quinoa was the star!  I used a little bit of chopped up onion that I sauteed in a tablespoon of butter, 3/4 c of quinoa, chopped up basil, crushed garlic, two diced tomatoes, and some homemade chicken stock.  The tomatoes dissolved and made it turn a pretty orange.  I added a few shakes of parm at the end, and it turned out sooo good!  I ended up not eating the turkey-I just wanted the veggies and quinoa.  In fact, I’m pretty tempted to go eat some more quinoa right now!

I’ve been doing this a lot lately-sitting down to dinner and realizing I don’t want the meat.  Does anyone else do this?