Farmers Market


We hit up the Hillsdale farmers market today.

Love this place.  It’s actually in the parking lot of the elementary school I student taught at last fall, and goes through the winter.  It’s a lot lower key than the PSU farmers market, which I used to go to.  You can move at this one, which makes it a lot more fun.

There were samples today!  Love samples!  Had lots of tasty tomatoes, melon, peaches, and nectarines.  Yum!

These tomatoes were crack.  Full on crack

DSCN2801And how cool looking are these mushrooms?

DSCN2803I love that there are a million types of peppers there.  My family used to have one garden that was JUST peppers, where my dad and one of my brothers would plant all sorts of crazy things.

DSCN2809The red in the middle of that picture is peppers, not tomatoes.  We had to pick one up before we realized it 🙂

Mmmm zucchini.   I don’t have to share it… Mmmm…

DSCN2806And how crazy are these?  It was some sort of squash-on display, not for sale.   No idea quite what they are.  But pretty.


We came home with peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, nectarines (oh my god these are sooo good-we tried some), eggplant


When we got home I made a pizza thang on a flat out.  Full of basil.  Loverize the basil.


We’re using the peppers for dinner tonight-we’re going to slice them the long way and put rice sausage and some of the tomatoes in them.  I think I’m going to have zucchini too.  Mmmm.

What’s your favorite thing from the farmers market right now?  Mine is the fruit-especially peaches and nectarines!  We end up paying a little too much for them… But soooo worth it!


6 responses to “Farmers Market

  1. I always pick up some peaches wherever I can get them organic. Ever since I’ve heard they’re the most affected by pesticides(not to mention I down about 2 a day) I try to only get organic peaches

    • the peaches always taste sooo good…there’s an orchard that’s at the lake oswego (a suburb right by us) market on saturdays and also the hillsdale (our neighborhood) market on sundays. they give out samples and the stuff is so insanely good that i don’t care how much i’m paying for it. i need to stop eating the samples because as soon as i have one it’s over and i’m spending 10 bucks on fruit.

  2. oh my gosh, i’m so jealous of all that gorgeous produce! especially those drool-worthy peppers. who even knew there were so many varieties? this has definitely put me in the mood to roast pounds and pounds of peppers to snack on all week… too bad i can only seem to find sad, anemic ones at safeway!

    • I was in love with the purple ones but they were ridiculously priced… even the ones we got definitely put safeway to shame. i love the varriety at the market-there’s always just one type of each food at the store… here there were tons!

  3. i love all the colorful produce 🙂

    my favorite things lately have been the peaches. I’m eating as many as I can before they’re gone!

  4. my goodness that market looks AMAZING. i wish out farmers market was a little better … but we have tons of orchards markets to make up for it.

    what i wouldnt give to get my hands on some of those mushrooms! they look sooo interesting! looks like you had quite a good trip

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