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All the cool kids have been doing that ABC thang

But I’m too hip to go around following memes. Anyways, I’ve been semi-MIA lately because my Macbook

Crashed this weekend! I thought it was

Dead, and started to mourn it. It has, after all, seen better days. I even looked up the
Education discount

For a Macbook air. But thanks to the

Genius bar it’s alive!


I was a single lady last week because

Josh was one a business trip

Kicking it single meant I had

Lots of takeout-food, not my poor cat!

Mexican from Cha Cha Cha and the

Next night, Hawaiian Time

Oh my goodness I do love takeout. HEALTH FOOD.

Portland also got snow last week, and a light dusting makes the city
Quit functioning it’s

Rather crazy

Since I don’t trust PDXers to not crash into me, I stayed in and

Took pictures with the cats
Unfortunately I think all the talk of takeout for dinner gave Takeout a complex and she wouldn’t pose. Thankfully my husband wasn’t gone

Very long and

Was back before I needed

Xanax from being by myself in the house.

(You have no ideas how many times I check the locks when I’m home alone). I’m so glad I have such a

Zeal for blogging and don’t use something like the ABCs to put together a post!


By the Numbers

I have been busy this week.  Which leads to a lack of blogging.

Let’s break my life lately, by the numbers

5-different grades taught this week

2-days of proctoring state writing exams

1-day where two different teachers thought I was their sub. That was fun.

51-Dollars spent on groceries
17-Dollars saved with coupons.  I’m cool.

510-Approximate number of minutes I’ve spent driving since Monday. I hate driving.

3-Days in a row my lunch centered around hummus

3-The number of days your diet can be hummus-centric before you get sick of it and have to get creative
1-Days it took before I was back to loving hummus again

11-Pictures on my new phone

9-Pictures on my phone that are of the cats
2-Pictures that are of cake
0-Dollars paid for delicious cake (Main Street kick-off in Hillsdale night = free cake at Baker and Spice = Heaven.  I would have babies with that frosting.)

0-Pictures of my husband on my phone. Whoops.

25-minutes spent making dinner
4-Loko.  We bought some.  (we = my husband, clearly)

1-magazine not about babies in my ObGyn’s office. Which means I read a month old Entertainment Weekly today!

8-Alleged servings in the Trader Joe’s PB cream cheese
3-Actual number of servings in said cream cheese

5-number of hours elapsed between finishing the PB cream cheese and making up a recipe so I could have more.

8:20-the time on a Friday night when cool kids write blog posts.

What are your weekend plans? We’ve got Foot Traffic U in the morning and then a ton of house and yard work.

Good think we’ve got some four loko to help us power through!


It’s a cat post.  All cats.

So if you’re all “god Kalin stop being such a cat lady” you’ve be warned.

I’ll have a real post with some news up tomorrow prolly.  But for now, cats.

Here’s an update on our cat house:

Little Baby Bliss is quite sure that he and Takeout are, at this point, besties. To him, this means they should play.   Constantly.
Takeout doesn’t always appreciate that.
See that calm face?  She was sitting there, totally still, pinning the baby down.  I think she’s trying to teach the baby that when she doesn’t wanna play, he can’t make her.

And honestly, Takeout has gotten to where she likes the baby.  She’s groomed it
And snuggled it
Because we ARE all friends!

Clearly, my yelling that is what did it.

Happy Saturday!

We are all Friends!

Since bringing Baby Bliss (yes, his-well, hopefully it’s a he-name is Bliss for those who asked) I have been doing a lot of yelling.

I chose to yell “we’re all friends!” at the cats.  Because as a teacher, I know it’s better to pick positive words.  (We’ll ignore what friend means to a teacher, ok?)

And as a teacher I also read a lot of books where animals comprehend human speech.  So I’m delusional and think they understand.

It’s quite possibly working though.  This happened today
That is BOTH cats cuddling me.

Sure, it’s not each other, but it’s a step.

This step meant that I could be friends with my kitchen tonight.

I’m spending most of this week (Today-Thurs at the least) teaching Kindergarten.

It’s fantastic because they think I’m nice and pretty and hilarious.  (Sample comedy from today:  “In Canada, the last letter of the alphabet, that says the zzz sound?  They call that letter name zed!”  Had then in stitches.  If there were comedy clubs that catered to 5 year olds I could have a new career)

Being the funniest person in the room is hard work, so I tried to knock out a ton of food prep tonight while the cats were cautiously tolerating each other.

I got tomorrow’s dinner in the crockpot
Packed up my lunch:   Couscous + carrots + spinach + hummus
And yogurt (homemade again-I’ve made three batches now!) with blueberries
I realized the yogurt would be far more delicious with some granola.  And we were out.

So I solved that problem
And while it baked, took a shower.

