Salad by the Pound…

First of all, I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only salmon/fish hater growing up!

I was a hungry lady by the time the fiance finally was up and alive today so  I ate this while he had some oatmeal.

Whole wheat toast with some avocado smooshed on


Followed by tuna + mayo + pickle + onion (not as mayo-y as it looks.  I fail at draining tuna well, so it’s extra moist.  Moist is kinda a gross sounding word)


And a lettuce hat!  I have a thing with the wet parts of a sandwich having  to touch the bread… Not such an issue if I make a real sandwich, but for an open faced one it presents a problem.  The fiance stared like I was a crazy lady.  I don’t think it helps that tuna, onions, and sometimes avocado can all kill you dead.  (Please note he eats avocado later in this post.  Hypocrite.)


We went on a Whole Foods adventure to get out of the house and to eat lunch.

There were cheese samples


Lots of cheese samples


More cheese.


Not going to lie, my favorite was the normal cheddar.  I’m easy to please.

I was jonesin for a monster salad.  Just about a pound of all that is delicious.


Weird, the fiance didn’t want any.  Romaine and spinach topped with grilled yellow squash, fallafel, corn salad-y stuff, crasins, blueberries, beets, zucchini, hummus, a pineapple coconut spinach salad, red cabbage, crunchy chip things, and kale.  My tummy was happy.

The fiance wanted a picture taken of his food too.  He said it’s salmon avocado rolls.  Sushi is actually one of the only foods he loves that I’m not such a fan of.  Give me enough sake and I’ll eat it….But otherwise, it’s not my favorite.


We had zevia, which is soda made sweetened with stevia.  I got the orange.  It was pretty good!  The fiance is really intrigued at things made with stevia, so he always wants one of these when we’re at Whole Foods.


Know what we never do at Whole Foods?  Buy groceries. We wander, eat samples, stare at things, and sometimes buy some prepared food, but we almost never buy actual groceries.  Do you do any real grocery shopping at Whole Foods?

I think we’re doing a date night tonight.  You know you’re old and married when you schedule date nights. Happy Saturday night!


5 responses to “Salad by the Pound…

  1. livelaughloveandrun

    Every time I go to Whole Foods, I always try to buy groceries but end up at the salad bar (like you!). Although I love it, I think that the price is kind of steep. I think my last salad was like $11. I’ve kind of been avoiding it since then, but your salad makes me want to go back! Have a great date night!!!

  2. Haha I just did some shopping at WF today too. Never get much though. I think corn(25 cents an ear), unsweetened almond milk, pumpkin in a can, and chicken soup from the salad bar was the whole purchase

  3. April (Foods of April)

    That sandwich sounds really good! I’ve recently found a love for avocado on toast..mmm!

    Are those sodas worth buying? My mom loves stevia and I’m sure she’d like to try them!

    • I really like the orange and the lemon lime. To me they taste a little less sweet than normal soda, but that’s not always a bad thing 🙂
      And one of my brothers is a huge fan… he grows his own stevia, I’m just waiting till he decides to make stevia soda at home. It’ll happen…

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