Good things

Foil dinners might not be high class, but they’re a darn good meal

Especially with spinach!  (The fiance put spinach with his this time too!  Without me telling him he had to!  amazing.)

We had good intentions of going to the gym last night, but this happened

Football and beer.  And the fiance pouting cause he wanted both teams to lose and that’s not possible.

Had a good dessert too

Wine + chocolate = happy Kalin

Got a package full of good things from the fiance’s mama, including BUMP ITS!

And found some good things at the mall today

An apple cause I’m a TEACHER.

Don’t worry, it was from Forever 21.  I only buy ridic jewelry if it’s a good deal.

And I found some new shoes because I’m working the Bridal Show this weekend, and I learned in previous years wearing heels to an event is not a good choice

(Which makes this a good time to bring up a note:  I’m going to my hometown tomorrow and Sunday, so who knows what posting will be like… Working at and checking out the bridal show there)

And, there’s a good idea going on over at Tropical Happy.  She’s making a blogger directory-go check it out if you want to be part of it.


15 responses to “Good things

  1. Hey Sarah! I kid I kid but you confused me with that poof on your head lol. Now everytime I see that commercial, I will think of you lol

    Cute boots!

  2. Ohmigosh I have so wanted to try one of those bump its!!

  3. I love going to bridal shows. I hope you have fun at it! Sometimes they are pretty ridiculous though.

  4. lol @ bumpits…are you really gonna use em?

  5. I love Forever 21 – such a fun store! The closest one to me is about an 8 hour drive, so I only go about once a year!

    Chocolate and red wine are two things that also make me VERY happy!!!!

  6. Work that bump-it! I may have to get me one. You gotta love fashion accessories that come from the drugstore!

  7. HAHAH bump its + forever 21 jewelry + boots = please kick some ass at the bridal show

  8. My friend swears by the bump-its. I think I may try to experiment with them.

    Stop by my blog when you get a free moment (not that you will have one this weekend). You won!!

  9. Have fun at the bridal show! I was never allowed to attend as a bride because I was already obsessed 🙂

    Love the bump it. It’s you.

  10. your hometown? that sounds lame. i heard that place sucks!

  11. Dude, you weren’t lying about Forever 21! Take me!!! TWSS. (I can say it in comments…just not on my blog, right?)

  12. oh my gosh those shoes are too die for!! lovely 🙂

  13. Love the little apple chain. Haha, it can also represent healthy diet: an apple a day, chases the doctor away!

  14. I have been known to lose a battle or two to great beer. Hey it’s the small things in life, right. 😀

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