Sweet Potato Goodness

The fiance isn’t working today, so we went to Grand Central Bakery for breakfast.  I had a sweet potato tart


Holy crap.  So freaking good.  The sweet potato tasted like there was a little honey in it, the crust was amazing and flaky.  Amazing.

The fiance had a breakfast sammie


Egg, cheese, sausage, on a biscuit.  He gave it a thumbs up.

We went to Old Navy where I spent 20 bucks and got these


That’s 10 shirts.  Crazy!

Came home to find this redic mask in the mail.

Photo 82

It’s an angry Ronald McDonald.  Thanks PETA (and baby brother for finding it in the first place).

I’m chowing down on the last of the stroganoff


Plus half an apple and peanut butter


Gotta go get ready!  We’re leaving in a few hours!

While I’m gone I’ve got some auto-posts set up.  Watch for a contest, and the first post from Baby Brother!  I’ll see if I get to posting-I wake up far earlier than the fiance, so it seems likely that I will, but who knows… At the very least I’ll be back to normal Tuesday morning!  Have a great weekend!


9 responses to “Sweet Potato Goodness

  1. Woh, a sweet potato tart sounds sooo good. I don’t think we have any of those bakeries near us but I’ve heard it mentioned before

  2. omg. i just jumped when i saw that mask. i HATE scary things…

    STacy’s = crack. yeah. they bake it with a sprinkling of crack.

    OMG. the busted chips on the bottom? umm went in shoveled style into my mouth. I also dumped som chips into a cereal bowl bowl and dug in.

  3. good gosh that sweet potato tart looks like heaven!

  4. Have an awesome trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. I can’t believe you got 10 shirts for $20!!!

  5. that tart looks amazing!!!

    Have SUCH a great time! I can’t believe you got 10 shirts for $20 – that’s crazy!

  6. Ha that mask scared the crap out of me. I loooooove Old Navy, they always have great deals =)

    Have a fabulous trip chickie!!!!!!!

  7. Old Navy: greatest invention ever? Then again, maybe that honor goes to the sweet potato tart…

  8. LOL – Scary mask! Why did they send you that? For Halloween?

  9. HOly SHIT! I’m gonna have nightmares now with that scary mask! Gah! lol. Btw, what is your view on PETA? Just wondering, because I have plenty of complaints against them…

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