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So, life has been busy lately. Teaching, working at the church, high five-ing the pope? It’s a busy life. Plus I was in my gorgeous friend’s wedding, had a blogger meetup, went to California for Thanksgiving, and when you put that all on top of the fact that being awesome like me is a full time job? I’m a slacker blogger.

But here’s just some of the awesome in my life as of late:

While in Indianapolis, I didn’t just high five the pope. Someone foolishly put me in charge of meals. Which resulted in going to a place called Mug ‘n’ Bun. Mug. ‘N’. Bun. How could you not?
It was delicious. And even the bread on my grilled cheeseburger was salty
I like salt.

And I found Matt from the Real World!
True story: Real World New Orleans was on when I was in HS, and one of my best friends was Mormon. So we loved seeing our respective faiths up on TV. And now Matt from the Real World works for a ministry program that my church uses. Rad! And he was super nice.

Also awesome? My college bestie Sam sent me this
If you don’t get it you clearly need to read more Feminist Ryan Gosling.

But the most awesomeness in my life? Totes my husband.

Evidence: some days I teach and work at the church. This can make for some long days. 2nd grade with a chaser of teenagers? Jesus help me. On one of those days I got home from work and found these

(Two tarts cookies! The best. And tiny, so you can eat like 10)

And this

And, most importantly, this

(whoever came up with the idea of pink cans of sparkling wine WITH straws is my best friend)

Marriage is awesome.

Hipster Thanksgiving

Man, you know what’s gotten way too mainstream?

Thanksgiving in November

So overplayed.

Dude, you know what people don’t celebrate as often in Portland?

Canadian Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, it exists. It’s ok if you haven’t heard of it. Not many people have. But it’s huge in Canada.

And so much less commercialized. I hate overplayed Thanksgiving has gotten. It used to be cool you know?

I can’t believe people still wait till November for it. You realize celebrating in October also helps subvert Columbus day too? Don’t even get me started on Columbus. Friggin’ colonialism.

Know what else is overdone? Roses.

Dahlias are way better. Plus I got mine from a small farm. You’ve probably never heard of it.

I debated between PBR and a barrel aged sour to go with dinner, but the co-op was closed so we were stuck with wine.

Symphony is kind of a rare varietal. It’s ok if you haven’t hear of it.

(if you look closely there’s a chip in the wine glass. Cause it’s vintage)

For desert we had pie that I baked while my husband watched football. But I baked it in a totally subversive way, I swear.

(pumpkin pie is so overdone. Apple pie is where it’s at)

And then we watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton on HBO.

Ironically of course.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Spring Break

Hey friends, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

This week in Oregon it’s Spring Break.

So we’ve been getting wild and crazy at the Eating Machine household.

Well, so long as taking out a wall and making a new one falls under “wild and crazy” in your world
My parents were here for a few days, helping with this. Which means the wall will stay up, and my dad has probably given my husband about a dozen new ideas for tools he “needs”.

But there’s more storage in my house now! That’s pretty crazy.

Before my parents got here I got an email with this picture from my mom
The lighter colored things? Whole chickens. That’s an intense amount of meat.

My husband was very sad that we had to have BBQ for dinner
I think it also added “smoker” onto the list of things he needs.

I wasn’t complaining either though
And, in a predictable move, guess what we took my parents out for?

Oh yeah. Pizza and beer.
Jalapenos, smokey bacon, red onion, and spicy chipotle sauce? Yes please.

But because it’s Spring Break I got all sorts of crazy and had wine instead of beer
Sharing wine called dominatrix with your mom. Not awkward.

Did you do wild and crazy things for spring break in college?

Not going to lie, despite the general perception that I was about 2 drinks from rehab I never did.

Unless visiting your grandma in Canada counts. Then I was a party animal!

Sterotypical Turkey Day Post

I was trying to figure out how I could recap my Thanksgiving in true I’m an Eating Machine style.

I cooked very little of it, because part of going home is not having to do that.  My niece and I make the rolls the day before.   That was the extent of my cooking.

I don’t have have any awesome “stay healthy for the holidays!” tips.  I don’t eat the stuffing?  Because I don’t like it.
(That’d be my dinner-turkey, a roll, lots o gravy, peas, carrots, rutabegas, and sweet potatoes.)

I guess there’s a tip:  have a lifelong dislike of stuffing.  Saves more room for pie.

So rather than a post of here’s what I ate, or here’s what a I cooked, or here’s how to be healthy, I present….

What I drank on thanksgiving.

Coffee at the turkey trot

Plus Gatorade.  Gatorade is delicious.  I’m perpetually dehydrated, so I carry a drink (normally water) when I run.

See how those gloves look too small?  Turns out when you find gloves with Eyore on them at your parent’s house they might be kids sized, not grownup sized.  Life lessons.

Then more coffee at Baby Brother’s Starbucks
I had a swig of peppermint shnapps because it’s important to drink before noon.

I am not kidding on that.

Husband and Baby Brother took tequila shots.  This is my life.

My blood was about 97% caffiene at this point, so I ate lunch and drank some water in there.  And by water I mean diet Vernors
This stuff is delicious.   Other ginger ales taste blandddd once you’ve had it.

Then switched to wine.  Shocking.
Getting married is awesome, btw, because it means there’s always someone to get you another drink.  My glass refilled itself over and over without me doing it.

