We are all Friends!

Since bringing Baby Bliss (yes, his-well, hopefully it’s a he-name is Bliss for those who asked) I have been doing a lot of yelling.

I chose to yell “we’re all friends!” at the cats.  Because as a teacher, I know it’s better to pick positive words.  (We’ll ignore what friend means to a teacher, ok?)

And as a teacher I also read a lot of books where animals comprehend human speech.  So I’m delusional and think they understand.

It’s quite possibly working though.  This happened today
That is BOTH cats cuddling me.

Sure, it’s not each other, but it’s a step.

This step meant that I could be friends with my kitchen tonight.

I’m spending most of this week (Today-Thurs at the least) teaching Kindergarten.

It’s fantastic because they think I’m nice and pretty and hilarious.  (Sample comedy from today:  “In Canada, the last letter of the alphabet, that says the zzz sound?  They call that letter name zed!”  Had then in stitches.  If there were comedy clubs that catered to 5 year olds I could have a new career)

Being the funniest person in the room is hard work, so I tried to knock out a ton of food prep tonight while the cats were cautiously tolerating each other.

I got tomorrow’s dinner in the crockpot
Packed up my lunch:   Couscous + carrots + spinach + hummus
And yogurt (homemade again-I’ve made three batches now!) with blueberries
I realized the yogurt would be far more delicious with some granola.  And we were out.

So I solved that problem
And while it baked, took a shower.

Cause I like being funny and all, but I don’t wanna smell funny.  Little kids have no tact.  If you’re stinky they’ll let you know.  Repeatedly.

Teaching is awesome for your ego (“I like you!”  “you’re nice!” “you’re pretty!”) until the day you go to work with a pimple and have to answer the question “Mrs, what’s on your face?” all.  day.  long.

And now I’m going to go enjoy the blissful quiet of my cats not currently trying to eat each other.

How Takeout can paw this pathetic face I don’t know.
If you have pets, how long did they take to get along?


9 responses to “We are all Friends!

  1. THAT FACE! I DIE!!!!!!
    I cannot believe how big Takeout has gotten.
    I’m jealous that you get to be with the kinders.

  2. “We’re all friends!” doesn’t work with my kids. God bless you if it works with yours.

  3. We took in a neighbor cat in the middle of the night last week (it was 12 degrees outside and the owner apparently doesn’t give a damn). He and Luna only spent about 12 hours together, but neither of them would stop circling, pouncing, and half-attacking (rushing, then wimping out) the entire time. When I was growing up I had cats that never got used to each other after five years. Social animals, they are not.

    But since one of yours is an adult and the other is a kitten, they shouldn’t have too much friction for long. When the latter gets a little older he’ll have way too much energy for the former and will just bug him by prancing around wanting to play.

  4. I’ve been wanting to get a second cat for years now… but soooo nervous about my overly independant cranky fat cat currently residing on my pillow… Your blog gives me hope! …. and an even stronger desire for a new little kitten!

  5. My kitties took 2 full weeks. My kitty was 6 months old and NEEDED a playmate. I got an 8 week kitten and he was not happy with the new addition. Eventually they grew to love each other.

  6. Hilarious! Teaching is fun stuff eh? 🙂

  7. Matilda & Phinney still don’t love each other. It’s been 9 months. However, I think most of this can be attributed to Tildy being a horrid little biotch…

  8. lol that last pic did kind of melt my black cold heart. damn you, I need to make some couscous soon! I have no pets but i’m thinking of actually getting one when we move..dude Glenn is in portland the next few days!! What places should he hit up????

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