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Sometimes I get one thing stuck in my head, and dinner gets made around it.

Last night, I was stuck on the hummus I had made.  So I cooked up some chicken and couscous, and made this plate of veggies

Add in some toasted pitas?


I eat a lot.  But I rarely eat till it pains me.

Last night, I was loving dinner so much I didn’t realize I should be done till the fiance (who is almost a full foot taller than me, and therefore can eat a lot more) said he was stuffed, and I was trying to get another helping.


Worth it.

Today I taught over at the private school I sub at.  Was kinda spacy on the whole “making breakfast” part of the morning and ended up with this

Breakfast of champions?  And I found almonds in my bag (I use the same bag every time I sub, and keep important things like aspirin, snacks, and stickers in it.  They alllll come in handy)

When I got home (I was only there till 12:30ish) I made… Well, I have no idea quite what it is.  It’s food, in a bowl.

From bottom to top it was spinach, couscous, green beans, olives, and parm.

Whatever it was, it was tasty.

The green beans btw are from a giant costco bag-they sell 5 lb bags of frozen organic veggies for 5.99 there.  Which is a better price than good frozen green beans would cost, regardless of if you care about organic or not.

And, you know, I may have had one or two of these

Question:  So, last night I felt super compelled to heat up the pitas for dinner, so that it was a warm dinner, I think cause in my head warm food = dinner.  Cold food feels more like lunch.  Is this a weird me thing, or does anyone else feel that way too?


Blogger Baby Strikes Again

My blogger baby friend ate well today.  She adores food, which I think is why we get along so well.

She started out her day with banana and grapes, while I snacked on the last bit of my pumpkin cookie from the other day, with cream cheese on top


Later, while I ate my hummus and salsa plate


She chowed down on couscous with some sort of puree around it (Sweet potato or squash I think)

DSCN4398Plus fed herself some finger foods

DSCN4394Carrot, mozzarella, and sweet potato

Oh my goodness did she love the couscous.

If you think about it, couscous makes awesome baby food because it’s tiny pieces.   Never had crossed my mind before….

Her big hit of the day?


Now, being blogger baby, she wouldn’t have plain old boring pancakes of course.  Hers were dipped in blueberry applesauce


She was literally squealing for joy when she ate these.  Squealing. Which explains the not so great picture.  I have a hard time waiting for pictures before I eat, and I’m an adult, and not getting pancakes for lunch.

And now she’s napping (or in a food coma, who knows) and I’ve got this


A little bit of chicken, mushrooms, chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach, and peas, with a mustard sauce (dijon mustard, two teaspoons of sugar, some water, and Mrs Dash.  Nice combo of sweet and a little bit of bite.)

I basically threw a random assortment of leftovers into a tupperware last night, and hoped I’d be able to make something tasty.  It worked.

Although I’m still a little jealous of baby’s couscous….


Best. Mommy. Ever.

I’ve kinda got the best mommy ever.  Now, I used “My mom is the best mom” as an example of a fact when teaching my 3rd graders about the difference between fact and opinion last year (which, awesomely, finally made it all click because they got the “oh.  you like your mom the best, and I like mine the best.  And neither of us is wrong.  An opinion is where you can think something different and no be wrong)

I didn’t want to break it to the kids, but my mommy is better.

I mean, she sent me this


Cookies, more cookies, candy, cookie cutters, a punching witch pen(!?),  a bear, and the Costco coupons (those are KEY in life).

Come on, did your mommy send you pumpkin AND candy corn flavored kisses?


I didn’t think so.

My mommy was well known for her care packages when I was in college-two of my friends got packages from her before they got any from their own parents!

I may have hid the box so the fiance didn’t see all the goodies were also to him.  There’s a chance.

After spoiling our dinner with sugar being adults and not eating candy before a meal we made dinner

Burrito (ground beef, beans, olives, onions, avocado)




No cookies were consumed after dinner.  Or any pie.  Gosh no.

I’m super tired today probably because I had candy for breakfast and I have no idea why.

Made a sorta random grab stuff out and throw it in a pot style lunch…


Couscous with some sorta lentil curry thing on top


Why is curry so good?

Why don’t I make it more?

I need to go shower and then I’m getting the fiance so we can close on our house!

Oh, and further proof that my mommy is great:

I told baby brother it was raining so hard that I was going to need an ark.  I just got an email from my mom saying “Braden said it’s Noah raining.  A word of advice:  when you load the ark DON’T take any woodpeckers”

Thanks mommy 🙂

Babies are bloggers

It was rainy and icky in Portland yesterday… Soup weather!

We had split pea soup for dinner.  Love this.  Should’ve made more-the fiance stole all the leftovers for his lunch!


Plus Dave’s Killer Bread and salad


And we tried out the pie!


So good!  Quality crust… Mmm.