Dinnertime meant double fisting
I might have taught my 2 year old niece to yell “double fisting!” when she’s got two sippy cups this weekend.  It happens.

And then….
This happened
Gravy shots?
Gravy shots.

There’s no good explanation.  We had gravy.  And shot glasses.  It just seemed to make sense.  Someone else took a shot of butter.

Post dinner we had coffee and tea.  I’m in loves with this Trader Joe’s ish
But really, once you have had gravy shots, just tea doesn’t cut it.  So this happened
Rum and tea work!  Life lesson right there!

And finally, we ended the night looking at the giant stack of ads, with one last glass of wine (and a beer for my husband)
Happy Thanksgiving friends.

So, what did you drink?

…rounds up to dead

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I’m now 25.  25 rounds up to 50.  And 50?


it rounds up to dead.

I’m buying wrinkle cream tonight.

I got woken up on my birthday with these pretty flowers
Plus cupcakes
And diamonds.  In the form of earrings.

The fiance?  He’s a keeper.

The fiance offered to make me breakfast, but since we leave earrrrrly to take him to work (and his offer was for scrambled eggs… which are def not my favorite) I waited and made myself a birthday breakfast
Chocolate chip pancakes + strawberries + whipped cream + syrup = dessert.  But it’s ok because it was my birthday.  And I round up to dead anyways…

In the afternoon I made an amazing discovery
That is wine.

At a nail salon.

I love anywhere and everywhere that gives out free drinks.

I used to go to a waxing place that gave out free wine, but that makes sense since a glass of wine always makes me more willing to take my pants off in front of strangers…


The fiance and I went out for dinner at a place called Tabla.  They have a 3 course fixed price menu.  I adore fixed price menus as it means you HAVE to order multiple things.

I started with seared ricotta and nettle gnudi, with wild mushrooms
True story:  I won’t eat cheese on its own much.  But if you fry it so it’s crispy I wanna have its babies.

Then I had pasta with pork sugo
They make their own pasta I think.  It was amazzzing.  Not huge portions, sadly, as I could shove a lot of carbohydrates in my face given the chance.

Then I had farrotto primavera, which is farro (a grain) cooked risotto style.
It had asparagus and chevre.  Mmm. Carbs and cheese were clearly the theme of the night.

You could do a wine pairing with each course.

I clearly did.

The I came home and decided this was a good choice.
Also a good choice?

Taking advil before bed.  I’m getting too old to drink like this….


There are things I am good at

Like making slightly weird, totally non-breakfast meals that are delicious


(that’d be mozzarella and asparagus in a whole wheat sub roll.  whatevs, it worked)

I’m good at finding a balance in life
Half a plate of biscuits and gravy with ham, half a plate of fruit with yogurt.  You need both.

I’m talented at making dinners I don’t have to share


Tofo = no hi to the fiance

But honestly, there are things I’m not so awesome at.

The other night, when we watched Duke win (Duke, btw, now my favorite team ever.  Mostly because the fiance won 300 bucks from his brackets) I made delicious dinner.  But, looking at the picture, presentation is not always a talent of mine

Fried okra (made it for the first time OH MY GOODNESS it was heaven), spinach, ribs, and beans.  The okra looks disgusting, I know.

Trust me, it was delicious.

Another thing I lack talent in?

Steak.  See, I like mine cooked to where it’s really really dead.  Some would call it burnt.  I know that not everyone wants their steak like that.  So while I ate the tofu above, I fed the fiance steak.  I tried to not overcook it?
I succeeded a little too much.  Blooood.  Gross.

I’m sorry for showing you that.

I’m even more sorry the fiance ate it all.

Now I’m off to work on one of my greatest talents


Red wine consumption.

Don’t tell me it’s not a talent.  Some days, it’s all I’ve got.

And Food…

Believe it or not, I didn’t just drink non stop while in Hood River.

After our wine tasting adventures, we went and  got changed, and hit up Nora’s Table

We actually had tried to go last year, but learned Valentines Day + Long weekend + Saturday night = no tables.  And we’re not good at waiting.  This year, we got reservations.

Was it worth waiting a year to try?  Heck yes.

For starters, they have Double Mountain on tap.  So basically you could’ve served the fiance zucchini and olives covered in mushrooms and he wouldn’t complain.
I had wine.

They brought out some bread with deliciousness
I honestly have no clue what all was in the deliciousness, but it was good!

We got the Nosh Plate as an appetizer
House made chorizo, house made pickled veggies, cheese…

I seriously had to FIGHT the fiance for those carrots.  Amazing.  He wouldn’t shut up about them… the whole drive home the next day was “how do you think they make those carrots?”  and “can we try and make those?”

Main dishes?
The fiance had filet with foie gras butter and purple potatoes.
Steak + purple potatoes = happy man

I got the crispy arctic char with Israeli couscous
Heaven friends, heaven.  The char had a delicious crispy salty top, and the couscous had a nice cinnamon-y sweetness.   Some sweet + some salty? Yes please!

Since it was Valentine’s Day, we got some bubbly
And had yummy chocolate cake, with tropical fruit on top
Notice how we clearly had already started devouring it before the picture was taken?

Then we thought, how should we end the night?
And hit up Double Mountain for one last drink
(Tasting, to make sure the beer was still delicious.  It was)

The next morning fresh air was the best idea ever, so we took a walk along the river
Fantastic weekend.
And I do still want to figure out how to make those pickled carrots.