Cause I like being funny and all, but I don’t wanna smell funny.  Little kids have no tact.  If you’re stinky they’ll let you know.  Repeatedly.

Teaching is awesome for your ego (“I like you!”  “you’re nice!” “you’re pretty!”) until the day you go to work with a pimple and have to answer the question “Mrs, what’s on your face?” all.  day.  long.

And now I’m going to go enjoy the blissful quiet of my cats not currently trying to eat each other.

How Takeout can paw this pathetic face I don’t know.
If you have pets, how long did they take to get along?


In celebration of 6 months of wedded bliss

We added into our house baby Bliss!
Takeout is currently very suspicious.
Let’s hope the love grows!


When people ask me questions, I always mean to answer them.  But I also always mean to pay my student loans on time, floss, and shower.

And…. Well, my husband is impressed when I shower 2 days in a row and asks “Didn’t you just do that yesterday?”  So you can see how well I do with my good intentions.  So today I’m answering some recent questions!

Can I move in with you guys?

Yes.  You can rent out our guest room for $1500 a month.  Or our shed for $800 a month.  It has a lawnmower to cuddle.

And astroturf carpet!  Cozy!

Did you just make the macarons out of boredom?

Yes.  Well, boredom and want for cookies.  I once baked a cake from scratch while blind drunk.  In a disposable turkey pan.  Fairly sober macarons are probably less weird than that.

Why did you guys start running?

See above how I make macarons because I can?  I wanted to see if I could.  And we needed things to do together that weren’t judging or drinking.

Plus, it’s good for our marriage.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.

What is Hobby Lobby?  Is it like Micheal’s?

Imagine the biggest Micheal’s you can.  Now add a fabric department and a whole lot of crosses.
I’m not kidding about the crosses.

How big is your freezer?

I have a side by side fridge/freezer.  It is organized and stuffed.
Top shelf is fruit and ice cream, then below the ice maker are leftovers frozen to be lunches for the husband, then veggies, stock plus meat and veggie overflow, and the bottom drawer is meat.  The door is fruit at the top, then mostly bread, and veggie scraps being saved for stock at the bottom

How is your pantry if your freezer looks like that?

Secret:  we don’t have a ton of storage space in our kitchen.  This is good as it makes me restrain myself from buying 18 bags of sour cream and cheddar ruffles when they go on sale.  So my “pantry” is this cupboard
plus part of what should be the linen closet
And then random things scattered other places (coffee is in a canister next to the coffee maker, popcorn lives above the spices, flour and sugar are in canisters on the counter, you get the idea)

How did you manage to burn yourself in an ice cream store?

We made waffle cones.  So there was ONE thing you could burn yourself with.  I did it!  I also fell over cutting a tub of ice cream once.  Grace.

You did Miss Spokane?

Oh heck yes friends.

How big is Takeout now?

Huge.  Not a baby cat.  I weighed her today.  People laugh, but here’s what I do:
Food scale + cookie sheet + treats.

It works.  And most of the time I remember to wash the cookie sheet after I do it.


If you have more questions ask (or email me!)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower.

It’s been a few days.

Baby Bites

I have baby animal fever.

It’s like baby fever except I don’t get to eat for two in order to acquire said baby.

Our baby cat is almost EIGHT months old.  She’s like, a real cat now.   A small real cat, but a real one.

She’s such a big girl we left her home for FOUR nights over Thanksgiving. Wwell, with visits from Brad

Who is her new best friend I’ve been told.  (Mrs Wookie, recognize our cat sitter?)

She’s so grown up that I’m pretty sure we’re ready for a new baby cat to play with.

I’m ignoring the fact that even having one results in my tree getting undecorated
My mantle getting redecorated
(how did she even DO that?  I’m a little impressed)

And awkward staring while I try to eat.

That face?  It’s her “I love you and if you move your arm too quickly I might think it needs to be pounced on”

She looks cute but seriously
She’s not all there.

To quell my baby fever, I baked.

And I didn’t just bake anything.  I baked baby brownies.

I made up some easy peasy brownies
And put them into the baby muffin pan
And because I cannot leave well enough alone, I took some chocolate chips
And melted them, with butter and cream

(Um.  ok.  I was out of cream and used coffee creamer.  Let’s pretend I don’t make this sub all the time, ok?  It works!)

And put a little chocolate hat on each one
Such sweet little babies
(See the creamer in the background?  I wasn’t joking)

I could just eat them up.
Which, you know, is frowned upon with real baby animals.  So this is probably for the best.

Although  I think that baby cat is plotting to eat these when I leave for work
Watch it girl.  I saw what you did to the last cookies I made.  Baby animals may not be for eating but you’re almost grown up.  We did name you Takeout after all….