I’m babysitting today.  Between getting drooled on and Toddler tunes I chopped up an apple, with peanut butter and cereal on top.


Then I convinced baby not to hurt the cat


put her down for a nap, and had this


Couscous from the other night with tomatoes, carrots, peas, spinach… Happy tummy.

The baby’s mama came to get her for a flu shot!  Lucky lady.  So she’s off doing that right now… And I’m watching Real Housewives till she gets home.  It’s making me smarter.

Know what I’ve noticed when I watch babies?  They totally eat like food bloggers.

I mean seriously, for breakfast she had this all mixed together


Yogurt, applesauce, and oats.  Don’t even pretend you’ve never had something similar.

And her eats the rest of the day?


Peas and corn, bananas and grapes, and carrots, sweet potatoes and cheese.

Seriously, you know you’ve eaten like this.

We are all 10 months old.

Guess what I got today…

The FedEx truck just brought me this box


Do you see what that says?



I won the Blogger Secret Ingredient over at Dawn’s blog a few weeks ago, and she sent me a pie as my prize!  How great is that?!  She told me that Julian Pies are a big hit in San Diego…. I may have already had a fingerful of it-yum!

(And it’s dutch apple!  I love pies with crumbly toppins!)

Thanks for the great treat Dawn!

Besides the pie excitement… I roasted some peppers last night

DSCN4145God those make the house smell good.

Some of the roasted peppers made their way into our dinner last night…

DSCN4148Where?  Hiding in the couscous!

DSCN4150I pureed a few of them with the water that I used to make the couscous (plus tomatoes and chicken stock).  Yum.  I may or may not have been eating that couscous all day today.

And today some of those peppers found their way into hummus

DSCN4165(Did I dip the pickle in hummus?  There’s a chance…)

Last night we also made/decorated some halloween cookies

DSCN4156That would be a ghost.  The fiance clearly has some mad cookie decorating skills

DSCN4161He did this one too though… I think it looks cute!

Most of our cookies

DSCN4157The green one on the top row?  That’s a squash.  I ate it shorty thereafter because it was squash, so it was good for me.

Decorating cookies seriously makes me happy.  I make halloween ones every year I think…

Who needs Febreze?

Words cannot describe how freaking good my house smells right now.

I ran to the store and when I came back I was seriously SHOCKED at how it smelled.

I kinda want to eat my kitchen right now.  It’s redic.

Why?  Well, first I roasted up some squash fries for lunch


With cinnamon, salt, and pepper.  Amazing. House started to smell like pie.


I ate it alongside couscous with tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli.  Which was steaming and refused to take a good picture.  But still.  Tasty!

Then I steamed squash for dinner, which made the house smell even more pie like.

Then I made these


Ok, not going to lie, I had this mix laying around


So I used it.  But I added a sprinkle of sea salt on top (I love a touch of salt with sweet things!), and a chocolate drizzle.

So it’s Sandra Lee style.  But still, the house now smells like pie AND cookies.

And come on, you gotta admit these babies look good, even if they are from a mix…

DSCN3663So now spill:  what do you make from a mix/box?  I actually do cookies from scratch most of the time, but I always do brownies from a mix.  And honestly, I really like those boxed rices with the seasoning packets.

Parle a ma main

Things I’ve accomplished since I last blogged:

I won the Blogger Secret Ingredient Challenge over at Healthy San Diego Living!

I made dinner


Chicken, couscous, broccoli, carrots.  Plus of course

DSCN3566Salad.  You can kinda tell in the picture, but in real life those tomatoes are pink.  It’s awesome.  A really pretty redish pink.

And I made breakfast

DSCN3571If eating a Sin Dawg for breakfast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…

And I made myself a new playlist for the gym!  Up until a few months ago I hadn’t had a gym membership, and I got this laptop right after moving to Portland, so it was lacking on good gym music. I was stuck with a choice of playing everything on random, or listening to the mix I made when I took some children I babysat to the coast.  (Fergie, more Fergie, Soulja Boy, and Spice Girls.  Awesome sometimes, not all the time)

Here’s what I made

Picture 1I have a long standing tradition of starting any mix where it will work with “Mix Tape”.  It includes the line “I’m sick of your tattoos/and the way you don’t appreciate Brand New/or Mae”.  And I had a boyfriend with a horrible tattoo (Hi, don’t get tattoos from some dude when you’re at military school in Texas.  Even I know that), and hated this song.  Which is by Brand New.  And memories of making him mad make me happy… or make me want to run, I’m not sure which.  Anyways, it works.

The best song on there is this one

But seriously, almost all that music has been kickin it in my iTunes since college… Which I graduated from in ’06.  I need some new music.

Any suggestions?  I’ve got a $15 iTunes giftcard, and I feel like I might as well use it…