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I’m Extreme

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the Extreme Couponing show.

So I just wanted to share
that’s right, 94% off friends.


3 soy milks, 2 greek yogurts, and I spent 67 cents.

I have skills. Not practical skills perhaps (unless I go on a soy milk fast. Then I’m set), but skills none the less.


By the Numbers

I have been busy this week.  Which leads to a lack of blogging.

Let’s break my life lately, by the numbers

5-different grades taught this week

2-days of proctoring state writing exams

1-day where two different teachers thought I was their sub. That was fun.

51-Dollars spent on groceries
17-Dollars saved with coupons.  I’m cool.

510-Approximate number of minutes I’ve spent driving since Monday. I hate driving.

3-Days in a row my lunch centered around hummus

3-The number of days your diet can be hummus-centric before you get sick of it and have to get creative
1-Days it took before I was back to loving hummus again

11-Pictures on my new phone

9-Pictures on my phone that are of the cats
2-Pictures that are of cake
0-Dollars paid for delicious cake (Main Street kick-off in Hillsdale night = free cake at Baker and Spice = Heaven.  I would have babies with that frosting.)

0-Pictures of my husband on my phone. Whoops.

25-minutes spent making dinner
4-Loko.  We bought some.  (we = my husband, clearly)

1-magazine not about babies in my ObGyn’s office. Which means I read a month old Entertainment Weekly today!

8-Alleged servings in the Trader Joe’s PB cream cheese
3-Actual number of servings in said cream cheese

5-number of hours elapsed between finishing the PB cream cheese and making up a recipe so I could have more.

8:20-the time on a Friday night when cool kids write blog posts.

What are your weekend plans? We’ve got Foot Traffic U in the morning and then a ton of house and yard work.

Good think we’ve got some four loko to help us power through!

Mouthgasm, take 2

Ok, ok, wow

So this showed up in my mail


What’s that?  Dave’s Killer Bread!   A loaf of Good Seed, and a SIN DAWG


Oh.  My.  Good.  Soooo delicious.  I want to have babies with this.  Lots of babies.

I won this forever ago on Hangry Pants and I’m so excited it’s here.

The Sin Dawg lives up to the hype.  I was worried it wouldn’t.  But no, no I’m debating putting it in my freezer, leaving the house, something to keep me from demolishing it before the fiance is off work.

I made this for lunch to keep my hands off the sin….


Squash stuffed with chickpeas, couscous, wheatberries, corn, onions, spices, with cheese on top


Oh, and pecans.  Mmmmm….

No Sin Dawg, sure, but still good…

And I went to the grocery store, to keep myself far far from the sin…

I just wanted to show how momtastic I am at the store.  See my coupons, my list, and my shopping bags?

DSCN3503(True story:  I saved 19 bucks with coupons!)

And then, let’s not lie, more sin