All the cool kids have been doing that ABC thang

But I’m too hip to go around following memes. Anyways, I’ve been semi-MIA lately because my Macbook

Crashed this weekend! I thought it was

Dead, and started to mourn it. It has, after all, seen better days. I even looked up the
Education discount

For a Macbook air. But thanks to the

Genius bar it’s alive!


I was a single lady last week because

Josh was one a business trip

Kicking it single meant I had

Lots of takeout-food, not my poor cat!

Mexican from Cha Cha Cha and the

Next night, Hawaiian Time

Oh my goodness I do love takeout. HEALTH FOOD.

Portland also got snow last week, and a light dusting makes the city
Quit functioning it’s

Rather crazy

Since I don’t trust PDXers to not crash into me, I stayed in and

Took pictures with the cats
Unfortunately I think all the talk of takeout for dinner gave Takeout a complex and she wouldn’t pose. Thankfully my husband wasn’t gone

Very long and

Was back before I needed

Xanax from being by myself in the house.

(You have no ideas how many times I check the locks when I’m home alone). I’m so glad I have such a

Zeal for blogging and don’t use something like the ABCs to put together a post!


7 responses to “ABC

  1. I have OCD and door locks/window locks and car locks are something I have to obsessively check. And even after checking them several times my mind can convince me that I did not check them!

  2. I am the same way when my husband is out of town. Every noise at night drives me crazy (I may or may not have Xanax on hand just in case…). Your takeout looks pretty darn tasty and your cats are so cute. I wish I weren’t hellaciously allergic to them.

  3. It took me a long time to see that you were posting inABC. i am slow.

  4. Hehe, nice take on the ABCs … I like it 🙂

  5. i’m a LOSAH. just did the abc thang. too lazy for a real post. Anyways, hawaiian food TO GO? WTF. BTW email me about your honeymoon..thinking of going to hawaii too…all the kewl kids are doing it…righttttt?!

  6. Pah! I’m TOO COOL to do that ABC thing. Okay, lazy, I admit. But I shall make it the new cool to say we’re not doing ABC…it’s elementary stuff. ;-p

    What is that spot on your macbook?

  7. this post is straight up genius. loved it.
    since i dont have a blog and just lurk like a weirdo, no abcs here.
    have a fun weekend!

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